Chapter 2087 - Wan Er, Wake Up

Renegade Immortal

The All-Seer’s voice echoed inside the Immemorial God Realm with the seven-colored snowy mountain as the center. Its huge body made of black fog rushed toward Wang Lin with unwillingness and madness.

He was unwilling to let this be. He had waited for so long, waited for countless reincarnations, until this day arrived, but he didn’t expect everything to turn out like this.

Wang Lin had deceived everyone. Not even the All-Seer knew that everything was not Wang Lin’s dream, but the slaughter avatar’s dao.

The All-Seer’s heart was filled with an absurd feeling, and this feeling was enough to make him go mad. He was the treasure soul of the Boundary Compass, and he had seen Wang Lin come here again and again and dissipate here in every reincarnation.

Until the time he personally saw Wang Lin blast open the compass and then dissipate. This allowed him, the All-Seer, to walk out, and at that moment, he laughed with ecstasy.

He didn’t know his own origin. In his memory, when he first awakened countless years ago, he was already the treasure spirit of the Boundary Compass.

He also didn’t know who had created the Boundary Compass. He had no memory and was confused for a long time until he saw Wang Lin borrow the compass. He saw Wang Lin go through reincarnation again and again until he was released.

The moment he was released, he was filled with an unspeakable sense of joy. He felt like he was about to be free, and he didn’t want to continue to exist inside the compass like a captive.

That’s why he wanted to take over Wang Lin!

From his view, all life on the Immortal Astral Continent was fake and only Wang Lin was real. From his analysis, once he succeeded in taking Wang Lin over, he would have Heaven Trampling cultivation and true freedom.

He could no longer be trapped inside the compass as the treasure spirit, even though he felt that aside from being the treasure spirit, he was also the guardian of this compass.

But no matter what, everything he had done was for freedom!

He had even decided that once he gained his freedom and succeeded in taking over Wang Lin’s body, he was going to find his origin - find who had made him into a treasure spirit.

From his view, after he succeeded in taking over Wang Lin’s body, the Boundary Compass would become his supreme treasure. He was the treasure spirit, and no one knew its strength better than him.

Aside from its power, its most important use was allowing one to leave the Defying Earth Realm!

As for the origin of the Boundary Compass, he had some ideas, but they were blurry. He didn’t know who had created it, nor why he was inside it.

He only knew that once he gained his freedom, he would search for an answer.

However, at this moment, all of his plans collapsed because of Wang Lin’s words. He had no hope. He only felt despair and anger, along with fear and reluctance.

He rushed frantically at Wang Lin and the black fog howled loudly. As he closed in on Wang Lin, he saw the faint smile on Wang Lin’s face.

Wang Lin raised his right hand as he looked at the black fog rushing toward him and gently waved.

“When I mastered reincarnation, I had already reached Heaven Trampling.” As Wang Lin spoke calmly, he waved his sleeve. The black fog before him sizzled and began to rapidly dissipate.

“I’m unwilling to let this be!! Wang Lin, I’m unwilling to let this be!!” The All-Seer let out a miserable cry. As the black gas scattered, the remaining black gas condensed into a large head. This head looked very different from the All-Seer. He was middle-aged and between his eyebrows was a star pattern that was flashing. There was a vague shadow of a crane struggling inside the star pattern.

All of this lasted for an instant before scattering. The middle-aged man’s head scattered and all the remaining black gas suddenly turned into a giant black crane.

The black crane let out a hiss at the sky and rushed toward Wang Lin once more.

The moment he closed in, there was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. He took a step forward and raised his right hand. As the black crane closed in, his hand grabbed the crane’s neck.

The black crane continued to struggle. As it howled, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. His right hand’s grip tightened, resulting in a thunderous bang that made the entire Immemorial God Realm tremble and the sky to become a blur.

The black crane completely shattered.

The All-Seer’s divine sense was in chaos, and when the black crane disintegrated, so did the All-Seer. Right as the last bit of his divine sense was going to be destroyed, he seemed to remember something about the past - some things he thought did not exist in his memory.

“Morning Dao Realm… My hometown…” the All-Seer muttered as his divine sense dissipated completely and he completely died. His crane body turned into countless strands of black gas. Among the black gas, there was an obvious strand of grey gas. Wang Lin watched as the grey gas rushed toward the bridge that was connected to the sky and disappeared into the illusion behind the bridge.

