1722 It’s Up to You, Leave It to Me

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A completely unexpected change. 

Sun Xiang's One Autumn Leaf charged toward Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion, but it actually turned out to be a feint. In the end, he had teleported to attack Dancing Rain. 

The awareness of ordinary gamers was not enough to understand this change. 

Su Mucheng's Dancing Rain had always been the character on the field with the most health. Even after exchanging gunfire with Zhou Zekai's Cloud Piercer just now, her health was still above 70% right now. Aside from her, not a single other character had more than 50% health. 

It wasn't that Samsara didn't know how important Su Mucheng was. From the very start, they had enacted a BOX-1 against her. Using such a targeted formation was evidence of how highly they regarded her. 

But after that, the battle situation had kept changing. It wasn't that they didn't want to restrain Su Mucheng, it was that they didn't have the chance to. All they could do was rely on the long range of Zhou Zekai's Cloud Piercer, when he had the time, to make things a little more difficult for Su Mucheng. 

But to disrupt only when "he had time," for Su Mucheng that posed no pressure at all. 

And now, the battle on the other side of the field was reaching a critical moment. Jiang Botao's Empty Waves was being suppressed by Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion together. But while they were focusing on him, Samsara thought of going to suppress Dancing Rain. Viewers couldn't understand. 

They didn't understand, but the pro-level experts all understood. 

Why did they suddenly think of suppressing Su Mucheng? Because among Happy's three, Dancing Rain's DPS was the highest. Destroy her firepower and they could greatly suppress Happy's offensive ability. And more importantly, suppressing Dancing Rain was easier than suppressing Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion. They just had to close in on her. 

Sun Xiang completed it. Feint, then Teleportation, no one expected that he would actually switch targets to Dancing Rain. 

Su Mucheng also grasped the key point immediately, and she hurriedly prepared a skill. 

Jump back, Mounted Gun!

Dancing Rain had a lot of health, so she wasn't scared. Mounted Gun increased her attack and defense. Su Mucheng wanted to use this to complete this wave of focus fire. 

But, she was too slow.

After all, Sun Xiang had switched targets extremely suddenly, and his reaction and controls weren't slow at all. Dancing Rain's jump backward was already the greatest opening she could achieve with her speed and limits, but it still couldn't compare to how fast One Autumn Leaf's attack came.

Dragon Tooth!

The skill landed. Short and stiff, but it interrupted Dancing Rain's Mounted Gun. 

The attack began. 

At the beginning of the team battle, the one who had set up a BOX-1 against Su Mucheng had been Sun Xiang. This sort of targeted strategy had to be practiced. Sun Xiang had a year and a half of experience playing with Su Mucheng on the same team, so his understanding of her was extremely comprehensive. 

Dancing Rain's firepower was swiftly suppressed. Relying on Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion alone, the DPS dropped drastically. Spellblades were a plate armor class, after all, with high defense. 

The situation changed. 

With only two people focusing him instead of three, Jiang Botao's situation immediately became much easier. Happy was pincering with two players, and so was Samsara. Even though Happy had managed a first wave of attacks, sending Empty Waves' health down to 24%, Jiang Botao and Zhou Zekai quickly established a counterattack against Happy's vital point. 

Cloud Piercer, Empty Waves, targeted Lord Grim!

With Sun Xiang's Draconic Crusher feint, Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun had no choice but to dodge. Jiang Botao had seized this opportunity, suddenly beginning a fierce counterattack. 

Wave Wheel Slasher!

Grab priority, an attack that couldn't be parried by typical skills. Although Ye Xiu's Lord Grim could use similar skills to block it, but he hadn't done so because he and Steamed Bun had been worried about One Autumn Leaf's Teleportation and from where his surprise attack would come. 

But as it turned out, One Autumn Leaf teleported to attack Dancing Rain, and the one who launched the surprise attack was actually Jiang Botao's Empty Waves. As Wave Wheel Slasher split toward Lord Grim, Empty Waves was moving and pulling away. His short sword Divine Chain darted forward nonstop, sending wave slash after wave slash. 

Storm, Light!

Two of the fastest wave slashes short forward first, further targeting the gap, and then, Fire and Ice combined with the earlier Light Wave Slash to complete a Three Fold Wave, and then, Waltzing Wave Slash, sneakily hidden within. 

Jiang Botao was no longer holding anything back, he was bursting forth with everything he got. If Nebula Wave Slash weren't still in cooldown, he would be using that skill as well. 

Five consecutive wave slashes formed a net, firmly trapping Lord Grim within. 

Ye Xiu wasn't fighting by himself, but at this moment, Steamed Bun next to him wasn't able to give him any assistance. His Steamed Bun Invasion was attacking Empty Waves nonstop, but he wasn't able to effectively disrupt him. As Jiang Botao avoided the attacks that Steamed Bun Invasion threw at him, he completed the surprise attack against Lord Grim. 

The change of the battle situation had started from Steamed Bun, but he truly didn't have a very clear awareness. And right now, when the situation changed again, Steamed Bun seemed very out of step. His actions, faced with Jiang Botao's rationality and effectiveness, were completely negated. 

Empty Waves' health, 11%!

This was the price Jiang Botao paid in avoiding Steamed Bun Invasion's disruption. Empty Waves was in critical health, but he used his consecutive wave slashes to trap Lord Grim. 

It was just a moment. But this one moment was already enough.

Partnered control allowed the other's skills to come off cooldown. Cloud Piercer once again prepared a Thunder Snipe. 

