Chapter 12 – Snoop

The Magus Era

Chapter 12 - Spying

During the star-filled night a floating island was drifting through the sky above the Gold Black Mountain.

Three gigantic Fire Crows were lazily suspended over the mountaintop and were occasionally yawning. Their feathers were emitting a faint fiery light, lightening the entire mountain. Within this faint fiery light, it wouldn’t be possible for enemies to launch a sneak attack during the night.

In Ji Hao’s home, Qing Fu and Ji Hao were sitting around the fireplace. The bonfire was blazing, a half peeled and cleaned ‘Four-Armed Bear-gorilla’ was being grilled. The fat of the meat constantly dropped into the fire. The aroma of the meat made the fat bear, which was lying on its own stomach outside the door and in a deep slumber, salivate.

During the daytime, Ji Hao had brought a large amount of honey from the Gold-Wing Bee’s nest. He had spread the sparkling honey on the grilled meat. The rich sweet aroma of the honey was very pleasant. Ji Hao took a bite of the meat after which he had happily closed his eyes.

“Hmm, this is so good!” Ji Hao handed the meat to Qing Fu.

“Amma, the Gold-Wing Bee’s honey is really helpful for you,” Said Ji Hao with a cheery smile on his face.

The ‘Gold-Wing Bees’ were no weaker than any of the beasts in the jungle. They attacked huge beasts, collected the essences of their bones and made honey. Therefore, the Gold-Wing Bee’s honey contained a lot of internal power from those beasts. For Maguspriests like Qing Fu, the Gold-Wing Bee’s honey could largely enhance their spiritual power.

Qing Fu took a small bite of the meat. She narrowed her eyes, glanced questioningly towards Ji Hao.

“Hao, did you really went for the honey today? I thought...”

“What?” Ji Hao calmly chopped a piece of meat off and started to gobble. The meat had quickly been absorbed by the flame in his Dantian, and transformed into his own power.

“Haha” Ji Hao laughed, took a sip of the self-made cassava wine and said, “I heard that Jiang Yao and Ji Wu have been attacked. Amma, you don't think it was me who attacked them, do you? I’m not capable of that...Ji Wu maybe...But Jiang Yao, no, she’s too powerful and I definitely wouldn't want to challenge her.”

Qing Fu showed a cunning smile and took also a sip of wine from the little jar carved out of stone. She said: “Hao, indeed, you couldn't possibly beat Jiang Yao. But, who knows...You never hung around with kids in the village, you must have many friends out there in the jungle...”

“Ah...Haha...” Ji Hao paused for a second then intentionally laughed out loud. After that, he did not say another word. Half of the Four-Armed Bear-gorilla was eaten up by Ji Hao within an hour.

Ji Hao patted his belly and wiped his mouth satisfyingly, then went back to his room upstairs.

“Amma! I’m going to bed. Abba didn't say when he would come home. You don't have to wait for him tonight.”

Qing Fu smiled, slowly stood up and massaged her own waist. She picked up those Four-Armed Bear-gorilla bones which had been thrown all over the floor by Ji Hao, and carefully put them into a corner. The Four-Armed Bear-gorilla was the same level as a Junior Magus. Its bones were perfect materials for making all kinds of Maguspriest tools.

While picking those bones, Qing Fu muttered: “It can’t be Hao..Hmm, can't be...But, it would be even better if it really was him.”

In the attic, Ji Hao was lying on the ground and staring at the faint fiery light which wrapped the entire Gold Black Mountain through the window. After a quarter of an hour, he heard that Qing Fu had put the fire out and shut the light, after which she had gone into her bedroom.

Ji Xia wouldn’t be at home tonight. He was together with a group of warriors from the clan who were close to him, visiting a few Master Maguspriests and elder Magi who had always taken a neutral attitude towards the affairs of the clan.

Ji Hao had waited until he had heard Qing Fu breathing peacefully in her room and made sure she had fallen asleep. Ji Hao then stood up, and carefully and quietly took out a red crow feather from a dark corner of the attic.

Ji Hao bit his own finger and drew three ancient spell symbols on the feather with his blood, then started to mutter a spell. The feather quietly blazed up and soon turned into a palm-size black crow. The crow flapped its wings and flew out of the window.

Ji Hao sat down on the ground with his leg crossed. His eyes were glowing bright red. The feather came from Mr. Crow’s wing. With Ji Hao’s magic spell he could see everything the small black crow would see. Ji Hao controlled the black crow to fly towards Ji Shu’s campsite with his spiritual power.

On another side of the valley, Ji Shu and his people had built a campsite near the entrance. Nearly a hundred of tents were built with logs and animal skins. The little black crow perfectly blended in the dark sky, and silently landed on top of the biggest tent.

This campsite was only for temporary rest, the tents were roughly covered by animal skins. The black crow peeped down through the gap between two pieces of sewed skins.

Two huge clay vats were placed on the ground. One of the vats contained a bubbling red liquid surrounded by a blazing flame. Ji Wu was sitting in the vat and boiling in the hot liquid.

His face was twisting with pain. He largely opened his mouth but couldn't make any sound.

Another vat contained a green liquid. Countless poisonous insects were rolling over in the liquid. Jiang Yao was sitting in that vat and gnashing her teeth. Wisps of black smoke came out of her ears and nose.

In the attic, Ji Hao sneered. This green drug-liquid was pretty effective; it turned the extravasated blood inside Jiang Yao’s body into smoke and excreted it.

Unlike Ji Wu, who was nearly fainted and couldn’t make any sound, Jiang Yao cursed with a note of venom in her voice: “They were Ji Xia’s people! Ji Xia and the Black Water Serpent Clan! They were working together! This is the Gold Black Mountain, how could those stinky snakes get here?”

“Ji Shu! If you’re a man, you should kill Ji Xia at the worship ceremony! And I, I will kill Ji Hao and Qing Fu by myself!” She ferociously growled. “Ji Xia hasganged up with your enemies, sneaked into your Holy Land and tried to kill me!”

Ji Shu was standing aside, without saying a single word. His arms were crossed in front of his chest. His face remained expressionless.

There were two other men, who were also standing around. One of them was tall and strong, had a face similar to Ji Shu’s face. The other man was also tall, he had a delicate face with a long beard, which nearly reached the ground. He had the exact same eyes as Jiang Yao.

The bearded man heard Jiang Yao’s curse, after which he violently slapped her face. Jiang Yao then spat out some blood. The blood mixed with the green drug-liquid, and seemed very disgusting.

“Stupid!” The man said coldly, “How could I have such a stupid daughter?”

“Ji Shu, It seems that among those Master Maguspriests and elder Magi, there are some people who do not want us to take Ji Xia’s position,” said the man who looked like Ji Shu.

The man sighed and continued: “In the ceremony, you should just seize the scepter, but do not kill him.”

He hesitated a bit, then said with a really dark face: “After the ceremony, we will find a way to kill them all.”