Chapter 174 – Jiang Yong

The Magus Era

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Chapter 174 - Jiang Yong

“Oi bro, are you ok?”

Ji Hao held the boy in white clothes and asked. Once he touched the boy’s body, Ji Hao couldn’t help but frown.

The boy was very light, and could probably be blown away by a gust of wind; he was as skinny as a lath, and his body felt like a bunch of dry bones that had been wrapped in human skin, as if he didn’t even have any blood or flesh.

Ji Hao even felt that if he took a deep breath and puffed towards this boy as hard as he could, he could directly blow this boy into pieces.

However, inside the body of this boy, streams of great, yet evil and gloomy, internal powers were hidden in his meridians, flowing slowly. Ji Hao couldn’t sense any vitality coming from out of these power streams. With his great spiritual power, Ji Hao silently and quickly scanned the body of the boy, and was surprised to discover that this boy had whole nine hundred and seventy-two meridians shining with piercing black light inside his body, and all of these meridians were filled with black streams of powers. Ji Hao didn’t think that such a scrawny and weak boy was actually a peak-level Junior Magus!

What was even more astonishing for Ji Hao, was that on one of the main meridians in the middle of the body, a Magus Acupoint was glowing with bright light. Soon enough, this Magus Acupoint would completely be awakened by his internal power, and the boy would officially break into the Senior Magus Level! Ji Hao roughly estimated that within two months at most, this boy would become a Senior Magus.

However, judging from his appearance, this boy was only fifteen to sixteen years old at maximum, only a few years older than Ji Hao. Such a young Senior Magus! If this boy had been a Gold Crow Clan kid, Ji Kui and the other elder Maguspriests would definitely treat him as a precious treasure, and give him all the best stuff.

Thinking about Ji Kui and the other grandpas, Ji Hao naturally let out a smile that came straight from his heart. His smile was gentle and bright, like a bonfire in the cold and dark night, made people felt warm.

The boy in white clothes was skinny and pale, although he was only shorter than Ji Hao by about the length of half an adult head, his arms and legs were even thinner than thirty percent of Ji Hao’s arms and legs. Apart from this, the boy’s pupils were grey, and seemed extremely vigilant and he was prepared to defend himself anytime. When Ji Hao held him, the boy subconsciously tightened his entire body, and all of his fine hairs stood straight up like that of a frightened cat.

However, at the second Ji Hao let out that smile, the boy slightly paused; he blinked his eyes and ninety percent of the watchfulness in his eyes were instantly gone.

Ji Hao’s heart slightly flipped, the watchfulness and defensiveness in this boy’s eyes reminded Ji Hao about some of his old friends, who he could never meet again. Once, a very long time ago, when he had first met those close friends, who he had been through life and death with together, one of them had been as vigilant and nervous as this boy in white clothes.

Thinking about those friends, Ji Hao’s smile became even gentler and warmer.

“Taisi!” the boy in white clothes slightly coughed and said, while grabbing Ji Hao’s arm and standing up. His scrawny body swayed for a few times after he had stood up, he then stooped his body, coughed and said, “My name is Taisi.”

“Ji Hao,” said Ji Hao. Ji Hao let out a sigh, slapped Taisi’s shoulder with a frown and shook his own head, after which he said, “Taisi, my bro, this is the first time that I actually see a man as skinny as you. You have to build up your health! Hm, wait a moment!”

While speaking, Ji Hao rummaged in the storage bag tied around his waist. During all these days he had been practicing magic medicine making with Wulong Yao, since he was allowed to take any material he needed from the Magi Palace’s storage, he had cooked over hundreds of weird types of magical medicines when he had been in the mood, and usually he would take those self-made magical medicines with him.

After rummaging for a while, Ji Hao took out a human-head-size jade jar and thrust it in Taisi’s hand and said, “This is the Dragon Embryo Pill, made by myself, named also by me. I have added marrow and spirit blood of a one-thousand years old blood dragon in this magic medicine for seriously injured people, these pills can quickly replenish the lost blood.”

The corners of Taisi’s mouth twitched, he looked at Ji Hao’s hand which was pressed on his own shoulder, slightly frowned, threw the jade jar back to Ji Hao and said while coughing, “I…don’t want to owe you anything. I know very well about my own body condition…you…shouldn’t get too close to me, otherwise, you will catch troubles.”

