Chapter 726: Beast

Night Ranger

Chapter 726: Beast
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The 10th page of the Book of Nalu, Beast.

When he cut through the second Elemental Life Mark, Marvin immediately felt it.

His soul was already somewhat linked to the Book of Nalu, and thus, when the core of the Rock Monster was slightly exposed and then emitted the aura of the Book of Nalu, he felt it.

But because of the special structure of the Elemental body, the Elemental Life Mark had the effect of blocking the aura, which was why he hadn't noticed it right away.

And now that he had cut down the 2nd Elemental Life Mark, the truth came to light.

'The Collapsed Earth…'

'Could this the part of the Elemental Plane of Earth have been corrupted by the Book of Nalu? Was this Rock Monster that looked like the Earth Sovereign the fiercest lifeform that had been here?'

'But how could this explain its Earth Essence?'

Amidst the falling rocks, Marvin couldn't help glancing at the young Dragon still being held down by a huge rock.

This was the first time he'd ever seen the Eternal Time Dragon in such a difficult situation. At least he'd had some room to move around in his old cage.

A powerful existence that could even face the War God was being flattened on the ground, unable to move.

From Tiramisu's howls, Marvin could feel that he was really using all his might to try to escape!

But the weight of Earth Essence, combined with the power of the Book of Nalu, wasn't something that the young Dragon could fight off.

An adult Eternal Time Dragon might have been able to resist the force. But to Tiramisu, who was much better with magic and time manipulation than physical feats, it was incredibly hard to overcome.

Fortunately, Marvin had found the secret of the Rock Monster. Tiramisu's struggles were certainly having some effect. Either it would have to release the Eternal Time Dragon, or Marvin would cut it down.

It was harvest time!


The first two clashes had ended in Marvin completely suppressing it, proving once again how strong he had become.

At the same time, he had also figured out his opponent.

This Rock Monster definitely wasn't the Earth Sovereign. With the strength of the Earth Sovereign, Marvin definitely wouldn't have been able to cut two Elemental Life Marks!

The foe's magic was very frightening. Each spell was overwhelming and had a large area of effect with a high lethality.

Usually, this kind of attack would be the bane of rogues, since an attack that blanketed a large area would leave little room to dodge away and escape.

But Marvin was different.

Marvin already exceeded the what could be described as just a rogue. The Night Ring on his hand was proof of it. He was the Universe's most powerful rogue!

Only his silhouette could be seen flickering, ripping through the atmosphere!

Sodom's Blades were cheering with excitement!

3rd slash! 3rd Elemental Life Mark shattered!

4th slash! 5th Slash! All the way to the 9th slash!

Despite the Rock Monster constantly raining rocks and spells down at Marvin, as well as using attacks that came from the ground, the 9th Elemental Life Mark was slashed apart.

The Rock Monster finally stopped showing resistance.

Its huge body shattered and quickly disintegrated into powder that then fell down from the sky.

Only a page was left, floating down with a dark aura.

The 10th page of the Book of Nalu, [Beast]!

Marvin solemnly extended his hands, opening the Wisdom Chapter and his Book of Nalu.

The black page seemed to want to resist, but because of the powerful suppression of the Wisdom Chapter, it was unable to move.

Marvin took a step forward, moving to capture it!

Under the pull of the other pages, the relatively powerful page became assimilated into the steadily growing Book of Nalu.

Marvin had now gathered 8 pages of the Book of Nalu!

Only three pages left before he could reform the item that had been left behind by the God of Deception, which was also possibly something that had been left behind by the Wisdom God to open the 4th Fate Tablet!

Thinking of this, he couldn't help feeling excited.


"Hey, I finally crawled out of there…"

Tiramisu came over with a sullen expression. "I didn't expect that Rock Monster to actually have some skill and be able to suppress me."

Marvin looked at Tiramisu and couldn't help being startled. "The Earth Essence?"

As if he felt that it was obvious, the Dragon pointed out, "After you killed that guy, that stuff naturally flew away!"

"You sure it didn't disappear?" Marvin asked, feeling startled. "It flew away?"

Tiramisu reasserted, "100% certain, I can still feel it, that strange thing is still in this plane."

"Let's go!" Marvin suddenly had a bad premonition.

But the next second, a few silhouettes appeared in the surroundings of the Collapsed Earth!

The completely surrounded Marvin and the Dragon.

The War God!

The Dawn and Protection God!

The Moon Goddess!

The Truth Goddess!

Besides these four top-level Gods, there were an extra ten Mid Gods and High Gods!

"The Astral Sea really thinks highly of us," Marvin joked with a smile.

A formation made of two Ancient Gods, two Great Gods, and many other Gods, even if the Night Monarch were alive and well, he might find it difficult to fight against such a formation.

His only hope was that Tiramisu could still whisk them away from there.

But then, a quiet voice echoed in his heart. "Stall for time! This handsome Dragon suffered from that attack earlier! It left suppressive aftereffects, and I also might have used too much effort trying to break free."

"I'll need at least half an hour to recover and be able to properly use my time-related abilities."

Marvin smiled bitterly!

'Half an hour!'

'Is this a joke?'

'Stalling so many Gods for that long?'

It wasn't like Marvin could just take out a deck of cards and invite the Gods to sit down and play, hoping to persuade them that they could resume the fight after half an hour?

It seemed that Tiramisu also felt that the suggestion was too unreasonable, and he lowered his head, mulling over something.


"Marvin, I have to admit that you gave us a lot of surprises." Anuba Grant sighed somewhat before continuing, "But you brought too many troubles to the God Realms. Three innocent Gods fell because of you. You are the holder of Sodom's Blades, we can't let you go out of control."

"I thought that the Valkyrie made a mistake, but now it seems that you might really be the prophesied Destroyer."

"Only a true Destroyer would have such thick killing intent."

Marvin couldn't help laughing when he heard such hypocrisy. "Oh, Great Grant~" he sarcastically jeered, "anyone that killed a lot is a Destroyer? I inherited the will of the Night Monarch. As the Guardian of Feinan, the Night Monarch killed millions of outsiders that came to invade the lands. Why aren't you saying that he was a Destroyer?"

Grant shook his head, not saying anything in response.

It was actually the War God who sneered, "Grant is always trying to take the moral high ground as he spouts a bunch of nonsense. I'll be blunt with you."

"Marvin, if you hand over the Fate Tablet and give me that young Dragon, I'll guarantee your life. No one will dare to harm you here!"

These words shocked quite a few Gods.

They had never thought that the War God would ever say something like this in front of all the others!

Some chaos appeared within the forces of the Gods.

Marvin felt some hope.