Chapter 143 – Animal Attack

The Magus Era

Chapter 143: Animal Attack

Gui Three showed up on time.

When the little group of bald men were about to rush up and launch attacks at Si Wen Ming, Gui Three showed up with a group of caravan guards and encircled them.

Many other passengers and servants had seen what had happened, not long after, people clearly described the cause of this conflict to Gui Three. Gui Three looked while frowning at the little group of bald men, who obviously had started this, and sighed helplessly towards Si Wen Ming.

“Although they have started this, but, my honored guests, the three of you seem rich and generous; since you have hurt him, um...the medical charges...”

Ji Hao looked slouchily at Si Wen Ming. Medical charges again?

Si Wen Ming stood still, and calmly took a golden tablet out from his sleeve. The tablet seemed to be very heavy, had jade-like texture, was a foot long, an inch thick and palm-width wide, and was crafted in an ancient style. The left side of the tablet was embossed with a trajectory chart of the stars, the right side was the natural scenes of the four seasons, and the back was embossed with scenes of ordinary people’s life, such as fishing, farming and grazing; the front side was embossed with pictures, which depicted ten-thousand clans gathering together and worshipping the King of the humankind.

Apparently this tablet was crafted by an extremely skilled craftsmen, who could emboss the trajectory chart of the stars, the natural scenes of the four seasons, people’ life and the worship ceremony, all on this small tablet. Especially the pictures depicting ten-thousand clans gathered together to worship the King of the humankind, on the front of the tablet; the silhouettes of ten-thousand people were embossed on such a small tablet, which showed that the craftsmanship that had been used to make this tablet was extremely complicated and superb.

Gui Three instantly bowed from his waist when he saw this tablet. He solemnly cupped his hands towards Si Wen Ming, bowed and saluted him, then respectfully said, “Please forgive our impoliteness, we had no idea that you are a minister, working for the King of the humankind. These people have boldly offended you, please tell us how they should be dealt with.”

Along with a series of clangs, all of the surrounding caravan guards simultaneously pulled out their weapons, staring angrily at the little group of bald men, who were shocked and seemed clueless as how to react.

Ji Hao also stared stunned at the tablet in Si Wen Ming’s hand.

Was this Si Wen Ming’s identity tablet? How come such a small tablet could make Gui Three instantly change his attitude? It seemed that Gui Three and the Spirit Turtle Caravan he worked for, were all reasonable and had their own principles, but once Si Wen Ming had taken out this tablet, Gui Three and all of the guards immediately chose Si Wen Ming’s side. Ji Hao couldn’t even imagine what kind of important and influential person Si Wen Ming actually was.

“I never bully,” said Si Wen Ming blandly, “but no one can bully my friends either. That slap you received earlier, take it as a lesson. If this animal of yours dares to take another glance at us, hmm, then you will see.”

The group of bald men looked down, and seemed frightened, without even daring to say anything. The man who had been slapped by Si Wen Ming earlier and had been sent flying away, struggled up from the ground with difficulty, grabbed the tiny three-eyed black monkey, tremblingly walked up to Si Wen Ming, and apologized to Si Wen Ming over and over again with a simper on his face.

“My dear lord, it’s all my fault, I didn’t teach this thing well and let it offend you, please forgive us, we are willing to take any kind of punishment. It’s just that our young master is badly ill, and is expecting a kind of spirit medicine that can only be found in the Southern Wasteland to save his life. We already have the medicine now with us, so we have to get back to the Midland as soon as possible. Please, my dear lord, whatever you do, don’t let the caravan drop us.”

Si Wen Ming’s facial expression changed slightly, he narrowed his eyes, while staring at the few men from head to toe. Then he slowly shook his head and said, “Alright, I will not bully you. But you should really keep an eye on your spirit pet, and watch your language. You are lucky to have only offended me, if you accidentally pissed someone other, never mind, why should I worry about you...”

Si Wen Ming then shook his head again and carelessly turned around, and went back to sitting down at the table, grabbed his vat and drained the remaining booze from within it.

