Chapter 2082 - Shocking Change

Renegade Immortal

In the celestial clan, the armies formed by the many sects utilized the rarely-used transfer arrays to arrive at the vast basin.

In the direction of the Ancient clan, the countless soldiers led by the three ancient emperors also arrived through transfer arrays.

No one knew if this war was going to begin or not. It depended on which side would have a new Grand Empyrean, or even which Grand Empyrean could climb to a greater height.

These were the key conditions for a war to begin!

If a balance could be kept, it would be fine. But if the balance was broken, this war would be inevitable since the celestial clan had already guessed that Grand Empyrean Gu Dao couldn’t leave the Ancient clan.

Unless the Ancient clan retreated and did not dare to fight outside of Gu Dao’s range!

No one knew when the Immemorial God Realm came into existence; it seems to be even older than the Immortal Astral Continent. Even the Celestial Ancestor and Ancient Ancestor, who were born from the void, didn’t know too much about the Immemorial God Realm.

Wang Lin sat on the side of the sea storm and looked at the gate formed by the huge pillars. The gate was shut tightly and was about to open soon.

Wang Lin was in no rush. He had waited for thousands of years and wasn’t worried about several months.

However, there was a question in his heart.

“I wonder what the Immemorial God Realm would be like I hadn’t initiated that crazy plan in the Ancient Shi ancestral temple…” Wang Lin silently pondered about this for a long time, but it was a question without an answer.

Wang Lin waited for the Immemorial God Realm to open. It was now one month before the opening, and three rays of light came from the Ancient clan. It was the three Grand Empyreans from the Ancient clan.

Song Tian, Xuan Luo, and the mysterious Ancient Ji Grand Empyrean.

The t hree rays of light instant closed in and turned into three figures before Wang Lin. Song Tian looked at Wang Lin with a complicated expression. He clasped his hands at Wang Lin and was extremely respectful.

“Song Tian greets Lord Wang.”

The Ancient Ji Grand Empyrean also silently pondered and respectfully clasped his hands at Wang Lin.

They had already learned 300 years ago the strongest person on the Immortal Astral Continent was no longer Grand Empyrean Gu Dao, but the person called Wang Lin that was before them.

After witnessing that battle 300 years ago, they had personally asked Grand Empyrean Gu Dao. They got the same answer as what they had seen.

Xuan Luo was a lot older than before, but he had a smile on his face. He looked at his former disciple and felt happy that Wang Lin could become this strong.

He was about to clasp his hands along with Song Tian. After all, on the Immortal Astral Continent, the strong were respected.

However, just as they arrived, Wang Lin got up. If only Song Tian and Ancient Ji Grand Empyrean had come, he wouldn’t be doing this. However, with Xuan Luo here, Wang Lin didn’t hesitate to bow to Xuan Luo first.

“Wang Lin greets Teacher.”

When Song Tian and the Ancient Ji Grand Empyrean saw this, they were shocked. They had seen too many teacher-disciple pairs where the disciple betrayed the teacher. There were also many occasions where the disciple became stronger and no longer respected their teacher. Even if some did, it was only on the surface.

However, Wang Lin’s sincerity could be clearly felt by the two of them. As the strongest person on the Immortal Astral Continent, it was normal for Xuan Luo to bow to Wang Lin. They had also severed their teacher-disciple relationship back at the Ancient Dao palace.

Wang Lin looked at Xuan Luo, at his teacher, who looked older. How could he make his teacher bow to him? Even if he was the strongest person on the Immortal Astral Continent and might become even stronger in the future, he could not be ungrateful and make Xuan Luo bow to him.

Xuan Luo opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but he smiled and nodded at Wang Lin in the end.

It was due to Wang Lin’s respect to Xuan Luo in the next few days that Song Tian and the Ancient Ji Grand Empyrean treated Xuan Luo somewhat differently. They should’ve been equals, but they now treated Xuan Luo with a hint of respect.

To make Wang Lin, who was the strongest person on the Immortal Astral Continent and had defeated Gu Dao, call him teacher was enough to change everything.

On the 15th day before the Immemorial God Realm’s opening, there was a shocking change to the sea storm. The sea storm expanded several times and the thunderous rumble became deafening. The sound was loud enough to kill mortals, and even some of the weaker cultivators could not bear it. Those who were mildly affected would end up with injuries to the heart and body, while the serious cases would have their bodies explode.