Taisi seemed like a sensitive person. He took two steps backwards, politely cupped his own hands towards Ji Hao and deeply bowed in front of Ji Hao, after which he turned around while staggering and intended to leave.

The few sturdy boys, who had just pushed Taisi flying into the air, walked over with big steps, the body of one of them was glowing in a looming fiery light. On the middle of that boy’s chest, a sphere of fiery light was shining, apparently that was a newly awakened Magus Acupoint. This boy, who couldn’t yet freely control his own power, pressed his palm hard on Taisi’s shoulder while laughing loudly.

“Taisi! Haha! We hadn’t seen you there just now, and accidentally bumped you away, haha, we didn’t mean it!” The group of boys then laughed out loud simultaneously, their laughter was filled with vicious proudness and unscrupulousness.

Ji Hao’s face darkened, and anger rose from his heart. When these boys pushed Taisi up into the air they had clearly called Taisi’s name, but now they claimed that they hadn’t meant it. It was obvious that they wanted nothing else but trouble.

Taisi lowered his head, opened his mouth and murmured in a very low voice, “No…no it’s ok, I, I…”

Before he finished his sentence, the boy who had a newly awakened Magus Acupoint and was releasing a strong sense of power all the time, abruptly grabbed Taisi’s shoulder and held him hard. This boy had already broken into the Senior Level, and was about three-meter tall, but Tai was less than two meters tall, even shorter than Ji Hao; it was like a muscular bear held a thin stick, and seemed as if Taisi could be crushed into pieces by the strong boy anytime now.

The boy pressed his hand on Taisi’s head while squeezing Taisi’s body hard with his arms, proudly spat towards the ground and said, “Taisi, what did you say when I talked to you a year ago? You said that I was not good enough for your sister Shaosi! Now I am a Senior Magus! I’m a year younger than you, and I am already a Senior Magus! Amongst the entire Magi Palace, young Senior Magi like me are no more than three-thousand!”

Ji Hao’s heart suddenly pounded, he was badly shocked to the point that even his pupils had shrunk into the size of a pinpoint!

He had already tried his best to overestimate the power of the Magi Palace, but he could never even have dreamed that in this Magi Palace, which showed no sign of its real power, there were three-thousand young Senior Magi, who were all under fifteen years old!

Compared with the Gold Crow Clan, many Gold Crow Clan’s Senior Magi had broke into the Senior level after being a hundred years old - the power and potential of the Magi Palace were terrifying!

“Now, do you still think that I am not good enough for your sister?”

The boy gripped Taisi’s head with his hand, his five fingers slightly grasped and Taisi’s head instantly let out a weird popping sound. Watching all this, Ji Hao was even afraid that Taisi’s head would directly be crushed in the hands of this boy.

“Do you think that I, Jiang Yong, am still not good enough for your sister?! Be nice, just betroth your sister to me, after that, no one will dare to bully you in the Magi Palace!” the boy then yelled.

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows, looked at Jiang Yong, whose body was wrapped in bright fiery light, and abruptly asked, “Jiang Yong? With fire power? Did you come from the Southern Wasteland?”

Jiang Yong glanced at Ji Hao, then responded impatiently, “That’s right, I, Jiang Yong, came from the Southern Wasteland Bi Fang Clan! What? Are you going to fight for this wasteful thing?”

Ji Hao grinned to Jiang Yong and said, “Do you mean that as long as Taisi betroth his sister to you, no one in the Magi Palace will dare to bully him?”

Jiang Yong proudly raised his head, sneered and said, “I am a Senior Magi, if he…”

Ji Hao suddenly rushed up and threw a heavy punch at Jiang Yong’s face, directly smashing his noses, eyes and teeth into his face. Blood splashed out, Jiang Yong was sent flying backwards while howling and vomiting blood, leaving a beautiful arc of fiery light in the air, then thudded against the ground, seven to eight miles away from Ji Hao.

Ji Hao waved his hand, trying to get rid of the blood on his hand, while saying blandly, “Then, if someone bullies you, what the hell will you do?”

The surrounding area suddenly fell into a deadly silent. On the Jia Road, a few elders of the Magi Palace, who were wearing long gowns, and were about to walk into the square, seeing Ji Hao was going mad and had punched Jiang Yong, the few elders instantly turned around, shook their bodies after which they disappeared.