A beautiful and flawless partnership. Jiang Botao's Empty Waves set up the net, and Zhou Zekai's Cloud Piercer carried out the true killing move. 


The sound of Thunder Snipe's fire was ear-splitting. Cloud Piercer hadn't been standing too far away, so when the shot came out, it arrived in an instant. There was no space at all to dodge, there was no time for any skill. One headshot, double damage. After a struggle of a battle earlier, Lord Grim's health was at 31%, but a Thunder Snipe headshot from Cloud Piercer was enough to wipe that out. 

Time seemed to come to a halt. 

No one had expected that, in this moment, Samsara would use a killing move, a surekill killing move, directly targeting Happy's most crucial character. 

The stadium was filled with shouts. 

Shock, excitement, regret, hatred… All sorts of emotions, all sorts of attitudes, they were all expressed in this instant. 

Blood sprayed forth. This Thunder Snipe had simply been unavoidable. 

But, someone blocked it!

Steamed Bun Invasion.

When the bullets came, the silhouette of Steamed Bun Invasion suddenly flew in front of Lord Grim. He frantically extended his body, desperately stretched his head. The distance was too close, the bullets were too fast, these were the only movements he had time to do. 

Blood mist bloomed. 

Steamed Bun Invasion's head was already gone.

"Boss, it's up to you!"

It's up to you.

Ye Xiu didn't know how many times he'd said these words to Steamed Bun. Everyone could hear the sort of cajoling tone behind these words. But Steamed Bun had always taken this sentence very seriously. If they said it was up to him, then he would work his hardest to do the best he could. 

"Leave it to me!" He would always reply with such confidence, even if this confidence was baffling to everyone, including Ye Xiu. 

But this time. 

"Boss, it's up to you!" Steamed Bun said to Ye Xiu. 

"Leave it to me!" Ye Xiu answered. 

Steamed Bun Invasion fell. Earlier, his health had also been whittled down, and the powerful sniping headshot from Cloud Piercer directly dealt him 34% damage. Just like that, Steamed Bun Invasion left behind this final sentence that Ye Xiu often said to him, and he didn't get up again.

Ye Xiu's reply, he saw it. 

"Go, Boss!!" Steamed Bun shouted in the channel, but with his character already turned into a corpse, he had no way of sending the message. 

Shadow Clone Technique! 

Ye Xiu didn't waste the opening that Steamed Bun had sacrificed himself to obtain. Lord Grim directly pierced through the crack in the wave slashes. 


The true Lord Grim flashed behind Empty Waves and sliced forward with his blade, but Jiang Botao's reaction speed was very fast. The moment he saw Steamed Bun Invasion moving, he was already making his next moves. 


Ahead of him, there were still ongoing damage-causing areas left behind by the sweeping wave slashes. Jiang Botao trusted that Lord Grim had no way to force his way through there to attack him. While rolling, Empty Waves's sword stabbed backward. 

Earthquake Slash.

The attack was concealed, the distance was close, the rippling energy didn't even disturb the surface of the dirt. The "earthquake" effect swept Lord Grim. 

"Fuck, how dirty!!" On the sidelines, Fang Rui was jumping on his feet and cursing. Normally, Chen Guo definitely would have given him a disdainful look. This kind of technique was exactly like what Fang Rui loved using. 

But right now, Chen Guo was in no mood for that. She was so nervous that she couldn't make a sound. 

Even she knew how crucial this attack was. 

Steamed Bun Invasion was directly killed, so killing Jiang Botao's Empty Waves was too crucial. Only by quickly attacking him could they recover from the numbers disadvantage. 

But Ye Xiu actually failed. Jiang Botao's reaction speed and awareness was even faster than a rabbit in this moment. He avoided Lord Grim's Cut-Throat, and instead rolled and hit Lord Grim with an attack of his own. 

"Happy's going to lose…" 

A number of people had already drawn this conclusion. This was an absolutely critical match point, and Happy had missed it. 

Jiang Botao's Empty Waves rolled and climbed and leapt along the ground. Cloud Piercer's cover followed him, the gunfire preventing Lord Grim from advancing further. 

Right now, there was no way to force his way further. After getting hit by Earthquake Slash, Lord Grim had only 29% health remaining. Facing Cloud Piercer, who still had 32% health, in addition to the 35% health One Autumn Leaf, Ye Xiu could no longer let Lord Grim loose without a care.

Helpless, Ye Xiu could only use the cover of the map features, dodging Cloud Piercer's attacks and steadily approaching Dancing Rain's position. Samsara hadn't been in a hurry, so they'd chosen to deal with Ye Xiu's Lord Grim first. Now, Jiang Botao's Empty Waves didn't have much health remaining, but he was still rushing toward Dancing Rain. Zhou Zekai's Cloud Piercer, after seeing that Lord Grim posed no more deadly threat to Empty Waves, also turned the majority of his firepower towards Dancing Rain.

Su Mucheng's situation was getting more and more difficult. A Launcher who was closed in on by a close-range attacker was automatically on the defensive, and could even be said to have already lost half the battle. And right now, she was about to face a three-person focus fire from Samsara. 

Seeing this kind of situation, countless people had already written off Su Mucheng as dead. Even if Dancing Rain currently had the most health out of all the characters, this would quickly become a fact of the past. 

Was it over?


Seeing how Ye Xiu was still resolutely searching for ways to rescue her, how could Su Mucheng think of giving up?