Chapter 730: Revelation

Night Ranger

Chapter 730: Revelation
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Ghost Town was a rather famous place.

Even in the bottomless Abyss, this location was considered a nightmarish place for many Demons. Even the powerful Demon Lords might be scared away by the frightening aura of this place.

People said that a True Demon was living in this place.

But the current Marvin already knew that it wasn't actually a frightening Demon that was hidden there, but rather a page of the Book of Nalu with its own consciousness!

It was said that all those who approached this town would be attracted by a strange power and ultimately arrive at a frightening place.

And that was the Evil Street.

No proper description of the Evil Street existed, because no one was able to come out alive.

Marvin was hit by a chill wind when he entered Ghost Town. It felt as if he was in the Extreme Cold Hell.

The town was completely deserted.

Some howling sounds would come out from the depths of the small town from time to time!

Marvin noticed that many of his abilities were restricted, including Endless Path.

His perception was also restricted to about a hundred meters.

He followed the howling sounds and eventually found a Demon after turning at the corner of a street!

He was crazily tearing apart his own stomach!

Marvin looked at him and noticed a face wickedly laughing.

And that face looked exactly like the Demon's!

"An illusion?" Marvin frowned. Even though he had lost the system and couldn't have accurate information, with his Wisdom Ability, False Divine Vessel, and Night Ring, he had long since gained the ability to process information like a computer.

This didn't seem to be an illusion.

This Demon seemed to have been attracted into here recently. He apparently had lost his awareness and could only struggle crazily.

And as a result of his struggle, he finally killed himself.

Before dying, that Demon apparently noticed Marvin and gave him a loathsome glare.

At this instant, Marvin felt like something had entered his body.

He couldn't help but lower his gaze, only to see a face exactly like his own on his stomach, and it was grinning at him!

"Useless trick," Marvin sneered. His willpower had reached a high level a long time ago, and a confusion of this level had no effect on him!

Not to mention that this was caused by the Book of Nalu!

The Wisdom Chapter in his body automatically activated and that face sharply yelled as it burst into silvery white light and was then automatically digested by the Wisdom Chapter.

Actually, rather than to say digest, it would be better to say fused.

After Marvin got confirmation from the Earth Sovereign that the Wisdom God and the God of Deception were one and the same, he became more careful about the relation between the Wisdom Chapter and the Book of Nalu.

He was able to notice that the power of these two things came from the same source.

But, why did the Wisdom God need to do that?

What was reflected in the Book of Nalu proved that the God of Wisdom was standing on Lance's side.

This made Marvin feel a headache coming on.

The God of Deception and the God of Wisdom, and one of them was just a persona.

Which one should he believe in?


As he kept going deeper into Ghost Town, Marvin saw many more Demons.

There was no lack of creatures that had been called here to become cannon fodder, and most of them were stuck in illusions.

All those here were fighting with themselves, many had killed themselves, and many more were fighting lifeforms that looked exactly like themselves. None survived.

Their souls were contained here, repeating the same movements continuously, creating a very macabre scene.

Despite Marvin being very knowledgeable, he was also overwhelmed with horror when he saw so many Demons facing such torments.

The Book of Nalu was worthy of being one of the most mysterious things in this world. It was hard to think that this ill-reputed Artifact actually came from the kindhearted God of Wisdom.

With the Wisdom Chapter protecting him, this page of the Book of Nalu couldn't do anything to him.

At last, he saw a shadow at the center of the small town, which was the end of the Evil Street.

This shadow stood out, it wasn't Demon, it actually looked Human.

It also had the breath of life.

From what Marvin could tell, this shadow was the only existence with any aura of life in this town. Those Demons were basically nothing but puppets controlled by some dark power.

That shadow was in the town's square.

It was a figure of a man, and he had a cross in front of him and was kneeling in front of it, holding a page in his hand and chanting something.

Marvin slowly walked over.

He was indeed a Human, and quite handsome too.

From his clothing, he seemed to be a Priest, or at least someone of faith.

"I didn't expect anyone to be able to walk through the Evil Street with their own willpower."

That man stopped chanting and raised his head to look at Marvin. "Can you help me leave?"

Marvin warily asked, "Who are you? Why are you here?"

"This is a nightmarish place, and only the firmest of believers can survive here," the man respectfully answered. "I am carrying out my God's mission, but I became trapped here due to my carelessness. Fortunately, this page of Revelations accompanied me all this time, or I might have also ended up like these Demons, under the control of some unclear power."

"Revelations?" Marvin asked as he furrowed his brows.

The man nodded. "I come from the Norvik Plane to save the souls of these Demons on behalf of my God. Unfortunately, a disaster happened many years ago and turned this town into an evil place. And because of my insufficient power, I cannot escape from this trap. This page of Revelations had been granted to me by my God, so I am sorry, but I can't let you have a detailed look at it."

"You were able to come here on your own, and you weren't controlled by that evil spirit. This proof enough that you are powerful. Can you help me?"

"I can return the favor to the best of my abilities."

That man sounded very sincere.

Marvin took one step forward.

He then unsheathed his dagger, and beheaded that man with his blade!

No blood spurted, and only a thin page floated down.

Marvin extended his hands, and both the Book of Nalu and the Wisdom Chapter appeared!

That person's corpse was immediately absorbed inside!

In that instant, the strange power in the surroundings immediately disappeared!

Marvin gently touched the new page appearing in the Book of Nalu with a faint smile.

"I didn't think its spirituality would reach this level…"

"Unfortunately, there were many holes in your story. At the very least, you shouldn't have been using the word Revelations."

"After all, I know the name of the 4th page of the Book of Nalu."

Looking at the Book of Nalu, which was now missing only two pages, Marvin could see the 4th page already in its place.


On it was drawn a man who was kneeling under a cross, looking very lifelike.