Chapter 84 – Inhuman

The Magus Era

Chapter 84: Inhuman

The jungle within tens of miles in radius had been shaking violently and ripping into pieces, and a couple of hills had been shattered in the air.

The ground was shaking intensely, hurricanes rushing towards the sky from the ground, completely dispersing a large piece of cumulonimbus, which had the radius of nearly hundreds of miles, and showed the pure blue sky. The bright sunlight that hadn’t been seen for over half a month, came now pouring down from the sky, lighting this piece of jungle.

“Haha! Whoa! Haha!”

Man Man laughed and yelled out, like a mad monkey. The long hair had been fluttering loosely behind her head, and the few golden rings that banded her hair were long gone. The small body of hers was darting in the air, fleetingly along with swooshing sounds, leaving shreds of afterimages behind; then she grabbed the huge arm of the mountain god and madly swung his entire body onto the ground, repeating this over and over again.

The mountain god, over a hundred feet tall, was roaring in rage, however, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t break loose from the pair of snow-white and tender hands of Man Man, the little girl less than five feet tall.

Man Man suddenly appeared at a certain spot like a phantom, with the gigantic body of the mountain god dragged in her hands; she carried the mountain god up, then smashed him hard on the ground; in the following second, she suddenly disappeared and showed up again tens of miles away, threw hundreds of heavy kicks towards the mountain god and kicked him deep into the ground, then lifted a hill aside and hit towards the mountain god’s face with it.

Man Man swooshed through the air like a shooting star; every single move of hers made even the sky shake, and caused a thunderous boom just like the greatest thunder. Ripples of white, fierce air explosions caused by her tremendous power, hit hard in all directions; large pieces of wood were hit, broken by the air explosions, tree trunk fragments and branch pieces were sent up high into the sky like a storm, then slowly fell back to the ground tens of mile away.

Ji Hao gaped as he held Man Man’s mace. He gazed at the little girl, who had been unbridled in attacking the poor mountain god.

Man Man wasn’t using any magical power. Not a single trace of magical power could be sensed coming from her body. She was purely depending on her physical strength, beating this gigantic, powerful mountain god to the point that he was shouting and crying, losing the power of resistance.

At worst, this mountain god was as powerful as a Senior Magus, and must be an extremely powerful being, if he would be standing amongst a group of Senior Magi; which meant, Man Man could completely suppress a peak-level Senior Magi with only her physical strength. Such terrifyingly great strength!

“I have heard that newborns of the dragon-kind have the strength similar to ordinary Senior Magi. Man Man’s strength can probably compete with the offsprings of the dragon-kind.” Ji Hao was totally stunned; he wiped the strand of saliva that was hanging on the corner of his mouth, then turned to Ying Yan and asked.

Ying Yan touched his own moustache proudly, then said with a low voice, “Our old master had measured her power when she was a newborn kid; back then, our young master’s strength was equal to ten small dragons together! And our young master is growing more and more powerful. By now, only relying on the strength of her arms, she is able to compete with peak-level Senior Magi, or even higher.”

Ji Hao had always been a calm person, but he was still badly shocked by Ying Yan’s words. As far as he knew, the dragon-kind was the most powerful and strongest kind amongst countless other beings in the entire world; consequently young dragons were the most powerful kind amongst all the young ones of the various creatures; however, Man Man had the physical strength that was as great as ten young dragons together!

“This...this...” Even Ji Hao’s pupils had expanded by a couple of times; he felt that his head had been filled with thunder and lightning; he was shocked too badly to be able to speak.

Ying Yan was even prouder when he saw the stunned face of Ji Hao; he subconsciously puffed his chest out and said, “If I tell you the cost for this, you might also be stunned dumb. The young master’s mother comes from a noble family. When our young master was still a fetus, she had started being nourished by all kinds of precious treasures, every single day and night. This is how she has gained this amazing strength.”


Man Man let out a loud laughter that shocked Ji Hao’s eardrums too hard, even causing a great pain. She then leapt high into the air, held the mountain god's neck with her arms, screamed out like a wild beast and held the mountain god up, then smashed him hard on the ground once again. A gigantic mountain had ripped apart, a huge rift valley that was too deep to be able to see the bottom of, appeared in the ground.

The mountain god opened his mouth and spewed out a mouthful of yellow blood mist - The raging mountain god finally released all of his power. Under his skin, countless yellow spell symbols quickly lit up.

