Chapter 2080 - What is the Truth?

Renegade Immortal

Mu Bingmei left.

She left the cave and left planet Suzaku, but she didn’t leave alone. There was a man by her side. He had white clothes and white hair but an ordinary appearance. However, he gave off an unspeakable temperament that made everyone feel very comfortable. He pulled Mu Bingmei’s hand like in the dream and didn’t let go.

He faintly heard Mu Bingmeis words in the sky.

“You… Are you an avatar or your original body…”

Wang Lin looked at Mu Bingmei and softly said, “I’m Wang Lin and I’m by your side.”

Mu Bingmei looked at Wang Lin and gradually revealed a smile. This smile was very beautiful and very happy.

They left planet Suzaku, and it was unknown where they went.

After they turned into a ray of light, they disappeared into the distance. In a place far away, they could not see Wang Lin looking at them with a smile.

Avatar or original body? Only Wang Lin knew this answer.

Perhaps the person that had left was Wang Lin’s avatar and the one watching them leave was his original body. Or perhaps… it was the opposite!

There was no answer.

Thirteen also left. He had spent his life chasing Wang Lin’s footsteps. Now Wang Lin made him fly alone. When a bird grows, they must face the wind and rain alone. Only when he can see the rainbow in the wind and rain can he grow up to be a man that can support the world.

They all left… Only Wang Lin stayed on planet Suzaku. Before going into the dream with Liu Mei, he had gone to see his parents, and now he went again before going to the original home he and Li Muwan had.

The valley had been lost to time, but he restored it.

In the valley, Wang Lin settled down and was accompanied by Li Muwan. He held Li Muwan, and together they counted reincarnations. It was as it had always been like this for a long time.

In this loneliness, he immersed himself in this inner peace and experienced warmth.

Time passed year by year. In spring, as everything recovered, Wang Lin planted a lot of flowers. He watched the flowers bloom, he watched the summer rainfall, he watched the autumn wind play songs of time, he watched the snow that drifted by in the winter.

Wang Lin continued to be accompanied by Li Muwan, and there were zither music echoing in his ears as if he had gone back thousands of years into the past.

10 years, 10 years, 10 years… Wang Lin lived in this calm valley for 70 years.

He accompanied Li Muwan. Here, he had forgotten everything. He didn’t consider his own cultivation level, didn’t think about comprehending essences, and didn’t consider all the conspiracies and lies. In his eyes, there was only Li Muwan. In his mind, only this figure existed. And in his ears, only the sound of the zither from back then remained.

In the 200th year after Wang Lin returned to the cave world, a guest came to Wang Lin’s valley. This guest was a bald man. He looked exactly the same as he did in the past and there was no change.

He appeared from the world and stood outside the valley for a long time. He watched the sea of flowers in the valley, he looked at the cabin inside the sea of flowers, and he looked at the lonely figure sitting before the cabin.

The man let out a sigh and revealed a melancholy expression.

He held a wine jug in his hand. With a sigh, he went through the valley, through the sea of flowers, and arrived at Wang Lin’s side. He looked at Wang Lin for a long time before he sat down opposite of him.

Wang Lin opened his eyes and looked at the bald man before him. He gradually smiled.

“You came.”

The bald man silently nodded.

“I couldn’t forget…” A moment later, the bald man handed the jug of wine to Wang Lin and took out another one. He took a big gulp and the wine flowed down from the corner of his mouth and onto his clothes.

“I never wanted to forget, so there’s no such thing as ‘couldn’t forget.’” Wang Lin took the jug of wine and took a sip.

“You are tormenting yourself.” The bald man looked at Wang Lin with a complicated gaze.

“Tormenting…” Wang Lin muttered. He drank the wine and didn’t say more.

The bald man shook his head and softly said, “Forget it… You won’t succeed. If this continues, you will be tired and Wan Er will be tired…”

Wang Lin looked at the sky. After pondering for a bit, he slowly said, “Should I call you ‘Mo Zhi’ or another name.”

The bald man was the person who had said to Wang Lin “Hearts Dead, Already Forgotten” in the rainy temple back then!

“Mo Zhi… this has always been my name.” The bald man sighed.

“Wang Lin, you should have guessed all the answers. I can tell you… You…” Mo Zhi was about to speak.

“Don’t say it, let me ponder some matters myself.” Wang Lin shook his head. He took the wine jug and drank a big mouthful.

“Drink wine with me… We haven’t met in a long time.” Wang Lin smiled and looked at Mo Zhi.

