Chapter 727: Banished

Night Ranger

Chapter 727: Banished
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It seemed that there was no harmony between the Gods.

Well, it was true that every one of them seemed to want to get the Fate Tablet and possess the powerful force that it contained.

For Marvin, the hostility between the Gods seemed to be something he could use.

The situation was very difficult, after all. If there really was a fight, he wouldn't be able to win. And even escaping seemed like a luxury.

But before he said anything, a gentle voice echoed across the plane. "This land has not seen so many gathered together for a long time."

"Grant, Anubis, Faniya... Molly… Long time no see."

When they heard this voice, the Gods were shocked!

'Who was it?'

'Someone dared to call the most powerful Gods by their names!

But what shocked them the most was that the Great Gods and Ancient Gods didn't become angry. They actually forced themselves to smile.

"Great Earth Elemental Lord, the God Realms pay their highest respect." Anuba Grant put a palm on his chest in a salute as he bowed respectfully!

In the sky, a shadow quickly took form.

It shaped into what was a seemingly very ordinary middle-aged man.

Everyone could see that it was just an avatar.

But just this Avatar was awe-inspiring enough.

The Gods weren't total fools. There was only one entity that the God of Dawn and Protection would bow his head to in this plane, and it was that one lord.

All the Gods saluted one after the other.

The Elemental Plane Sovereigns were the pillars of the entire Universe, they were the existences worthy of the highest respect.

Only Faniya and Molly just nodded.

These two Ancient Gods had befriended the Earth Sovereign a long time ago. They were acquaintances, so there was no need to be too courteous.

Marvin and Tiramisu glanced at each other, and each saw the look in the other's eyes.

This was getting more interesting.

Not only had the Gods gathered in the Collapsed Earth, but the Earth Sovereign had also come to join in on the fun!

This guy was part of the very foundation of the Universe.

The War God was very troublesome, but he was far from being comparable to the Earth Sovereign, let alone now that he was here, in the Earth Sovereign's home!

Even if the four top Gods joined hands, they might only be able to hold the Earth Sovereign to a standstill. The others wouldn't affect a fight of that scale in the slightest.

Thus, even the arrogant Gods chose to bow their heads.

They were acting like mortals here.

But at this time, Marvin wasn't feeling burdened.

The more that came, the better.

The more troublesome things got, the better.

This was all that he felt about the situation.

He really had too many enemies. He would have a much better opportunity to find a way out amidst the chaos, and it could also help stall for time to let the Eternal Time Dragon recover.

If Tiramisu recovered, then there would be few people in this Universe that could stop them without the element of surprise! But the Earth Sovereign was certainly one of them!


After the Earth Sovereign's avatar descended, the situation became more complicated.

Marvin was calmly waiting for something big to happen.

No one expected that as the Sovereign's gaze swept over everyone, it would stop on Marvin!

His expression softened, looking much gentler. "You are Marvin."

"Seems like you met some trouble."

Marvin was startled. Earlier, he had thought that the Earth Sovereign had come for the Fate Tablet, but what about his tone now? What was going on?

As for the Gods of the Astral Sea, they were all shocked.

Especially Grant and Anubis. They both had rather agitated expressions.

The greeting of the Earth Sovereign made them think of some unpleasant possibilities.

Sure enough, the Earth Sovereign's next words to Marvin sounded very polite. "You helped me deal with quite a problem. I owe you one."

"Thus, you can rest assured that in this plane, no one will dare to harm you."

Marvin was extremely shocked. When had he helped the Earth Sovereign?

Among the Gods, one of them couldn't take it and entreated, "Respected Earth Elemental Sovereign, Marvin has…"


That person disappeared from the Elemental Plane of Earth.

The Earth Sovereign calmly asked, "Ladies and gentlemen, do I have to see you out myself?"

Marvin and Tiramisu were dumbstruck!

What was tyrannical?

This was so domineering.

Without the slightest movement, he banished a God and threatened the God Realms!

And even four of the most powerful Gods were standing in front of him.

But the Earth Sovereign didn't seem to care why they were here.

He only invited them to leave.

Anubis clenched his fists, while Grant shook his head.

"Since that is the case, we will excuse ourselves." Grant remained respectful enough, and after saluting again, he left without a trace.

He knew how frightening the Earth Sovereign was. Even if the Gods somehow beat him in his home realm, they would most likely end up crippled!

The Gods looked at each other in dismay, not having expected Grant to withdraw so quickly without any protest.

The War God coldly snorted and left too.

The other Gods also left one after the other, up until only Faniya and Molly were still left behind.

"Is there anything that the two of you need to say?" The Earth Sovereign's voice felt like a spring wind.

"Nothing really. I am only curious," Faniya said. "Protecting a mortal does not sound like you."

The Earth Sovereign calmly responded, "Since the birth of this world, my duty has always been to protect mortals."

Faniya chuckled and shook her head before leaving too. She was originally motivated by the fact that Marvin had killed three Gods, leading to the foundations of the God Realms to almost crumble.

But since the Earth Sovereign had appeared in his defense, she had no need to reason to stay.

The Truth Goddess, the last one left, gave Marvin a glance and softly said, "It seems that I don't have to make a move this time."

"You are very lucky."

She then also disappeared from the Elemental Plane of Earth.

After a few seconds, the originally crowded Collapsed Earth was deserted, leaving Marvin feeling a bit uncomfortable!

"It seems that even if I didn't appear personally, Molly wouldn't have let you come to harm by their hands," the Earth Sovereign mused while looking at Marvin. "You actually have some good relationships."

Marvin felt embarrassed.

Good relationships? His enemies spanned the entire Universe.

If he hadn't been worried about a disaster befalling White River Valley, he wouldn't have needed to leave his Sanctuary, entrusting the place to others.

The words of the Earth Sovereign felt like banter.

"Respected Earth Lord. Thank you for helping me. I'm very curious, we haven't met before, have we?"

Marvin was still curious about why the Earth Sovereign personally sent the Gods packing.

The old man laughed, "That is true."

"But you still helped me without knowing it."

"That [Beast] page in your hands almost destroyed me."