Every time the Immemorial God Realm opened, no weak cultivators would come to venture inside. This was mostly due to these thunderous rumbles.

Under these thunderous rumbles, weaker cultivators could not get close at all, and as time passed, they would only become even more intense. In the end, the heaven-shattering rumbles would kill anyone below the third step.

Even protection treasures would have no effect here.

On the last day, the thunderous rumbles could sweep anyone under the Void Tribulant stage, and thus, the people who could come here were few.

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, the nine-colored light pierced through the sea storm, went into the sky, and shrouded the earth. The nine-colored light turned into a blade-like aura and swept the area.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm. He clearly saw the gate formed by the nine pillars loosen. The thunderous rumbles were precisely due to the gate loosening.

It was as if a power was smashing the gate, wanting to rush out.

Xuan Luo looked at the sea storm and slowly said to Wang Lin, “Something is wrong…

“The last time the Immemorial God Realm opened, it only got this strong one week before it opened, but now it’s early by a week…” Xuan Luo frowned.

“As a result, the Immemorial God Realm’s roars will last even longer than before and will become even more intense… Even clan members who have 27 stars and have fully integrated the three powers will not be able to come…” Xuan Luo revealed a worried expression.

Wang Lin looked at the sea storm. He had lived in the Ancient clan for a long time and knew that a full 27-star clan member that had fully integrated the three powers was comparable to a Golden Exalt.

In the past, when the Immemorial God Realm opened, both sides would send a large amount of Void Tribulant cultivators in to test their luck.

However, those people were not important - the important people were the Golden Exalts, Empyrean Exalts, and the most important ones were the Ascendant Empyreans.

However, the thunderous rumbles had come one week early… did this mean that an accident would occur one week from now? Xuan Luo was somewhat hesitant.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze from the sea storm. He looked back and could feel hundreds of Ancient clan members rushing over. Based on their speed, they should all arrive in three days.

Time passed day by day. On the second day, the rumbles intensified. On the third day, they become even stronger.

The rumbles caused the world to become unstable. Song Tian and Ancient Ji Grand Empyrean became gloomy and anxious.

At noon of the third day, only 12 days before the opening of the Immemorial God Realm, Wang Lin’s calm voice clearly entered the ears of Song Tian and company even in this thunderous rumble.

“The celestial clan’s Grand Empyreans have arrived.”

Shortly after, on the other side of the sea storm, three rays of light arrived. Only Jiu Di, Wu Feng, and Dao Yi had come. As for Gemini, she hadn’t come. She had chosen to remain in the celestial clan.

The temptation of the Immemorial God Realm didn’t affect Gemini too much. She thought for a long time and ended up choosing to act as backup.

As for Lian Daofei, who had become the Celestial Emperor, he had also chosen not to come.

After Ji Du and company came, they immediately noticed that the roars today were different from the past. They thought for a while and their expressions became gloomy. Like Xuan Luo and company, they also felt like something was wrong.

The three of them looked at each other and then their faces followed the sea storm to see Xuan Luo and company, along with the calm Wang Lin.

“Dao Yi greets Lord Wang.” Dao Yi didn’t hesitate to respectfully clasp his hands.

“Greetings, Lord Wang.” Wu Feng’s expression was calm. It seemed like 300 years of time had made him accept reality.

Ji Du hesitated a bit before he let out a sigh and also clasped his hands at Wang Lin, but he didn’t say anything.

Wang Lin nodded and smiled at Wu Feng.

“Long time no see.”

“It has been hundreds of years. I didn’t expect Lord Wang Lin’s cultivation level to reach such a degree…” When Wu Feng saw Wang Lin acting like this, his heart warmed slightly.

As the two of them talked, hundreds of rays of light appeared in the sky behind Xuan Luo. The rays of light moved very fast - they were people chosen to enter the Immemorial God Realm.

At the same time, a giant transfer array appeared behind Jiu Di and hundreds of figures walked out. Wang Lin had seen most of them at the Empyrean Trial.

Almost as soon as they appeared, it was as if their auras made this place unstable. The rumbles from the sea storm became even more intense, as if the world was trembling and ready to collapse. Even spatial rifts began to appear and disappear in this area.

This scene caused the expressions of the six Grand Empyreans to change.
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