Tens of gigantic mountains around the mountain god started shaking intensely and were releasing large amounts of khaki-coloured smoke; the smoke condensed into a dragon shape, after which was absorbed by the mountain god’s body. The original tens of feet mountain god was roaring in a low voice; his body started quickly expanding while being nourished by the khaki smoke; within a blink of an eye, the mountain god height had reached about three-thousand-feet.

Man Man shouted even louder in excitement when she saw all this; she leapt into the air again and threw a kick towards the mountain god’s forehead.

“Big guy! Fight harder! Don’t be so soft!”

Along with the crazy laughter of Man Man, the mountain god let out a great yet muffled roar from his throat, then swung both of his arms forward; in front of his body, a phantom of a magnificent mountain slowly appeared. Man Man’s foot kicked hard on this phantom, which was at least a thousand feet in radius. Following the kick, a thunderous boom came from deep under the ground.

At that moment, the mountain god had connected himself with the earth and the mountains, that had given birth to him and had nourished him; therefore, the earth and the mountains of the entire area within thousands of miles around had become the sources of his power, and the attack launched on him by Man Man was also been transferred into the vast ground.

Unless Man Man was capable of breaking all of the mountains and splitting the ground for thousands of miles in radius with a single punch, she could never hurt the mountain god even slightly from now on.

“Beat! Beat! Beat!”

Man Man growled out, while suddenly leaving thousands of pieces of afterimages in the air; the thousands of pieces of afterimages seemed all to contain power, madly hitting towards the mountain god simultaneously. Muffled booms came from the underground one after another; the ground was shaking violently, small cracks continuously appearing on the ground, then quickly closed back up under the nourishment of the khaki smoke.

A couple of hills that were just shattered by Man Man’s violent power suddenly rose back up from the ground, turning quickly back into their original shape. The mountain god didn’t stop growling; his body was shelled by the phantom of the mountain in front of him; his pupils which were filled with cruelty and rage started to shine with a yellow light. Suddenly, he raised his head and let a great shout out towards Man Man.

Followed by a loud bang, a ten-feet long, round rock darted out from the mountain god’s mouth and hit hard on Man Man’s body.

This was not an ordinary, nature rock, instead, it was a ‘rock of the god’, formed by the power of the earth and the mountains. This piece of rock looked no more than ten feet in diameter, however, its weight had long surpassed thousands of ‘stones’; additionally, the stone had a magical and great gravity, while it was flying fast across the air, even the light on its path had slightly become twisted.

Man Man hadn’t seen this coming, and was hit hard by the ‘rock of god’. The armour worn by her suddenly lit up, and her small body was sent flying away, leaving a straight trail behind her, then crashed against a mountain hundreds of miles away.

The mountain god growled out again, and pointed his finger at the direction that Man Man had been sent flying; the rock flew even faster towards Man Man, who was deeply sunken into the mountain, along with an ear-piercing swishing sound. This attack was incredibly powerful. The mountain god had gathered the power of the earth and the mountains from thousands of miles around; even a peak-level Senior Magus would be hurt badly by such an attack.

Ying Yan screamed out aloud. The elderly man who had always been elegant and polite had just leapt high in a flurry and flew towards Man Man with a long trail of fiery light left behind him.

From inside the deep and huge pit on the mountainside that had just opened up by Man Man’s body, a bright fiery light suddenly flashed; afterwards, an unspeakably great power came from the pit and quickly swept across the entire area; the power was so magnificent that it seemed to be coming down from the heaven. After the fiery light had flashed across the jungle, Ji Hao felt that the temperature of the surrounding jungle had been suddenly raised to an amazing degree, then soon dropped back down.

The ‘rock of god’ which had gathered the power of the earth and the mountains had silently evaporated into a wisp of smoke. A beam of fiery light darted out from the pit and hit right on the mountain god’s chest, broke through his chest and opened up a huge hole.

Countless glowing red, blazing spell symbols were quickly spreading near his wound, and soon covered his entire body.

The mountain god howled out, and started vomiting khaki colour blood, while kneeling down on the ground embarrassedly. A slave-mark that was condensed by a sphere of flame, silently appeared between his eyebrows; obviously, this mountain god had been firmly imprisoned by Man Man with some kind of great and magical power.

Within the fiery light, Man Man slowly flew up, with a three-feet-long tablet[1] held in her hand. Her white and tender face was deadly pale.

[1]Tablet(令牌): Means wooden/metal/jade small boards, that could be carried in someones hands, and had symbols/marks carved on it, normally given by some powerful people and to show the holder had been given some kind of special right/power; in these kind of fantasy novels, these boards usually contain magical power, and normally play the role of a life-saving treasure.