Chapter 728: Confirmation!

Night Ranger

Chapter 728: Confirmation!
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The Earth Sovereign's words made Marvin curious.

The lifeform with nine Elemental Life Marks that he had just killed definitely was related in some way to the Earth Sovereign.

Since Tiramisu needed 30 minutes to recover, the Earth Sovereign took advantage of this opportunity to explain everything.


When the Book of Nalu exploded, many pages spread throughout the Universe. Some landed in Feinan, some flew away into the sky.

Many people were frightened by the terrifying book after that God died from it, so they didn't look for it.

There was only one exception back then.

That was the Earth Sovereign.

He personally saw the explosion of that God Realm, and the chaos that reigned in the God Realms afterwards.

Thus, when that page of the Book of Nalu flew over his world, he subconsciously stopped its path.

He hadn't thought that this would nearly create a huge disaster!

That page was called Beast.

There was a beast in each person's heart. But everyone was subconsciously using a cage to keep it sealed. But that page could release the beast locked inside the heart of anyone that came into contact with it!

Originally, the hearts of the Elemental Sovereigns were pure and free of desire. The Earth Sovereign was the same, and he would rarely find himself losing control.

He had a lot of confidence in himself and he believed that since it was just a page of the Book of Nalu and not the whole book, it could never harm him.

What's more, the Ancient God who wrote the Book of Nalu was at most on the same level as him. In term of pure power, the Earth Sovereign would definitely be stronger.

Thinking like this, he hid the page away.

Over a few hundred years, he occasionally looked through it. He didn't notice anything wrong at the start, as nothing seemed to happen. But gradually, he started feeling that something was off.

The Elemental Sovereign's heart started becoming chaotic.

He didn't know when it began, but at some point, a shadow had appeared in his heart!

And that shadow looked just like him.

Over hundreds of years, the [Beast] finally found an opportunity and corrupted a part of the Earth Sovereign's heart.

He started becoming moody, and even the entire Elemental Plane of Earth started becoming unstable.

Fortunately, he found out about it before it was too late and promptly used a method to isolate the problem.

He peeled away that evil beast and trapped it in this unstable land!

This was also the origin of the Collapsed Earth!


"And that was it," the Earth Sovereign concluded. "I asked the Water Sovereign to help me peel off the evil within me and then I locked it in the Collapsed Earth."

"As it was an Elemental lifeform, neither I nor the Water Sovereign could kill it, so we could only imprison it, leaving the matter somewhat unresolved. I never thought that you would be the one to fix my troubles."

"Now that I've been freed and the evil part of me has been destroyed, I have to sincerely thank you, Marvin."

Marvin nodded thoughtfully. "That's why you didn't hesitate to go against the God Realms?"

The Earth Sovereign nodded and gently said, "The God Realms never entered my eyes. Especially here, in my own domain. This is a very safe place for you to stay."

Marvin's heart calmed down, but he also heard the implied meaning.

The Elemental Plane of Earth was very safe, but other places wouldn't be safe.

The Gods had retreated, but they definitely wouldn't leave it at that.

This time, Marvin took Tiramisu to the God Realms and slapped the faces of the Gods. And there was still the precious Fate Tablet! How could they easily let him go?

As if he could sense Marvin's thoughts, the Earth Sovereign waved his hand and a scene appeared in front of them.

Outside the Elemental Plane of Earth, the Gods were waiting calmly, apparently ready for a fight. They didn't think that Marvin would stay long in the Elemental Plane of Earth.

"They are really unwilling to give up on the Fate Tablet." The Earth Sovereign sighed with sorrow. "Since they already chose to believe in the legend of the Destroyer, then why are they not following the established path?"

"Maybe this is wishful thinking, maybe each of them believes that they are different."

Marvin suddenly asked, "The legend of the Destroyer?"

The Earth Sovereign smiled. "Yes, the legend of the Destroyer. When Lance left, it spread through the God Realms."

"From the current situation, the person who fits the signs of the prophecy is you, Marvin."

Marvin frowned.

There actually was something like that?

No wonder Eve had wanted to kill him.

If Lance really wanted to destroy this world, then why did he have Marvin transmigrate?

"Could it be that he wanted to destroy this world through my hands?"

Marvin's heart sank.

"In fact, the matter of the Destroyer was originally nothing at all." The Earth Sovereign didn't seem to believe this version, and instead soothed him.

In any case, Tiramisu still needed some time to recover, so Marvin decided to rest in the Elemental Plane of Earth for now.

Since they were here, he asked about some questions that had been puzzling him for a long time.

In his eyes, the Earth Sovereign, as one of the oldest beings in the world, should know about these things.


"The game between Lance and the Plane Will? There is indeed such a thing."

"But I don't know too much about it. I have to stay in the Elemental Plane of Earth. Lance and many other Gods faded away, but I didn't pay much attention to it."

"In my position, I can only pay attention to the stability of the Universe. After Lance disappeared, I tried contacting him, but I failed. This worried me."

"The only thing I can tell you right now is that the Book of Nalu is the key to stopping all this. It was written by an old friend of mine."

The Earth Sovereign's next word confirmed something that Marvin had suspected at one point. "Many people know him as the God of Deception, but he is in fact the God of Wisdom."

The God of Deception really was the God of Wisdom!

Marvin's heart shook!

He got confirmation about this from the Earth Sovereign!

"I believe that Lance and the Wisdom God want to do something, while also hiding it from certain people," the Earth Sovereign continued, "and thus, as the one holding the 4th Fate Tablet and the Book of Nalu, you are the one he chose. You should be clear about what you have to do."

Marvin nodded in silence and proceeded with clarifying his thoughts.

Time ticked away, and soon, half an hour passed.

Tiramisu recovered his abilities and the energy that had been depleted somewhat while he was struggling against the pressure of the Earth Essence.

"Let's go! Let's tease the Gods!" The Dragon said in high spirits. "I'll get you to Evil Street!"

Marvin nodded.

Evil Street. Located in the depths of the Abyss, where the next page of the Book of Nalu was waiting!