Chapter 65 – Counterplot

The Magus Era

Chapter 65: Counterplot


Qing Ying was scared badly by Ji Hao’s abrupt movement and strange behaviour.

Thousands of enemies were waiting under the cliff, looking at them through the miles-wide wood of thorns. On the other side of the river, were even more powerful enemies staring at them covetously.

Ji Hao suddenly rush into the crowd of enemies all by himself was equal to suicide!

Qing Ying’s entire body had immediately been soaked by cold sweat. A sharp, cyan gust of wind blew out from Qing Ying’s back, onwhich, a pair of looming, large wings appeared. Qing Ying slightly shook his body, large, cyan ripples of wind spread towards the surrounding, while bringing up tens of cyan shadows gleaming around Qing Ying’s body.

Just when Qing Ying had moved his foot, in order to dartout and bring Ji Hao back, the fat bear, which had been lying on the ground and had stayed motionless all the time, suddenly raised one of its paws.

Poor Qing Ying, he hadn’t paid any attention to the ground, which is why he tripped over the bear paw and fell hard on the ground. Qing Ying had triggered his bloodline power and had prepared to rush out with all of his strength just now, therefore, the force released from his body was tremendous, which meant he just had fallen on the ground along with a great power.

Unlike Fire Crow Clan’s warriors, the Qing Yi Clan’s warriors never had possesed over an extremely strong body and great physical strength. Qing Ying fell hard on his face, and felt as if his body was about to fall into pieces. A human-shaped, deep pit appeared on the ground, inside which, a puddle of fresh blood was forming - Qing Ying received a nosebleed after he fell down and smashed his face against the ground.

“Damn! Fat bear! I’m gonna chop your fat paw off and grill it!” Qing Ying fell so hard that he even couldn’t speak for quite a while; he twitched his body, struggled to raise his head, gnashed his teeth and growled towards the bear, “ in danger!”

The fat bear blinked its beady eyes, while looking at Qing Ying as if it was looking at an idiot.

Qing Ying stared at the bear, which had a complicated expression in its eyes, suddenly shivered and said, “Am I looking like an idiot?”

The fat bear opened its mouth, yawned, then put its head near Qing Ying, and licked his face with its long, fat tongue. Qing Ying darkened his face and narrowed his eyes, while looking at Treeman, who was standing in the wood of thorns completely motionless.

“Hm, I almost forgot, where did all those strange beings, that Ji Hao had called out during the journey, go? Where are they?” murmured Qing Ying.

Blood-red shadows were flashing across Ji Hao’s eyes, a sharp voice was resounding in his head; this voice was ceaselessly calling his name; every time it called, Ji Hao felt a strange and unknown power directly attacking his soul as if countless daggers were trying to slice his soul into pieces.

Within Ji Hao’s spiritual space, a cloud of white mist started rolling over, and slowly condensed into a round flat platform.

The mysterious man was sitting on the flat platform, looking down at the Yuan Dan of Ji Hao, which was shining with a purple light, and murmured with a muffled sound, “Little guy, what are you doing now? Hmm? Is there someone calling your soul with a dark, soul-calling magic? Your soul power has gathered into this Yuan Dan, I don’t think you can be this easily controlled by others...”

Ji Hao split a wisp of spiritual power, jumped into his own spiritual space and grinned to the mysterious man.

The mysterious man crossed his arms over his own chest, slightly shook his head and said, “You’re pretty bold, little guy...Hmm? New armour?”

A huge piece of flame darted out from Ji Hao’s back, which quicklytransformed into a pair of fiery wings. Ji Hao flapped his wings, left afterimages and fleetingly flew across groups of enemies, who were rushing towards him and attempting to catch him. Countless enemies uttered shoutst, opened their arms and tried to grab him, however, Ji Hao was like a loach that had been coveredin oil; those slowly moving warriors couldn’t even touch one of his hairs.

“A friend named Po made it for me!” Ji Hao transformed into a beam of fiery light, darted across the Fire Leopard Clan’s village and the river, dodged those Ghost Clan’s warriors such as Red Horn, and briskly flew into the dense jungle.

“I asked Abba to test and try it, this armour is firm.” said Ji Hao.