Gui Three lowered his voice and harshly threatened the five bald men, while quickly raising his hand and moved it across his own neck, seemingly telling those men that if they ever dared to provoke Si Wen Ming again, they might get themselves killed. After Gui Three drove the five men away, he hurriedly came to Si Wen Ming, his face filled with a smile, and bowed slightly to Si Wen Ming then gently began talking.

“Having you travel with us is a great honor for our Spirit Turtle Caravan. During the journey, please tell us if you need anything. As long as we have it in our stock, we will try our best to fulfill your needs.”

Si Wen Ming took a glance at Gui Three, then slightly waved his hands and said, “Hmm, if we need anything, we will just purchase it from you.”

Gui Three let out an ear to ear grin to Si Wen Ming, took a few steps backwards, then turned around and left quickly with those guards. With this short conversation that he just had with Si Wen Ming, an agreement was made between the two of them, which stated that Si Wen Ming was now free to use all those rich resources in the caravan’s stock, as long as he needed to.

However, Si Wen Ming wouldn’t be taking any advantage of the caravan, if he needed any resources from the caravan’s stock, he would pay according to the actual price. With Si Wen Ming’s status, he would never want to gain petty advantages from the caravan.

Ji Hao curiously stared at Si Wen Ming and asked, “Uncle Wen Ming, you’re the minister of the King, that sounds so cool.”

Si Wen Ming smilingly shook his head, looked seriously at Ji Hao in the eyes and said, “King’s minister...ministers like me, we work for the King of the humankind, not because this sounds cool. Hao, what we are doing is for the entire humankind, not just to play cool.”

Ji Hao looked seriously at Si Wen Ming as well, blinked his eyes and didn’t respond. He was more and more curious about Pu Ban city, eagerly wanting to know what did the place really was like.

The next three days were peaceful, without anything special happening. The gigantic turtle carried the city and rushed forward, step by step. With its tremendous body it could easily move millions of miles daily, which was even faster than those large-scale riding birds.

Because the turtle was way too gigantic, in order to not accidentally hurt clansmen of other Southern Wasteland clans, the turtle specially chose the most desolate and primitive route. The caravan had only briefly stopped when on the move, during times it was passing a few large-scale clans so far, trading all kinds of materials with food, wine, armors, and weapons.

Ji Hao had witnessed the trade once, and couldn’t help but be shocked.

A simple high-quality alloy weapon, which had three to five small spell symbols, and was not even a magic weapon, could be traded for a hundred junior-level beasts carcasses. Ji Hao tried to do the math but eventually failed to figure out how much profit the caravan would make.

Although this seemed very unfair, after all, currently, not even the Gold Crow Clan was yet capable of making this kind of high-quality weapon independently.

Another day had almost passed, the sun seemed to be leaning against one of the mountain peaks in the west. Ji Hao was standing on the city wall, which was located near the head of the gigantic turtle, and was enjoying the scenery. Suddenly, large clouds of smoke rose from the front in the north, right in front of the gigantic turtle, allong with which, deep roaring sounds were coming like water at a tide.

The surrounding jungle within hundreds of miles round, began to shake violently, not long after which, large groups of cheetahs leaped onto the trees, trod on branches and rushed towards the gigantic turtle like a tornado. Behind the group of cheetahs, which were the agilest and the fastest, were groups of apes. Those apes stretched their arms fleetingly, while swinging themselves towards the gigantic turtle.

On the ground, countless beasts rushed out of the smoke, roaring and rushing towards the turtle. The huge group of beasts looked like a black flood, and contained at least tens of millions of beasts, which were all madly rushing towards the gigantic turtle.

Ji Hao couldn’t help but widely pop up his eyes and be stunned. How could such thing even happen? Even the most stupid beast should instinctively avoid offending the gigantic turtle, which was incomparably stronger than them.

On the watch tower, Gui Three blew the warning horn.

“Attack! Everyone take precautions! Passengers, please stay in your rooms, do not come out! But if you willing to come to the city wall and help us, our caravan will certainly reward you!”