Chapter 145 – Blood Curse

The Magus Era

Chapter 145 - Blood Curse

In another small building, which looked similar to the one Ji Hao, Man Man, and Si Wen Ming were temporarily living in, the five bald men were sitting on the floor, forming a circle.

In the middle of the circle, the tiny three-eyed monkey was floating in the air, while large clouds of glowing green smoke were ceaselessly gushing out of its shining green eyes. The green smoke condensed into countless twitching spell symbols; these symbols were in the shape of all kinds of animals, and were hovering in the air around the monkey; at first glance these spell symbols looked just like real animals.

On the outside, the caravan people continued to kill those attacking beasts, without stopping. Every time a beast got killed on the outside, a certain spell symbol would be added to the stream of blood-red color, around the monkey.

For example, the cheetahs were the first among the beasts that had rushed up to the caravan, causing them to be the ones with the greatest casualties. Within only a quarter of an hour, at least hundred thousand cheetahs had been slaughtered, corresponding with which, a spell symbol shaped like a cheetah, near the monkey, was currently wrapped in thick blood-red colour, and even bones and blood vessels had loomingly appeared within the spell symbol.

The man who had been slapped by Si Wen Ming and had half of his face smashed in earlier, seemed now to have completely recovered.

Rubbing his face, which had been slapped by Si Wen Ming a couple of days ago, the man began talking with a vicious look and a cold voice.

“Previously, I had seen Ji Hao kill three Senior-Level enemies all by himself, so before we took this mission, I had already overrated his power as much as I could. With the powers of the five of us, we would be more than enough to make him die miserably, as our customer had required from us.”

“But, I had never thought that such a troublesome person would show up on Ji Hao’s side!” said the man while slowly twisting his own neck. The bones of his neck vertebra clashed against each other like a millstone, and let out metal-like clashing sounds from time to time. “I can’t believe that when the man had hit me, I had completely lost the power to resist! That person is definitely at the peak of the Magus-King-Level.”

The other few bald men remained silent, while staring at their team leader, with their eyes widely opened.

“Fortunately, my contracted beast is this Three-Eyed Soul Devil.” The team leader then lowered his voice and continued, while rubbing his own face.

The tiny three-eyed monkey grinned its mouth and let out a vicious smile to the team leader, then abruptly opened its mouth widely, and thrust its blood-red tongue out. The team leader glared at the tiny monkey, then gnashed his own teeth, pulled out a stone dagger and sliced a piece of meat off from his own shank, after which, he put this piece of meat into the mouth of the tiny monkey.

The tiny three-eyed monkey began to chew happily on that piece of meat; in the meanwhile, countless beast roars were coming from out its tiny body, from time to time.

The team leader sniffed, rubbed those black tattoos on his bald head and said, “Once I successfully have killed Ji Hao, my payment will be enough to perform the next round of magical reincarnation. From that moment on, I won’t have to travel around the world and do all these dirty jobs.”

The other few bald men showed different expressions. One of then abruptly began talking.

“Sir, since you have already put the Three-Eyed Soul Devil in use, why don’t we...if we can also kill the minister of the King, then the payment...”

The team leader paused briefly, then lowered his voice once again, and responded hurriedly and harshly, “We are the Shadow Devils, we never do things outside that what is stated in our mission!”

“But sir, that man is one of the ministers of the King! Even those official armies can’t kill those ministers easily. If we return with his dead body, not only our Shadow Devil, all those noble lords might also reward us! If so, a round of magical reincarnation would be as easy as nothing!” said the bald man who had just given this suggestion.

The team leader stayed silent. A short while later, he quickly raised his head, pointed his finger at the tiny three-eyed monkey’s middle eye and said, “Hurt him, but do not kill him! Hurt him badly, but do not kill him! Make Ji Hao an encumbrance, let him consume that man’s power and energy, only then we will have a chance.”

On the city wall, Ji Hao watched that blood-red spell symbol hit onto his chest.

