Chapter 95 – Kill the Monster

The Magus Era

Chapter 95: Kill the Monster

The cliff which was over a thousand feet tall and miles in length, blocked Ji Hao’s way like a city wall.

Ji Hao had been thinking about how to climb up to the cliff-top without leaving a trace behind; in the meanwhile, he didn’t relax his vigilance for even a little bit.

Once the Jia Clan warrior leapt up into the air, Ji Hao had located his direction and predicted his movement. When the Jia Clan warrior split the air and flew towards Ji Hao like a shooting star, attempting to throw a punch to Man Man, who had been carried on Ji Hao’s back, Ji Hao turned his head back and let out a great shout with his fingers locked together.

The dark pupils of his suddenly turned into a golden-red colour, and nine looming spell symbols started rotating fast around both his pupils.

Ji Hao’s sensitive soul power suddenly spread towards the surrounding area, like an octopus which had stretched all of its tentacles. In this moment, Ji Hao felt like he was the god of this small area; he clearly sensed the existence of the vast and unmeasurable universal power surrounding him.

Although he was still too weak, and could only borrow a tiny little bit of the inexhaustible universal power from the surrounding jungle, it was enough for him to save himself and Man Man from this sudden danger.

Ji Hao loudly chanted the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words], and at the same time, he gathered all of his spiritual power into his Yuan Dan; in the very next moment, the power of Yuan Dan gushed out like a roaring wave, suddenly drawing the universal power, which was hundreds of times greater than Ji Hao’s own power, inwards. The ground started shaking slightly; a stone wall, tens of feet thick, came out of the ground in front of the Jia Clan warrior and blocked his way.

At the same time, Ji Hao growled out and let out his fiery wings. The pair of glowing, fiery wings flapped instantly and brought Ji Hao and Man Man up on top of the thousand feet tall cliff, within a minute and disappeared into the boundless dense jungle on the cliff-top; only shreds of afterimages had been left behind.

Ji Hao hadn’t used the fiery wings before the Jia Clan warrior showed up, because he was afraid that the sense of power that would be released from the fiery wings would alert the Blood Fang’s warriors.

However, since some of them had already found him, then the only choice he had was do whatever he could and get away to the cliff-top, leaving as soon as possible.

At the moment when Ji Hao triggered his power, he clearly saw the cruelty and greediness, which was as great as a tsunami, in all of the four eyes of that Jia Clan Warrior, who had tried to sneak attack them from behind. He instantly read the Jia Clan warrior’s mind - This guy had been attempting to get all the credit for himself! Di Luo must had promised a wealthy reward for the warriors who could capture Ji Hao alive, and this Jia Clan warrior wanted to have all of those rewards all for himself!

One of the preconditions of monopolizing all of the credit was that there had to be no other Jia Clan’s warriors around, who would be able to compete with this one, nearby. This meant that no other Jia Clan’s warriors were present within the area for ten miles around. Thinking like this, Ji Hao fully released the power of the fiery wings and directly flew onto the cliff-top.

Followed by a muffled boom, the Jia Clan’s warrior shattered the stone wall that had been summoned by Ji Hao, with a heavy punch; afterwards, the gigantic body of his flashed across the air like a ghost, and reached the cliff-top as well. Another step forwards, the Jia Clan warrior had also disappeared into the dense jungle, and left a slight few afterimages behind.

Warriors from the Jia Clan were tall and sturdy, however, with their own special and secret fighting abilities, their movements were also agile and flexible, even a bit faster than the current Ji Hao. The gigantic Jia Clan warrior soon caught up with Ji Hao after a few rise-and-fall motions, closely following him in the jungle.

“Little guy, I have already found you, you can never run away!” the Jia Clan warrior was gasping heavily in excitement, while laughing viciously in a low voice, and said, “If you just stop running and kneel on the ground, surrender to me, I promise I will only break your legs and arms, and won’t do any more brutal things to you.”

“But, if you keep running, then, do not blame me for doing some things to you...and this little girl; those things would be beautiful to hear and see to me, but a little bit too cruel to you...especially this little girl! Lord Di Luo only said to kill her, never mentioned what method to use!”

The Jia Clan warriors laughed out cruelly; a trace of primitive beastliness could be sensed from his laughter.

Ji Hao spun his body fast, bringing up swirling winds, and avoided a few huge trees that were in the way.

However, that Jia Clan warrior had been running as fast as a gust of wind; his movements were more agile and speedy than Ji Hao, his steps were bigger and faster than Ji Hao as well. He jinked for a few times and easily avoided the couple of trees, then abruptly appeared in front of Ji Hao, blocking Ji Hao’s way with his sturdy body, as if it was a thick wall.

