MW Chapter 2254

Martial World

Chapter 2254 – Epilogue (1)

In the 33 Heavens, at the intersection point between the Divine Realm and Saint Convocation Heavens, there existed a newly established great world.

This world had a history of a mere 200,000 years so far and was called the Human Sovereign World.

It was a world created by the Human Sovereign Lin Ming. It was made using his total lifetime of studies, his Laws of heaven and man, as well as the infinite essence energy gathered from the 33 Heavens and Dark Abyss.

This world was even broader than the Asura Road of the past. It was a holy land which every genius of the 33 Heavens yearned to visit!

In the Human Sovereign World there were many precious cultivating training areas as well as many popular trial lands that people chased after in packs. When Lin Ming established the system of rules in this world, he included the wonderful mysteries of the Asura Road as well as the spiritual spaces of the Akashic Dream Universe.

Many geniuses sharpened their weapons and hearts, putting forth every effort and thought into struggling to obtain a single spot to enter the smelting trials of the Human Sovereign World.

This was a world created by that god-like existence of the 33 Heavens. He was a character who had climbed to the highest Laws of martial arts, and the trial spaces he created held all sorts of lucky chances and unbelievable treasures. It was so rich in resources that it was hard for the average man to imagine them.

If one could obtain just a tiny bit of these treasures then it would be an inestimable benefit to a martial artist’s future road of cultivation.

Not to mention the geniuses of the younger generation, even Empyreans and True Divinities wished to obtain certain inheritances.

However, quotas for the Human Sovereign World’s trials were extremely rare. Although the Human Sovereign World was incredibly broad the number of trial lands was limited. Within the 33 Heavens, there was humanity, the saints, the spiritas, as well as the ancient races. With all the various races added together there was a countless number of races and wanting to bloom brightly amongst them was easier said than done!

“I finally did it… I finally obtained a Human Sovereign Token!”

Within a large city in the Human Sovereign World, three youths were excitedly chatting with each other. All of them wore the uniform clothing of a sect.

After entering the Human Sovereign World, there were many trials and tests that one could take, and once one’s results reached a certain degree they could obtain a Human Sovereign Token!

With a Human Sovereign Token, one could enter the Human Sovereign Pagoda. The Human Sovereign Pagoda was the final trial land that Lin Ming created, and it was similar to the Asura Road’s final trial of the past.

The Asura Road’s final trial utilized the completion percentage as a tool for evaluation, and the Human Sovereign Pagoda was also the same.

When Lin Ming created the Human Sovereign World, he emulated many settings and rules that were once in the Asura Road; this was all done in commemoration of the Asura Road Master.

A great deal of energy and time had been spent in creating this world. One reason he did this was to obtain an even more perfect boundary of Heaven and Man by observing the process of creating a world. Another reason was to create more opportunities and allow the younger generation of the 33 Heavens to grow.

Through the many years that Lin Ming cultivated the martial path he had obtained many comprehensions into martial arts and also learned of far too many cultivation methods. All of these things were precious treasures.

Lin Ming didn’t plan to discriminate against anyone. As long as one possessed the talent and will, they could obtain these inheritances!

Inheritances were far too important. If one had to investigate the reason as to why the great calamity 200,000 years ago had been so brutal and tragic, the main reason would be because of the vast difference in strength between the Dark Abyss and the races of the 33 Heavens. If it weren’t for Lin Ming being able to turn the tides of the war just in time, then the 33 Heavens would surely have been destroyed.

Thus, Lin Ming wanted to restore the martial arts civilization of the 33 Heavens to the level that it reached 10 billion years ago, or even surpass that standard.

If the martial world was bright and strong then masters would pour forth from the ranks of the 33 Heavens. Like this, Lin Ming would have no need to take action himself; the 33 Heavens would have the ability to resist other unknown calamities in the future.

Because of this, Lin Ming had spared no effort when he created the Human Sovereign World. In particular when he was making the final Human Sovereign Pagoda, Lin Ming had come up with all possible means to create all sorts of exquisite tests and trials and also laid down rich rewards without hesitation.

