Chapter 2081 - Overlooking the Sea

Renegade Immortal

Wang Lin left.

He disappeared from the cave world. In Allheaven, on an ordinary planet, there was a woman. She wore purple and her hair reached her waist. Her hair was being blown by the wind and her dress gave off a sense of elegance.

She looked at the sky. Under the sun, if you looked closely, you would see the beautiful brow on her face. She was filled with confusion. She felt a divine sense arrive and pause beside her for a moment before leaving.

She originally thought it was all an illusion, but when the divine sense disappeared, a jade appeared before her. The jade quietly floated there and emitted a gentle light.

She was Xi Zifeng.

She stared at the jade before her. As the gentle light shined, it revealed a familiar aura. This aura was like a dream and was something she could never forget.

“Wang Lin…” Xi Zifeng silently pondered for a long time before she reached for the jade. She held the jade in her hand and closed her eyes. Her divine sense entered the jade, and inside was Wang Lin’s voice.

After a long time, when Xi Zifeng finally opened her eyes, she revealed a gentle smile. The smile was very beautiful.

Also in the cave world, in a desolate star system in the Outer Realm, there were large amounts of rocks floating there. They seemed to follow them strange law and slowly rotated in a huge arc.

On the large rock in the center sat an old man. His face was ruddy and he was calmly cultivating. Every time he breathed, a ray of grey light would leave his body, enter the rock, and then it would spread out to be absorbed by the other rocks.

There were no rocks here before he came, but when the old man arrived on a certain day, more and more of these rocks appeared, as if they were formed by his spell...

This old man was the cracked stone statue in the depths of the Wind Celestial Realm. If not for him, Wang Lin’s battle against Daoist Water would have been even more dangerous.

At this moment, the old man’s eyes were closed and he was quietly cultivating to force the power that had been turning his body into stone out of his body. All the rocks here were born because of this.

“I only need 300 more years to fully recover… Then I can leave here and return… home…” The old man opened his eyes. It was as if his gaze could penetrate the void to see the vast star system.

He was not a cultivator of the cave world, he was from the Immortal Astral Continent, from the Seven Dao Sect… In fact, he was just a disciple of Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign.

As he muttered, he felt a bit unwilling to leave the cave world, as he had been here for a long time. After pondering for a moment, he let out a sigh and closed his eyes again. When he went back to cultivating, a powerful divine sense swept by.

The power of this divine sense shocked this old man. He clearly knew that unless the owner wanted him to detect it, he would never be able to feel this divine sense arrive.

To him, the power of this divine sense was comparable to heaven’s might.

The divine sense swept by and didn’t stop, but after it disappeared, leaving the old man feeling uncertain about the situation, a pill appeared before him.

The pill was completely red and gave off a shocking power of the world. Just from smelling the fragrance of the pill, the petrifying force inside his body was suppressed.

Looking at the pill and recalling the divine sense, the old man gradually felt a trace of familiarity. After pondering for a moment, he muttered to himself.

“It’s him…”

At this moment, as Wang Lin left the cave world, the eyes of the sleeping baby inside a planet in the Outer Star System trembled as if he was going to awaken.

But after a long time, he still didn’t open his eyes and gradually calmed down back to sleep. Endless spiritual energy gathered from inside and outside the planet toward the baby, acting as nutrients for him to grow.

Before him was a jade formed by divine sense. This jade was not corporeal but seemed to alternate between illusionary and solid. It quietly floated there, waiting for the baby to wake up and see it.

This cultivation planet the baby was in was extremely ordinary and didn’t look strange at all. If there was anything strange, it was that it looked like an eyeball if one looked at it from afar.

The mountain ranges on the planet looked like the blood veins, the vast seas were like the white around the pupil, and the continent looked like the pupil

Wang Lin had been here before. He not only saw the baby Tuo Sen, but also the planet Tuo Sen had found to sleep in.

After Wang Lin left, the cave world became calm. It was like someone growing stronger. A force almost no one could detect filled the cave world after Wang Lin left.

This force could protect this place for generations so incidents like Master Scarlet Soul would never happen again.