The Jia Clan warrior was worried that he might hack Ji Hao to death, so he put the pair of heavy and long saw-tooth machete back into their sheaths, then spread his hands and slapped downwards towards Ji Hao. An odd swishing sound came from the air, followed by which, the pair of palms of the Jia Clan warrior suddenly expanded many times larger, beating towards Ji Hao’s head like two hills, along with a fierce gust of wind.

This was probably one of the special abilities of the Jia Clan’s warriors. The Jia Clan warrior had completely blocked all of the possible directions for Ji Hao to flee, only with a pair of hands.

The fierce wind that was brought up by the pair of huge hands, which had suddenly swelled many times larger, made Ji Hao feel like it was hard to breathe. The air in surrounding area seemed frozen, and the daylight had dimmed down, even the space seemed to be twisting along with the movements of the Jia Clan warror’s pair of hands.

“You can never run away! Never!” yelled the Jia Clan warrior; he then started murmurring, “All of the rewards that Lord Di Luo had promised, are mine! And...that pretty Maguspriestess...hehe...maybe, I could have some extra benefits too.”

Ji Hao sensed an ice-cold-like despair from his own heart. His pupils shrank into the size of a needlepoint and stared at the Jia Clan Warrior with a cold expression.

Almost all of the Jia Clan’s warriors had reached the Senior Level. Their movements were more agile and faster, and their strength was much greater than his; moreover, their five senses were more sensitive than Ji Hao. They had suppressed Ji Hao from all aspects, therefore, standing in front of them, if Ji Hao showed even a slight trace of hesitation or fear, both Man Man and he could only die.

“When people come into an unavoidable confrontation, the dauntless one will win!” said Ji Hao, before letting out a deep growl. Suddenly, all of his meridians swelled inside his body - he had activated the [Fall of the Nine Stars], a life-risking fighting magic which was contained in the [Mantra Dan of Nine Secret Words]. In his previous life, the [Fall of the Nine Stars] was a horrifying fighting magic that would cost the user’s life. After Ji Hao had activated this magic, countless cracks appeared on his internal organs.

While spewing blood, Ji Hao grinned coldly, and puffed out his chest, facing the Jia Clan warrior’s palm, that was coming down towards him.

“Do not struggle, it’s all useless!” laughed the Jia Clan warrior scornfully. Although he wasn’t the most powerful warrior of the Blood Fang, and was only a warrior with the speciality of tracking abilities, he still had the power at the Senior level, how could Ji Hao compete with him?

A desperate, little wild cat could never beat a lion!

The Jia Clan warrior was laughing madly and silently. His greedy eyes took a glance at the little face of Man Man, which seemed especially lovingly and delicate in fear and panic; in the next moment, his hands heavily slapped on Ji Hao’s chest, which had been puffed out and was expecting his attack.

When his hands hit on Ji Hao’s chest, the Jia Clan warrior even subconsciously retracted fifty percent of the power, because he didn’t want to smash Ji Hao to death.

The tight armour worn by Ji Hao, made by Po, instantly released a faint and clear light. The light quickly condensed into a dim silhouette of lotus, firmly blocking the incredible power that came from the Jia Clan’s palms.

[Gold Crow Armour], the fourth special ability of Ji Hao, had been activated as well. Countless feather-like spell symbols emerged on Ji Hao’s skin, split and softened the hurricane that was transformed by the horrible power of the Jia Clan Warrior’s hands; the hurricane then blew pass Ji Hao’s body.

The perfect [Sky-Opening], launched by the mysterious man, flashed back in front of Ji Hao’s eyes in his mind. Ji Hao then thrust his right hand while the cracking sounds continuously came from all of the bones, muscles and tendons all over his body, as if his body couldn’t bear his power anymore - with the power of the [Fall of the Nine Stars], he forcibly launched the most powerful [Sky-Opening], that he could reach with his current power.

A dim light flashed on his finger tip. Ji Hao’s finger was like the finger of a ghost, nimbly breaking through the only, slight rib between his two hands, and lightly pointed at the Jia Clan warrior’s throat.

With only one attack, the adam's apple of the Jia Clan warrior was shattered, and his neck bone was broken into pieces. The Jia Clan warrior could only let out a very muffled moan, then fell to the ground with his face towards the sky.

Soon, the huge head of the Jia Clan Warrior exploded. Ji Hao staggered, almost rolling into the jungle while vomiting large amounts of blood.