Chapter 2083 - Qualification to Enter

Renegade Immortal

The sea storm continued to rumble, intensifying several folds. It caused a large amount of spatial rifts to appear in the surrounding area. It was like a ghostly cry, howling while carrying a sharp and shocking force that could destroy one’s body. It spread out in all directions from the center of the sea storm.

The hundreds of people from the Ancient clan had just arrived and looked at the sea storm before them. They could clearly feel the destructive aura from it that could easily destroy them.

This force was enough to make all living things tremble in fear. However, this didn’t include Wang Lin and the six Grand Empyreans. At their cultivation levels, they all had varying degrees of resistance to this rumbling… It was no problem for them.

Wang Lin ignored the rumbles. When this sound entered his ears, it didn’t cause his heart to tremble at all. It was as if this sound wasn’t qualified to make his heart tremble, even if it were countless times stronger.

After cultivating to his cultivation level, forget the Immortal Astral Continent, even in the vast space outside the Immortal Astral Continent, very few things could shock him.

However, the six Grand Empyreans were not the same. Although they weren’t affected by these rumbles as much, they knew that many of the people behind them could not bear it.

Song Tian didn’t hesitate. The moment the rumbles intensified, he moved before the Ancient clan members. He waved his sleeve and a giant sun appeared behind him. He was using his Grand Empyrean power to help the people behind him resist the rumbles.

Xuan Luo and the Ancient Ji Grand Empyrean did the same. With the three of them working together, they were able to ensure the hundreds of panicking Ancient clan members weren’t injured or forced back.

The celestial clan was the same. Jiu Du and company acted at the same time to protect the hundreds of celestial cultivators from the rumble.

Only Wang Lin quietly sat there and calmly looked at the sea storm.

He didn’t act to help anyone, there was no point.

Wang Lin had already knew what would happen 12 days from now. He looked at the people of the two sides and closed his eyes.

“There are 12 days until the gate opens, but the rumbles are as intense as two days before the Immemorial God Realm opened in the past…”

“If this continues, I fear they will be unable to stay!”

“The Immemorial God Realm is strange, it is very different from the past!”

The six Grand Empyreans on both sides of the sea storm looked at each other, and their expressions became gloomy.

As the six of them continued to resist, time passed once more. Every day, the rumbling of the storm would become more violent. When it was only nine days before the Immemorial God Realm’s opening, the rumbles spread across the entire vast basin. Even the edges of the basin connected to the Ancient clan and the celestial clan could hear the rumbles.

At dusk nine days before the opening, the rumbles reached an indescribable degree.

Even the six Grand Empyreans at full power felt like they could not resist anymore.

The rumbles were enough to make the sky shatter and cracks appear on the earth. The hundreds of people protected by the six Grand Empyreans bled from their orifices.

“There are still nine more days! It is impossible to resist any longer. Right now, it is as intense as the last day before the Immemorial God Realm opened in the past. If this continues, people will die tomorrow and we will be injured before even going in!”

“I fear we can’t allow this many people to enter the Immemorial God Realm this time…” Wu Feng quickly said, and Dao Yi silently nodded.

Jiu Di clenched his teeth and sent out a divine message.

“All cultivators below Golden Exalt, quickly retreat and quickly transfer out of the vast basin!”

As his words echoed, on the Ancient clan’s side, Song Tian and company also made a decision. Out of the hundreds of people they were guarding, those that hadn’t successfully passed the three trials and seven calamities all quickly left the center of this rumbling.

A moment later, less than 100 people remained on each side of the storm, and because there were fewer people, the pressure on the six Grand Empyreans reduced greatly.

This was all seen by Wang Lin. He still silently pondered and didn’t do anything. He looked at the sea storm and saw the gap in the gate formed by the nine pillars became a bit bigger.

In a flash, three days passed. There were only six more days until the Immemorial God Realm opened. The rumbling from the gate became even more intense than three days ago. This had never happened before during the Immemorial God Realm’s opening. This caused the six Grand Empyreans to become very anxious.

They could not endure it anymore. They had to reduce the people, or else they would be affected as well.