The bald man silently pondered and drank wine with Wang Lin until night came, until dawn came, and the two didn’t say a word.

When the sun appeared at the edge of the sky again, Mo Zhi stood up. He looked at Wang Lin and let out a sigh.

“I’m leaving… I hope you can succeed…” He didn’t advise Wang Lin anymore but turned to leave. When he was about to walk out of the valley, he stopped but didn’t turn around. He had his back toward Wang Lin.

“Teacher told me to ask you when you will return the Defying Earth Realm’s boundary compass…” Mo Zhi’s voice echoed in the valley. After he spoke, he walked out of the valley and disappeared.

Wang Lin still sat there and drank wine. He didn’t say a word about Mo Zhi’s words or departure.

He had long understood some things, but he knew that he was himself and was named Wang Lin. He was born on planet Suzaku and was the son of a carpenter. He grew up in a small mountain village.

Step by step, he tread the path of cultivation and reached his current state.

Resurrecting Li Muwan was his own decision, but not something due to the influence or interference from another reincarnation. It was his own choice.

“I’m me…” There was no confusion in Wang Lin’s eyes - they were completely clear.

“Whether it’s Mo Zhi or Red Butterfly, even Mo Zhi’s teacher and the All-Seer… They all think that this world, the cave world, the Celestial Realm were all formed by my dream dao and are not real…” Wang Lin murmured. He had long came to an understanding about these matters.

“However, is it really like this…” Wang Lin smiled faintly. He stood up as he looked at the sky and his eyes shined brightly.

“All-Seer, do you really think I don’t know your origin?” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he looked into the sky. He seemed to be able to see past the sky, past the Celestial Realm, past the endless darkness to see a figure in black with very long hair and an aura of slaughter and destruction coming from afar.

The figure’s destination was the Immortal Astral Continent.

“All-Seer, the answer to everything is not you telling me the truth in the Immemorial God Realm, but me telling you the truth! I’ll let you know what the real truth is!” Wang Lin waved his sleeve and a skull appeared.

This skull belong to the Ji Qiong.

The skull flashed and a small line of words appeared on it, but it soon disappeared.

“You’re all wrong…” Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and smiled as he returned to the wooden house. He looked at Li Muwan sleeping there and sat down next to her. His gaze was gentle as he watched her sleep.

“Wan Er, you will wake up… Because I have already found the real way… And I already began the preparations in the Ancient Shi Ancestral Temple.”

There was a trace of madness in Wang Lin’s eyes. This method was indeed very crazy!

Time gradually passed and the seasons changed. Wang Lin remained in the valley, accompanying Li Muwan all these years. This kind of quiet life was very rare for Wang Lin, aside from when he turned into a mortal or in his dream dao.

As he accompanied Li Muwan, he talked about his memories and was immersed in his own world.

Over the years, Thirteen had returned several times. Each time, he would accompany Wang Lin for several months before he left to continue his own life and cultivation.

Xu Liguo and Liu Jinbiao had used some unknown method to actually find Zhong Big Red. The three of them worked together, doing as they wished in the cave world, and were extremely happy.

Their bodies had been reborn on the Immortal Astral Continent, so they could leave and come as they wished by borrowing Wang Lin’s power to pass through the gate. With Wang Lin’s current cultivation level, Zhong Big Red could do this as well. After sweeping the cave world, the three of them, along with the sea dragon that had taken a liking to this as well, left the cave world. They began their own legendary experience on the Immortal Astral Continent.

However, before they left, Xu Liguo’s group of three came to Wang Lin to serve and flatter him. Finally, Wang Lin laughed. He left his aura and imprint on them to keep them safe. The three of them left with excitement.

With Wang Lin as the tiger skin and the combat power of the sea dragon, they were confident they could deceive anyone in the Immortal Astral Continent!

On the 60th year after Xu Liguo and company left, Wang Lin brought Li Muwan out of the valley and left planet Suzaku. They left the cave world and headed to the Immortal Astral Continent.

Before he left, his divine sense saw the Celestial Realm and he saw the cultivators there learning the dao he had left. He saw Thirteen and a lot of old friends.

He withdrew his divine sense and took a final glance at the cave world.

There were three more months before the Immemorial God Realm would open. That place would be Wang Lin’s final battle.

“When I walk leave the Immemorial God Realm, Wan Er, you will accompany me…” Wang Lin murmured as he stepped through the gate of the cave world and disappeared.
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