On the Immortal Astral Continent, in the Heavenly Bull Continent, there was a mountain surrounded by fog. On this day, a powerful force rushed out and endless crystal light spread in all directions.

After the light scattered, Wang Lin slowly walked out of the gate to the cave world with his white hair and white robe.

The last 300 years had passed in the blink of an eye. Wang Lin looked at the world of the Immortal Astral Continent and silently walked forward.

“Seven Dao Sect…” Wang Lin muttered to himself. Before he left, he waved his sleeve and a gust of wind swept across the Seven Dao Sect. The ruin dissipated and was replaced by a powerful sect.

“This place will become the home for everyone who comes out of the cave world…” Wang Lin murmured as he reached toward the sky. In an instant, nearly 20 clumps of light appeared and scattered in all directions.

These nearly 20 clumps of light appeared in many different places across the Immortal Astral Continent.

Qing Shui was walking through the desert when he seemed to notice something and looked up. A clump of light flew into his body. His body trembled and, a moment later, he opened his eyes with a smile.

Master Hong Shan was flying through the sky, and before him was a ray of sword light with an old man inside. The old man’s expression was ferocious, but there was a fear underneath as he escaped at full speed.

Master Hong Shan was pursuing with a gloomy expression. At this moment, the clump of light entered his body and made him look toward the direction of the Heavenly Bull Continent. His gloomy expression softened, but he chased even faster.

Qing Lin, Zhou Ru, Red Butterfly, Zhou Yi, and almost everyone from the cave world got the clump of light and felt the existence of the Seven Dao Sect. Even if they were still mortals, the memories of the Seven Dao Sect would slowly awaken in the future.

Wang Lin took one last look at the Seven Dao Sect before he set a powerful formation around it. This formation was comparable to the one he had set in the cave world. Even if he didn’t make it out of the Immemorial God Realm, he could still ensure the safety of the cave world and protect the existence of the Seven Dao Sect.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin didn’t look back and walked toward the sky until he became transparent and disappeared.

“300 years of time is multiple lifetimes for mortals, but for cultivators, it’s not long… The madman became the Celestial Emperor and Ji Du became the Ancient Shi Emperor. I wonder how they are doing…” Wang Lin muttered to himself.

“And… Li Qianmei, where exactly are you…” Wang Lin sighed. He could guess that Li Qianmei had awakened her memories herself like Qing Shui. He could also guess the reason she wouldn’t see him.

“Silently blessing me…” Wang Lin looked up into the distant sky. He always remembered Li Qianmei’s words and the story of the bird and the fish.

After a long time, Wang Lin closed his eyes and walked toward the direction of the Ancient clan.

“I once promised Gu Dao that I’d enter the Immemorial God Realm from the Ancient clan’s side.” Wang Lin remembered the promise from back then. He traveled through the celestial clan for a few days and arrived at the edge of the basin that was the vast sea. Then he walk toward the center, where the sea storm was located.

Before he got close, he could hear the thunderous rumbles that churned the sky and made the sky dark. It had been 300 years since the sea storm had formed, and now it seemed even more violent than before.

As the thunderous rumbles echoed across the world, the sea storm rotated rapidly and set off large amounts of ripples. They looked like waves that were floating in the air that continued to hit each other and seemed to be rushing into the sky. Inside the sea storm were nine huge pillars that gave off nine different colors of light. The light filled the entire sea storm and was reflected by the sea storm, making it look like a nine-colored dream.

This dream carried a sense of mystery that would force one to immerse themselves into it and prevent them from extracting themselves. Due to the various rumors about the Immemorial God Realm on the Immortal Astral Continent, there were many people here. They were filled with desire, the desire to become stronger.

Wang Lin stood on the side of the sea storm and he didn’t hesitate to walk through it. He appeared on the Ancient clan side and calmly sat down to wait for the Immemorial God Realm to open in a few months.

As the time slowly approached, the celestial clan and Ancient clan awakened like two ferocious beasts that had been sleeping and erupted with their peak power after preparing for hundreds of years.
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