This grey gas didn’t carry the All-Seer’s aura.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, but he was not surprised at all, as if he already knew the grey gas existed. He only took a glance and ignored it. His right hand reached out and gripped toward the black gas.

As he gripped, the black gas suddenly gathered and formed a fist-sized ball of gas in Wang Lin’s palm.

The ball of gas was not black, but nine-colored - it was very beautiful.

“One Realm Essence…” When Wang Lin looked at the ball of gas in his hand, his eyes were no longer calm, but filled with excitement. He took a deep breath and waved his left hand. A coffin appeared before him.

There was a woman sleeping inside the coffin. She was not an absolute beauty, but she was gentle. Her eyes were closed and she remained motionless.

“Wan Er… I once said that even if heaven wants you to die, I’ll take you back!” Wang Lin murmured as he touched the woman’s face. Tears flowed down his eyes and landed on her face. The tears flowed along her cheek into the corner of her mouth.

“I have succeeded! Wan Er, after thousands of years, I have succeeded!” Wang Lin’s expression was gentle as he gently pressed the nine-colored ball of gas between the eyebrows of the woman. He silently watched as the ball of gas entered her body, and time seemed to become eternal.

However, there was a rare sign of tension on his face - he was very nervous. He bit his lower lip and looked at the woman before him.

Wang Lin caressed Li Muwan’s hair and muttered, “Wan Er, come back alive… Come back alive… Open your eyes, open your eyes and look at me…”

The encounter outside the Sea of Devils seemed to have set the fate of three lives. Don’t forget, don’t abandon...

That soft cry for help and the eyes filled with panic caused Wang Lin, who had hidden underground because he had noticed something was wrong, to raise his head...

If he hadn’t looked up, perhaps everything would’ve been different.

In the sea of devils, when he opened his eyes and saw that weak yet tough figure standing at the entrance of the cave, his heart trembled for a moment. He didn’t know why he had said “Don’t be afraid, I’ll take you to kill…” but he knew at that moment that those words had come out naturally...

The delicate figure that had used her heart blood to engrave the dragon formation onto the scale, the pale face that made his heart ache. But at that time, he was being hunted by people whose hatred for him ran as deep as the ocean. He could only tell himself to forget all the suffering she had gone through.

The scene in the Sky Cloud Sect, when he heard the sound of the zither and saw the bleakness of the figure inside the pavilion, Wang Lin knew he could not forget.

My left hand is a short karma in the sea of devils and my right hand is hundreds of years of cultivation…

“Wan Er, open your eyes, wake up… And there is also Ping Er. He will also awaken, you will like that child…” Wang Lin’s tears flowed as he muttered.

Time did not wait for me. You… When will you take me away...

“Wan Er, I’m Wang Lin. We are husband and wife, let me take you away... “ Even more tears appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes as he looked at Li Muwan. He had waited for several thousand years for this day.

The warmth in the valley, the figure he saw when he looked back, and the scenes of the past seemed to become eternal in Wang Lin’s mind. He could not forget, he didn’t want to forget, he was unwilling to forget.

He watched Li Muwan turn old and gradually age as she slowly marched to the end of her life. The moment she closed her eyes, Wang Lin’s heart felt pain like never before, as if he had gone mad. He could not let Li Muwan leave like this, he was going to steal her back!!

After losing it, he would get it back even if it meant he had to touch the sealed memory again and again and walk into the abyss of sorrow… He felt no regret.

“Wan Er… wake up… Wan Er…” Wang Lin looked at the sleeping woman and his tears continued to flow.

I subverted the entire world only to correct you reflection.

I reversed the entire world only to make it so the heavens could not prevent your eyes from opening.

I blasted open the endless void to open a path… to allow you to find your way home.

“Wan Er, I’m your husband. I want you to open your eyes and wake up!!” Wang Lin looked up at the sky and roared. A long time had passed, but the woman inside the coffin still had her eyes closed. Wang Lin was unable to accept this - he could not accept this!!

“... Don’t cry…” The moment Wang Lin roared at the sky, a warm, jade-like hand slowly rose up and touched his face.

Wang Lin’s entire body trembled. He lowered his head to see Li Muwan’s eyelashes trembling as she opened her eyes.

Those eyes contained the gentleness that hadn’t changed for thousands of years and a sense of tenderness that would make one’s heart ache.
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