“Wang Lin!” Xuan Luo looked toward Wang Lin. This was the first time he had spoken to Wang Lin since the rumbles from the sea storm began. In truth, Song Tian and the Ancient Ji Grand Empyrean had long pinned their hopes on Wang Lin. They were just confused about why Gu Dao still hadn’t come.

However, now was not the time to think about this matter. After they heard Xuan Luo speak, they immediately looked at Wang Lin.

“Teacher…” Wang Lin stood up and looked at Xuan Luo, who was using his full strength to resist the rumbling.

“Teacher, it’s useless. In the end, they will not be able to enter. Even you all… won’t be able to enter…” Wang Lin softly said, but he still raised his right hand and waved at the less than 100 people being guarded by Xuan Luo and company.

With this wave, Xuan Luo and company suddenly felt the pressure disappear, as if the rumbling was gone. The nearly 100 people all recovered from the pain they were suffering.

“Gu Dao should have already noticed this, so he didn’t appear to forcibly intervene.”

Xuan Luo and company remained silent. They also felt the strangeness of this opening of the Immemorial God realm. There were still six days remaining, and they found it difficult to imagine how intense the rumbling would become then. It was likely that even they would have to retreat.

The Ancient clan had Wang Lin’s protection, but on the celestial clan’s side, under Jiu Di and company’s protection, they had to reduce the amount of people.

“Golden Exalt cultivators… Empyrean Exalt cultivators, back down and quickly transfer away!” As Jiu Di’s voice echoed, a majority of the almost 100 cultivators silently pondered. They looked at the sea storm with regret as they left one by one, leaving only 11 people.

Not all Ascendent Empyreans had come. These 11 people were the Ascendant Empyreans that had chosen to come.

Only six days left.

During these six days of time, it was painful to endure for everyone beside Wang Lin. Although the Ancient clan had many people, Wang Lin’s words made them hesitant.

When three more days passed and only three days remained, the rumbling was several times stronger than when the Immemorial God Realm opened in the past. On the celestial clan’s side, the 11 Ascendant Empyreans unwillingly left and chose to transfer out of the vast basin.

Jiu Di and company sat together. Without the need to shelter the Ascendant Empyreans, they could use their full strength to resist the rumbles of the sea storm, so now they could last longer.

Looking at what had happened on the celestial clan’s side, Xuan Luo and company felt bitter in their hearts. They had a hunch that what Wang Lin had said was true.

If not for Wang Lin helping earlier, they would be the same as the other side, with only three of them remaining.

The last three days were the most difficult three days. One day unknowingly passed, and just as the day passed, the sea storm became 100 times more intense!

This caused the world to collapse into countless fragments, and the world became a void. Jiu Di and company turned pale and they didn’t hesitate to link their divine senses to resist it with their combined power.

The Ancient clan was still as calm as before. Xuan Luo and the others felt like nothing had happened. However, looking at the other side made them gain a new understanding of how powerful Wang Lin was.

When there were only two days left until the Immemorial God Realm’s opening Gu Dao arrived.

His arrival was silent, as if he had always here. He walked out of the void and sat down next to Wang Lin. He looked at the sea storm and let out a sigh.

“Xuan Luo, the three of you stay and the rest of you leave.” After he spoke, he waved his right hand at the nearly 100 Ancient clan members, and they slowly disappeared.

Wang Lin looked at Gu Dao and didn’t speak. He continued to look at the sea storm. The gap in the stone gate was even bigger now, and there was a hint of anticipation in his eyes.

At this moment, there were only eight people remaining outside the sea storm. They were surrounded by the void as the world had collapsed around them. When the day passed and it was the last day before the gate’s opening the rumbles formed a vortex. As the vortex rotated rapidly, it caused Jiu Di and company to cough out blood. They retreated unwillingly and knew in their hearts that they had reached their limit.

Dao Yi was the first to clench his teeth and leave, followed by a helpless Wu Feng. Only Jiu Di revealed a distorted expression as the veins on his face swelled. He wanted to continue to resist.

However, he only lasted two more hours before he disappeared with a bitter expression.
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