Ji Hao observed this spell symbol, which was wrapped in a dense blood-red light, with his spirit power; he was shocked to discover that this spell symbol contained the souls of millions of beasts, which were killed when trying to break into the city. Inside this palm-sized spell symbol, countless beasts and birds were struggling, roaring towards Ji Hao; Ji Hao sensed a terrifyingly great power from it.

The blood-red spell symbol came so fast that Ji Hao had completely no time to react, and could only watch as it smashed onto his own chest.

The |Gold Crow Armour| instantly shone, and let out beams of golden light. The Gold Crow’s fire power could naturally destroy all kinds of evil powers, therefore, those golden light beams and the blood-red spell symbol clashed against each other violently, then began devouring each other. Soon, a small half of those fierce animal souls were obliterated by the |Gold Crow Armour|; however, in exchange, the light of |Gold Crow Armour| dimmed down for a second, then burst up into countless spots of light, dissipating in the air.

Right after that, Ji Hao’s tight armor let out streams of bright light; the bright light soon condensed into tens of glowing lotuses and began rotating around Ji Hao’s body. The blood-red spell symbol rotated along with those glowing white lotuses; within only a moment, the blood-red spell symbol and that lotus had staggeringly rotated for about thousands of time, clashed against each other and sent out thousands of strands of power, contained in beams of blood-red light. Suddenly, the blood-red spell symbol blasted away and transformed into countless, extremely thin streams of blood-red light, and seeped into Ji Hao’s body through the edges of those glowing white lotuses.

Ji Hao instantly realized that this tight armor made by Po was especially good at blocking all kinds of physical attacks and magical powers, however, resisting against soul-related attacks was not its specialty. After all, the only material Po had used on this armor was a Spirit Scorpion’s carapace, which was not any kind of precious and powerful material.

Nevertheless, the bright light of Ji Hao’s tight armor still destroyed a small half of the remaining animal souls and the other remaing half of fierce animal souls broke onto the armor and bumped onto his chest.

Ji Hao suddenly felt numbed and dizzy.

Apart from those fierce animal souls, this blood-red spell symbol also contained a strand of extremely evil and vicious power of a blood curse. Southern Wasteland Maguspriests were all masters in all kinds of curses, and Ji Hao had studied under those Gold Crow Clan’s Maguspriests since he had been a little kid, therefore, he was too familiar with curses.

He instantly recognized that the power of this blood curse came from those killed animals; after each animal had been killed, all of its spirit blood were immediately assimilated by a certain kind of evil power, then been purified into an extremely negative bloodline power. The negative bloodline power of millions killed animals had been mixed together and condensed into the power of this blood curse. It wasn’t hard to imagine what the blood curse would do to a person once it got into the person’s body.

Fortunately, the Gold Crow Shell was hidden in Ji Hao’s chest.

The Gold Crow Shell had been made by one of Ji Hao’s direct human ancestors himself. He gathered spirit feathers of ancient Gold Crows, mixed those feathers with tens of kinds of rare powerful natural materials, and had forged the Gold Crow Shell. Although Ji Hao couldn’t activate the Gold Crow Shell with his own power yet, these blood-red spell symbol had hit right onto the shell all by itself.

Followed by a light caw, a stream of gold-red flame flashed across Ji Hao’s chest, after which, the entire blood-red spell symbol had vanished, without leaving even a slight trail.

If this blood-red spell symbol had attacked any other part of Ji Hao’s body, Ji Hao would have been badly hurt by the great and terrifying negative blood power contained in it, however, it had hit right onto Ji Hao’s chest, and had been wiped out by the Gold Crow Shell, failing to do any harm to Ji Hao.

Although Ji Hao had survived this attack with some luck, he instantly frowned and thousands of thoughts suddenly popped up in his mind. He let out a great howl with all of his power, then bit his own tongue, spat a mouthful of blood out, and fell down on the ground.

Si Wen Ming showed unexpectedlty up beside Ji Hao, grabbed him up from the ground then darted out, disappearing quickly.