MW Chapter 2253

Martial World

Chapter 2253 – The End

The skies above the Dark Abyss had already completely darkened. The stars and moon were all swallowed up by the inky darkness and if one reached out their hand they couldn’t even see their five fingers. The riotous heaven and earth origin energy became increasingly fierce, as if the entire Dark Abyss would collapse in on itself!

The Demon God’s Tomb was the foundation of the Dark Abyss. With the Demon God’s Tomb pierced through by Lin Ming, the foundations of the Dark Abyss itself were shaken!

Lin Ming grasped the spear in his hands and started to gather his strength. In front of him, the old and withered Demon God fiendishly grinned. Suddenly his bent body began to shrink down; his dried up flesh started to rot and decay, rapidly turning into a pool of slimy flesh and blood.


A massive amount of world strength descended from above, all of it pouring into this decayed flesh and blood!

The Demon God’s Tomb had been sundered and the strength it had accumulated for over 100 billion years dissipated with it. But, this strength could be used by the Demon God.

Wu wu wu –

In this frenzied storm of energy, the pained howls of countless abyssal souls rang out. There were even living abyssals that were sucked into this storm. They all exploded within, turning into a bloody mist that was absorbed by the Demon God.

These living abyssals all came from the Dark Abyss. They were forcefully sucked in by the wild storm of world strength and turned into the Demon God’s nourishment.

A cold light flashed in Lin Ming’s eyes. How could he stare idly on as the Demon God increased his own strength?

“If you had fused with the Demon God’s Tomb then I might have feared you. But since your fusion failed, you are no longer my match!”

With a great shout, the World Destruction Spear turned into a 10,000 foot long spear light. This was a divine spear capable of annihilating a world. In Lin Ming’s hands without any special techniques, without any cultivation methods, it was already able to display the pinnacle of strength!


Cold spear light flashed. The mass of pulpy flesh and blood that the Demon God turned into was blown up, sent flying in all directions!

Not only did this strike disintegrate the Soul Emperor, it even disintegrated the void!

Massive space cracks split through the universe, continuing for millions of miles. Dark gray mist gushed out from these space cracks.

Lin Ming simply didn’t care about this at all. As he was about to destroy everything in front of him, a vague figure suddenly appeared from the gray mist...

This figure wore black clothes and was slender and sublime, as if they were the source of all darkness in the universe.

Lin Ming froze. The World Destruction Spear in his hands froze. A familiar feeling swelled up in his heart, causing his mind to tremble.

How could this be…?

Lin Ming was stunned. In front of him, an elegant woman was stepping towards him, slowly emerging from the space crack. Her jade-soft hands held up her long dress as she carefully walked forwards, like a beautiful village lady wading through a puddle-filled road.

As Lin Ming saw this woman’s appearance, he felt as if he were seeing things from a lifetime ago.

Sheng Mei!?

How was this possible?

Sheng Mei raised her head and looked at Lin Ming. Her pitch black eyes seemed to contain thousands and millions of words. But, she didn’t say anything at all and instead slowly walked towards Lin Ming…

Lin Ming was dazed for a good period of time.

Finally, he let out a deep sigh. The shock and anguish in his eyes began to gradually fade away, instead replaced by an icy cold killing intent!

Without any warning, Lin Ming attacked. His spear thrust towards Sheng Mei’s head!


Sheng Mei’s beautiful face paled and her eyes seemed to fill with infinite grievances and sorrow. But, Lin Ming’s spear didn’t slow down at all; it would soon pierce through Sheng Mei!

At this time, Sheng Mei’s aura suddenly changed. Her gorgeous face twisted up, turning hideous and fierce. Her hands turned into razor-sharp claws that thrust towards Lin Ming!


Sheng Mei collided with the World Destruction Spear and cried out in pain, turning into a fountain of light that faded away.

Lin Ming knew that everything he saw just now had been an illusion. It was an extremely adept spiritual attack.

Whether it was the Demon God’s Tomb Master’s Soul Emperor avatar or his main form as a world spirit, he was someone that had reached perfection in soul and mental attacks.

Even an upper True Divinity level martial artist would be completely unable to resist this attack. Their mind would fall into illusion and their spiritual sea would eventually dry up, leading to death!

Everyone had heart demons; Lin Ming was also the same. But, Lin Ming’s soul was far stronger. No matter how fantastic and profound the Soul Emperor’s heart demon attacks were, Lin Ming would still be able to retain his rationality and sanity.

Between him and Sheng Mei there existed an inexplicable spiritual connection. But, this ‘Sheng Mei’ that appeared before him clearly didn’t have this connection with Lin Ming. Although she appeared completely lifelike and possessed both Sheng Mei’s appearance and aura, she was nothing but a beautiful puppet to Lin Ming.

To kill this illusion still caused pain in Lin Ming’s heart. Although he knew that this was only an illusion of Sheng Mei, Lin Ming still felt uncomfortable in his heart, because Sheng Mei truly had disappeared and her fate was unknown!

“You actually saw through me!”

A deep and hollow voice whipped into Lin Ming’s ear. Immediately, Lin Ming felt his spiritual sea invaded. The moment that Lin Ming killed off the illusion of Sheng Mei, the Demon God’s Tomb Master had plummeted into his spiritual sea!

The Demon God’s Tomb Master knew that because the world of the Demon God’s Tomb had disintegrated, he was no longer Lin Ming’s match. The Demon God had lost the support of a world and on the other hand, Lin Ming had managed to fuse two great worlds together and also comprehend the highest of Laws. There was a simply insurmountable disparity between the two right now.

The Demon God’s only way out was to swallow Lin Ming’s spiritual sea and seize his body.

