Chapter 2084 - That Woman, Dong Mei

Renegade Immortal

Jiu Di was unwilling as he helplessly left. As his figure gradually disappeared, there were only five people left outside the sea storm.

Gu Dao looked at the sea storm and slowly said, “You all leave now. The rumbling on the last day will even require my full effort to resist. Even when it finally opens, you all won’t be able to enter the Immemorial God Realm...

“I just noticed this several days ago.”

Xuan Luo and company silently pondered and then bowed at Gu Dao. After seeing Jiu Du and them leave, they knew that this opening of the Immemorial God Realm was not something they could participate in.

Just as they were about to leave, Wang Lin got up and walked toward Xuan Luo.


Xuan Luo looked up at Wang Lin and smiled.

“Teacher is about to reincarnate soon. Disciple is about to enter the Immemorial God Realm. If I come out safely, I’ll go protect Teacher’s reincarnation… If I don’t, Teacher can still reincarnate safely with this.” Wang Lin looked at Xuan Luo and reached at the void. A jade appeared, and he respectfully handed it to Xuan Luo.

Xuan Luo held the jade. He didn’t immediately check it but looked at Wang Lin. After a long time, he spoke softly.

“Protect yourself…”

Wang Lin nodded.

Xuan Luo closed his eyes. When he opened them once more, he turned into a ray of light along with Song Tian and the Ancient Ji Grand Empyrean. In a flash, they disappeared without a trace.

At this moment, outside the sea storm, only Wang Lin and Gu Dao remained.

Time slowly passed. In a flash, it was dusk. There was only half an hour before the Immemorial God Realm’s opening, and the rumbles from the sea storm reached their peak. The vortex was rotating so rapidly that at first glance, it looked stationary.

However, when it looked like this, it meant that it had reached an alarming speed.

As the vortex rotated, the sea water seemed to be absorbed by the vortex. The sea water left the sea storm and was pulled toward the vortex.

The vortex was like a black hole that devoured everything. It constantly absorbed large amounts of sea water, causing the sea storm to shrink.

Gu Dao looked at the sea storm and said, “When all the sea water is sucked in, the Immemorial God Realm will…” His voice still clearly entered Wang Lin’s ears through the rumbling.

“I’m entering the Immemorial God Realm to resurrect my wife. You… What are going in there for?” Wang Lin watched the vortex rapidly devour the sea water. It wouldn’t be long before the sea storm disappeared completely.

“...For an answer!” Gu Dao turned toward Wang Lin.

“After I obtained the Ancient Ancestor’s memories, there was a question that I needed to help him answer… I have waited for this day for a long time, and your arrival was an opportunity for me to find this answer!”

“The answer…” Wang Lin muttered.

“If I find this answer, perhaps I can leave the Ancient clan and go anywhere I want to go.” There was a flash of complicated feelings in Gu Dao’s eyes.

“You have the head of the Celestial Ancestor, so you should have seen that the Celestial Ancestor died in peace - there was no pain… The Ancient Ancestor also died...

“I can feel this death in his memory. He walked toward death with hesitation, debelief, and determination.

“The two of them paid the price of death to pursue the answer and at the same time lay down the roots of heritage. Perhaps it was to protect them,” Gu Dao muttered.

Their surroundings rumbled endlessly and the vortex continued to devour until less than half the sea storm remained. The sea water had completely disappeared into the vortex, its whereabouts unknown.

It didn’t take long for all the sea water to disappear.

Gu Dao withdrew his gaze from Wang Lin and looked toward the shrinking sea storm as he said in a hoarse voice, “The Ancient Ancestor and the Celestial Ancestor found an unimaginable secret. They hesitated, doubted, and in the end, in order to pursue the truth, they walked toward death...

“Now I’m going to search for the answer.”

Wang Lin silently pondered.

Half an hour of time gradually passed. When all the sea water was devoured by the vortex, the thunderous rumbles continued to echo. The nine huge pillars that were no longer surrounded by the sea emitted a dazzling, nine-colored light. The gate to the Immemorial God Realm formed by the nine pillars slowly opened!

The moment it opened, a ripple spread out from the gate, and its speed was unimaginable. It instantly swept across the vast basin toward the Ancient clan and celestial clan.