“Firm...” the mysterious man mumbled with a slight trace of scorn, “a firm armour is less reliable than a firm body. Look at me, I’ve never used any kind of armour.”

Red Horn was waving the heavy stake and following Ji Hao closely. He was shouting behind Ji Hao, the huge wooden stake started a fierce gust of the wind, as powerful as a tornado; countless plants were torn apart by the wind, pieces of wood swishedtowards Ji Hhao like a heavy rain, which all burnt into ashes after hitting on the Ji Hao’s fiery wings.

Ji Hao completely ignored Red Horn, who was following and cursing him; he tightened his face, while his eyes lost focus, pretending that his soul and mind was controlled by someone elseand quickly moved towards the deep jungle.

While Ji Hao was running fast inside the dense jungle, he asked the mysterious man curiously, “Speaking of this, you haven’t ever used any armour? That’s amazing...But, do you know how to make armours, or other Magic tools or treasures? Po hasfantastic treasure-masking skills, I’m really jealous of him.”

“I traded the [Bu Tian Bu Lou Magic Spell] with my [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words], I’m not going to take any advantage of you, I have some other magic spells and techniques, if you have any good tool-making skill, we can trade one more time...Well, even if you feel that those spells of mine are too weak for you, you can give me low-level tool-making skills, I don’t care, I know nothing about it anyway. What do you think?” Ji Hao continued before the mysterious man responded.

The mysterious man stayed silent for a while until Ji Hao got near to the flat area inside the jungle, where the altar was set and was proceeding the soul-calling magic. He slowly said, “Tool-making skills are small tricks, not even worth mentioning...I can break any armour with a single casual punch, what do I need the tool-making skills for?”

Ji Hao paused, stopped running near the edge of the flat area, then said with a hint of astonishment, “You...don’t you know anything about tool-making, do you?”

The mysterious man didn’t respond. His arms stayed crossed in front ofhis own chest. The round flat platform under his body quickly disintegrated, transforming into wisps of white mist and merged wiht the spiritual space; afterwards, the mysterious man silently disappeared; as usual, Ji Hao couldn’t find out where disappeared to, no matter how hard he tried.


Upon the altar, the twisted and scary face was screaming.

Ji Hao’s body suddenly started to shake, and began walking towards the altar step by step, with the body wrapped by a fanit fiery light,similar to a walking corpse.

The scrawny old man, standing in front of the altar, let out a creepy laughter, knocked the altar with his black bone stick, then turned to Jiang Yao, and said, “Respectful Maguspriestess, I’ve completely controlled this kid’s soul, he has become my puppet...So...about what you’ve promised me...”


A towering ancient tree, that would take tens of people to hold their arms around it, was shattered by the wooden stake of Red Horn, causing a great gust of wind to blow into the flat area along with large amounts of tree fragments. Red Horn rushed inside while gasping, pointed his finger at Ji Hao and yelled, “Hei Ku! Don’t you even think about taking all the rewards by yourself! What the great Maguspriestess promised us, we will not let go!”

Red Horn stamped his foot hard on the ground, looked at Jiang Yao then yelled harshly, “Woman! Don’t you forget, even if you’ve caught this kid already, after his Abba shows up, you will still need us to help you catch his Abba alive!”

Jiang Yao threw a dislike-filled glance at Red Horn, held her head high, slowly walked up to Ji Hao, raised his chin with her hand and said impatiently, “Alright, alright, you stupid things... everything that I’ve promised you, I will surely give it to you.”

Jiang Yao then gripped Ji Hao’s face, gnashed her teeth and sneered, “Ji Hao, you damn little bastard!”

The seemingly focus-less pupils of Ji Hao suddenly turned back to normal, while eye-piercing golden fiery light suddenly darted out of his eyes.


Followed by a bright and clear sound, Ji Hao pulled the sharp sword that he seized from a Senior Magus of the Black Water Serpent Clan, andpierced it directly into Jiang Yao’s chest.

Ji Hao then twisted his wrist, rotated the sharp sword inside Jang Yao’s chest, and growled disgustedly, “Jiang Yao, you damn bitch, are you ever going to stop? Unless I kill you, you’re going to keep troubling my family!”

Jiang Yao stared at Ji Hao as if she was staring at a ghost.

The old Maguspriest standing in front of the altar let out a high-pitched scream in fear.