His first target was the Magic Cube. He planned to take advantage of the brief moment when Lin Ming’s spiritual sea had fallen into illusion to wrest away control of the Magic Cube.

However, the Demon God never thought that Lin Ming would see through his illusion attack in just several breaths of time and completely wipe it out.

This left the Demon God floundering in panic.

Within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, the Demon God had already transformed back into the appearance of his true form. It was a pitch black figure, one that was incomparably large and formed of utter chaos. It had no fixed form at all except for a giant maw.

Seeing the Demon God’s true form, Lin Ming finally understood why abyssals that successfully passed the abyssal ritual in the Demon God’s Tomb would have such a drastically different appearance from other ordinary abyssals.

In other words, these totem level abyssals had inherited a part of the Demon God, thus they also took on the appearance of this giant monster.

Lin Ming could sense the Demon God’s soul force already spreading its tendrils towards the Magic Cube, wanting to erase his spirit mark within it.

Lin Ming revealed a cold smile. “Since you came here, you might as well stay. Your body will turn into the purest soul energy and be taken by me!”

Ever since the shattering of the Demon God’s Tomb, the Demon God had lost his strength as well as his very foundation. The disparity of strength between him and Lin Ming had been pulled wide open, and the only place where the Demon God had any chance of contesting with Lin Ming was a battle within their spiritual seas!

In Lin Ming’s inner world, the Magic Cube also whipped up a giant soul vortex. At the same time, the World Destruction Spear fused into Lin Ming’s body and appeared in the skies above his spiritual sea!

“It’s always been me swallowing others, but you want to swallow me?”

The Demon God was enraged. However, his voice clearly lacked energy and it was even tinted with a bit of fear.

“Those who walk the road of death should always expect that there will be a day when they too might be killed. You wanted to swallow all of existence to achieve eternal life, but in the end you are the one that will be swallowed!”

Lin Ming held the World Destruction Spear in his right hand and the Stone of Eternal Life in his left hand. Millions of golden rays shot out from his body in brilliant splendor. Within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, thunder and flame wildly surged outwards. Endless world strength was drawn from all directions, even from layers of universes away, all of it swelling into Lin Ming’s body!


The Demon God emitted a heart-rending roar. By now his body was already ruined. The damage to the Demon God’s Tomb had caused his strength to rapidly fade away. He had already lost all reasoning and the only thought left in his mind was to kill Lin Ming!

He opened his great maw, wanting to swallow Lin Ming whole!

From his mouth, countless tortured souls flew out. They swept towards Lin Ming like a howling storm.

At this time Lin Ming also attacked. His body turned into a flow of light that fused into the World Destruction Spear, merging together as one. The divine spear rose up with the Magic Cube, both of them shooting forwards!

The energy storm all around suddenly converged upon itself, turning into divine light that pierced into the Demon God’s mouth!

Time came to a standstill. The Demon God completely froze. His body stiffened, his eyes began to darken, and his appearance glazed over…

Life force rapidly faded away from the Demon God’s body as if he had turned into stone. Then, cracks began to appear along his body. Beams of golden light shot out from the cracks, shining into the highest heavens like swords of a divine god.

These cracks slowly spread out until they covered the entirety of the Demon God. Like this, the Demon God that lost all vitality slowly sank into Lin Ming’s spiritual sea…


The Magic Cube crashed into the Demon God’s head. The giant Demon God instantly disintegrated and at the same time a black vortex swirled up around the Magic Cube, completely absorbing all of the Demon God’s source memories!

This was a massive amount of memories that spanned a period of 100 billion years. In addition with all the ancient abyssals that the Demon God had swallowed in its lifetime, the total quantity of memories had reached an unfathomable degree. Even for Lin Ming, wanting to digest all of these memories was impossible.

However, Lin Ming only wanted to seek out a very small and specific part of these memories. He soon found what he was looking for…

He saw the Soul Emperor wanting to turn Sheng Mei into a blood sacrifice. He saw Sheng Mei being sucked into the Eternal Wall, saw the endless void shatter, saw a purple crystal card forcefully break through the storm of energy that was the Soul Emperor’s attack and fly into the void…

“This is…”

Lin Ming was shocked. Sheng Mei, Fishy, and also the Amethyst Origin Crystal had fallen into a space crack that suddenly appeared?

Just what was that space crack?

Lin Ming spread out his divine sense, searching the entire Demon God’s Tomb. With his current level of strength, his divine sense could cover the near entirety of the 33 Heavens. There were no space barriers capable of blocking his sense, but at this time he still didn’t manage to find anything…

It was as if this space crack had never existed.

Lin Ming even went to the space where the Eternal Wall had originally been. After a careful period of searching, he still wasn’t able to find anything.

He frowned. This sort of situation had surpassed his understanding. Could it be that beyond the 33 Heavens there was actually a world that existed parallel to it?

Lin Ming didn’t know how to go to this world. At least… he hadn’t found a method yet…

He shook his head, not thinking about this for the time being. He knew that his martial arts cultivation had yet to reach the peak.

The time he had been cultivating for was far too short. Even with all the time he spent in time enchantments, he had only cultivated for around 40,000-50,000 years. Compared to the Demon God who had lived for 100 billion years or the Asura Road Master who had lived for 10 billion years, it was simply unworthy of mention.

Perhaps there would come a day when he could find out all the secrets in the universe and truly control the samsara of the Heavenly Dao!

At that time, he should definitely be able to go anywhere in the universe. He might even be able to reverse the cycle of life, reviving people from death…

The road of martial arts knew no boundary. Lin Ming didn’t know where he would end up, but he would continue walking forwards no matter what.

And now, Lin Ming had to return to the 33 Heavens.

He knew that his wives, his children, as well as the innumerable heroes of the 33 Heavens were all waiting for him, worried…

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