When the ripple swept past the vast basin, the wind stopped. Song Tian and the others, who were flying away, stopped in the air.

In the Ancient clan, whether it was mortals or cultivators, all living things stopped when the ripple swept by.

Fire, rivers, and everything stopped at this moment.

In the land of the Ancient Ji, there was rain falling, and at this moment, even the rain stopped in the air.

In the celestial clan, it was the same. Jiu Du’s group of three, Gemini, the Celestial Emperor, and the countless cultivators, mortals, and celestial beasts all stopped moving.

The five elements of the world, all laws of the world, everything stopped completely at this moment.

The entire Immortal Astral Continent became silent.

Only the gate formed by the nine pillars at the center of the vast basin slowly opened. Once it fully opened, nine-colored light shined from within, revealing a passage to somewhere unknown.

“This time is indeed very different from the past…” Gu Dao muttered. The ripple could stop everything in the world below the Heaven Trampling Realm.

Gu Dao’s eyes lit up and he didn’t hesitate at all. He rushed into the nine-colored gate before Wang Lin and disappeared inside.

At this moment, Wang Lin was the only person left outside the gate. He closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, he walked toward the gate. He entered the gate step by step.

After Wang Lin entered the Immemorial God Realm, everything on the Immortal Astral Continent returned to normal. The strange thing was that almost no one had detected that moment when everything stopped.

Cultivators couldn’t, Ancient clan members couldn’t, and not even the Grand Empyreans had noticed that they had lost about 10 breaths of time.

This 10 breaths of time was lost from the heaven and earth, from the five elements, from every mortal, from every cultivator, from every Ancient clan member, and from the eight Grand Empyreans.

It was as if this short period of time was absorbed by a strange force and disappeared into the gate of the Immemorial god Realm.

When the entire Immemorial Astral Continent recovered, the nine pillars in the vast basin shined brightly. The light obscured everything and then disappeared without a trace.

When the nine pillars disappeared, the gate to the Immemorial God Realm also disappeared.

When the gate at the center of the basin disappeared, the vortex that remained rumbled endlessly. The endless sea that had disappeared into the vortex scattered back into the basin.

The sea water fell as thunderous rumbles echoed. Several hours later, the vast basin turned back into a sea. The sea was endless and the waves crashed into each other. The rumbles disappeared and were replaced by the sounds of the sea.

Everything returned to normal. The celestial clan was like this, and the Ancient clan was like this well. Everything recovered to normal, including in the two figures inside an elegant courtyard in Black Stone City of the Ancient clan.

The house was not big and the interior was relatively simple, but it was heartwarming. On the bed lied an old woman. Her face was filled with wrinkles, but one could see how beautiful she was when she was young.

Beside the old woman was another woman. She wore white and one couldn’t see her appearance - only her hair could be seen hanging in front of her face. Her back was very beautiful, but there was a sense of sadness in this beauty. It would make people who saw her love and pity her.

It was like a fish in water - you couldn’t see her tears, but when she looked at you from under the water, perhaps you could taste the tears if you were to scoop up some of the water.

The old woman was reluctant to part and softly said, “Dong Mei… I’m going to accompany Anunt Chang… Don’t try… When I leave you, will be the only one left… You and I are different. I’m just an ordinary person and my lifespan is limited… But you have the ancient bloodline and can cultivate… You… Take care of yourself.”

She was Song Zhi...

Song Zhi was only an ordinary member of the Ancient clan, so 500 years was the limit of her lifespan.

The old woman looked at the girl that had grown up with her and muttered, “I know there is a story in you… I’ve seen you look into the sky in a daze and cry many times… I even remember that when I told you about what happened at the Ancient Dao imperial city and the story of Wang Lin and Li Muwan, you would force yourself to smile.

“Dong Mei… Promise me that if you can’t forget, don’t make yourself feel bad.”

She would always remember when she first said the name “Wang Lin” to Dong Mei - the startled and emotional expression Dong Mei had.

She also remembered that 500 years ago, when Wang Lin had brought her back, he not only told her the story of Li Muwan, but also of a woman named Li Qianmei.

“Reincarnated person… Dong Mei and Li Qianmei, are they the same person…” The old woman didn’t say this, but looked at the beautiful woman before her as she slowly closed her eyes.

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