This was why the Human Sovereign Pagoda became the ultimate smelting trial that countless elites fervently wished for. There were all sorts of incomparably precious cultivation methods and heavenly materials inside that could make one’s eyes go red with jealousy. Not just that, but if one’s completion percentage was high enough then they could listen to that person give a lecture about the Laws, or there was even a chance to become that person’s secret disciple!

Compared to mere treasures, becoming that person’s secret disciple was a lucky chance that one couldn’t even imagine dreaming of.

Treasures could be used for a while, but becoming that person’s secret disciple was a glory that could be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Whether one was a common martial artist or whether one was a proud son of heaven that came from a large sect, nothing mattered in front of that person. One’s past status was utterly meaningless, because that person stood at far too high a height. Compared to a towering mountain, a speck of sand was not much different from a tiny piece of gravel.

As long as one could become that person’s secret disciple then they could leap to the heavens in a single jump!

However, these three young disciples that just managed to obtain a Human Sovereign Token clearly didn’t entertain these fanciful dreams. They had already exerted themselves to their limit in order to obtain a single qualification token to enter the Human Sovereign Pagoda, and wanting to become that person’s disciple with their talent was no different from a moron babbling nonsense.

“Elder Senior-apprentice Brother, how high do you think our completion percentage will be?” A disciple excitedly said, his face filled with anticipation.

“Fifty something percent. It will be hard to reach any higher…”

The Elder Senior-apprentice Brother shook his head. His words left the other two stunned. “Only fifty some percent? Would it really be that low?”

The three of them were famous figures from their native great world. Although they didn’t have much hope of grabbing the spotlight once they reached the Human Sovereign World, 50 some percent seemed a bit too low…

“It should be around that much.” The Elder Senior-apprentice Brother shrugged. “Cloudmoon should know…”

“I naturally know.”

Cloudmoon came from the same great world as these three disciples. She was a proud daughter of heaven from that great world, and compared to these three disciples, she surpassed them in strength and talent. Even her looks were like those of a fairy maiden.

With all of these factors combined together, Cloudmoon’s fame in her native great world far outstripped these three disciples.

“Cloudmoon just barely managed to obtain a 60 percent completion rate. The rules of the Human Sovereign World state that one needs to obtain a completion rate above 90 in order to become a disciple of His Majesty the Human Sovereign. Those that obtain a completion rate above 85 can become his secret disciple, and those that obtain a completion rate above 70 can listen to His Majesty the Human Sovereign lecture about the Dao once. Further down from that, there aren’t any more rewards… Cloudmoon’s goal is also to enter the Human Sovereign Palace and listen to that person speak of the Dao.”

“That is…” Listening to their senior-apprentice brother’s words, the two other disciples were left dispirited.

This was far too difficult!

“It is that difficult. Even if one obtains a completion rate of 70, being able to listen to His Majesty the human Sovereign lecture about the Dao isn’t easy at all. I hear that His Majesty hasn’t given a lecture about the Dao for the last 200 years…”

“Oh? Why is that?” The two disciples were left speechless. To hold a single discussion once every 200 or so years, that was far too infrequent.

“His Majesty must cultivate… I heard that he has recently gone into seclusion…”


The two disciples glanced at each other, puzzled. They both felt this was a bit unbelievable. “His Majesty the Human Sovereign already became the number one figure in the universe 200,000 years ago. Even the Demon God was slain by His Majesty. In the heavens and earth, there is no one whose strength can compare to even a single percent of His Majesty. So, why is he still desperately cultivating?”

“Mm… the road of martial arts diverges in myriad paths without any end. It isn’t some secret that His Majesty the Human Sovereign has been bitterly cultivating all this time. It is said that His Majesty has two wishes and with his current strength he cannot fulfill these two wishes…”

“Even His Majesty cannot fulfill these two wishes?”

The two disciples were left stunned. Just what sort of wishes were these that even that god-like character wouldn’t be able to complete them?

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