Chapter 177 – Proud

The Magus Era

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Chapter 177 - Proud

Compared to all those young Senior Magi who had surrounded them, Taisi was much scrawnier, shorter, and also weaker, just like a sheep that was surrounded by a group of bears. Whether it was body shape or sense of powers, those young senior Magi could completely crush Taisi. No one doubted that any of those young Senior Magi could blow Taisi’s head off with only one finger.

However, facing the boy who attempted to sneak attack Ji Hao, Taisi gritted his teeth and stretched his armed, shielding Ji Hao without any hesitation. He straightened his waist and his eyes shined with two spots of bright lights in his hollowed eye sockets; although he seemed incredibly weak, but at this moment, he released a sense of power that was almost as strong as the one who was launching the sneak attack.

But that was only the sense of power.

The boy who had leapt into the air and bent his fingers into dragon claw shapes briefly paused then let out a vicious smile. Streams of flames spurted out from all ten of his fingertips - the silent sneak attack had turned into a fierce frontal attack, which had a vast effect, just like an angry dragon dashing out of the sea and madly launching out attacks.

The air within miles around, became suddenly scorching hot. The boy grinned hideously and said, “Taisi, you useless thing! You have sought this out for yourself! Haha, your sister Shaosi can’t blame me for beating you too hard no matter how, because you asked for this yourself!”

The ten fingers of the boy buckled on Taisi’s joints within a blink of eyes, right after which, Yao Kaiyuan shouted out in anger.

“Trash him!!”

The boy’s eyes instantly became cold and cruel, initially he had only intended to make fun of Taisi; punching many times, causing a few of his bones to break and make him suffer. But now, raging fire streams suddenly darted out from his palms. As Yao Kaiyuan had shouted, this boy directly launched a deadly attack. He had activated his Spirit Magic Flame, intending to burn Taisi’s limbs and destroy his meridians, which would completely ruin his future as a Magus.

The Magi Palace was powerful and with great potential for a genius like Ji Hao, who was valued by those elders; he was allowed to access all kinds of resources limitlessly. However, the Magi Palace was also cold and cruel for apprentices like Taisi, who were not as good as the others. If they were trashed in fights between apprentices, all the Magi Palace would do was letting them stay there peacefully for the rest of their lives, but the Magi Palace would not waste another pill or magic medicine on them.

The flame, exploding out from the boy’s palms, was raging and bright, containing sparkling golden light spots. This was one of the features of the True Dragon Magic Flame, which was possessed only by the Fire Dragon Clan. Those golden light spots contained power of real dragons that had been inherited by the Fire Dragon Clan. The powers of real dragons were fierce, violent, and were able to destroy everything in the entire world.

Anger began to rise in Ji Hao’s heart. They all were apprentices of the Magi Palace, no one possessed higher status than the others. But those boys were attempting to disable an innocent person for no reason, how dare they?! Did these Fire Dragon Clan people truly see themselves as gods, who were allowed to rule the lives of others?!

Taisi took a deep breath, then he puffed out his hollowed chest towards the boy’s fiery palms.

Every following move happened within a single moment, and Taisi had only enough time to yell two words in a high-pitched voice.

“Ji Hao! Watch out!”

Ji Hao growled out while swinging his black dagger upwards. The black dagger sliced the air and left a faint-blood-red beam of light in the air. Spell symbols that ignited fire sparks lit up on the dagger’s edge and Ji Hao raised the dagger high, then gently sliced down along an arc.

“Wanna trash Taisi? I’ll trash you first!” growled Ji Hao harshly in a deep voice, while the black dagger suddenly reached the boy’s palms. An arc-shaped light stream that was generated by the [Sky Opening] magically flashed up to the boy’s face through the slight gap between his two palms. The beam of light flashed in front of the boy, then split into two. Both shoulders of the boy simultaneously spurted blood streams, and he let out a loud howl, while fleeing embarrassedly backwards.

Along with two thudded sounds, both arms of the boy fell onto the ground with a sphere of golden-red flame attached to each of them, burning and sizzling his arms. About three to five breaths later, both arms of the boy had been burned into fiery light spheres, quickly dissipating after that in the air.

The boy quickly stepped back while crying in pain and fear. Fiery light darted out from the wounds on his shoulders from time to time. Ji Hao hated the ruthlessness of this boy, so he had activated the black dagger and sent a slight stream of pure Gold Crow Flame into his body. With the great power of this inherited magic treasure, Ji Hao had burned all of the boy’s meridians that were located near his shoulders, into a mess.

“Yao Kaijiang has paid for his evil! Haha! He was so proud and reckless! He deserved this!”

“Ha! What did I say months ago? Yao Kaijiang, this kid was too proud and arrogant, someone would teach him a lesson sooner or later!”

“Interesting! Interesting! The Southern Wasteland people are fighting against themselves! A group of baby wolves biting and bleeding each other, it’s real interesting!”

More and more apprentices were coming to the square; they separated into tens of distinctive small groups, watching this fight from afar. They could see that Yao Kaijiang, who attempted to sneak attack Ji Hao earlier, was now badly wounded, and apparently, his meridians near his shoulders were seriously injured as well; instantly, all kinds of sarcastic remarks were made.

Yao Kaijiang cursed loudly in pain. He screamed madly while tens of awakened Magus Acupoints near his chest lit up and spurted our dazzling fiery lights; he was trying his best to manipulate his spirit blood to cure those damaged meridians and to regrow his broken arms.

However, the Gold Crow Flame that Ji Hao had sent into his body was strangely powerful. Within piercing fiery light and raging flames, Yao Kaijiang’s skin and muscles stayed scorched, no matter how hard he tried to manipulate his spirit blood, his wounds only squirmed slowly, and were far away from curing.

The boys of the Southern Wasteland Society were becoming angrier and angrier. Along with Yao Kaijiang’s roaring, over a hundred boys activated their bloodline power simultaneously; instantly, all kinds of fiery silhouettes appeared around their bodies one after another - fiery Dragons, fiery Phoenixes and fiery Kylins. These boys had activated their inherited magic treasures, put on armours, and pulled out weapons as well, then approached Ji Hao and Taisi with big steps.

Ji Hao immediately grabbed Taisi’s shoulder and pulled Taisi behind his body, making a protective gesture and said, “Taisi, be careful! Ha, these idiots just won’t stop, will they? I have to let them know, what friendly mutual help is, and what modesty is!”

Ji Hao’s tight armour let out streams of bright cyan light and rotated around Ji Hao’s body; within the cyan light, tens of lotuses were spinning. Not long after, Ji Hao’s body was entirely wrapped by a layer of water ripple-like clear light streams.

The armour made by Po was able to block any attack that was launched by ordinary Senior Magi, and Kuafu Yan had added large amounts of precious materials into this armour when he repaired it. Although Kuafu Yan’s skill was not as good as Po, with all those precious materials, the defensive power of this tight armour was improved further by thirty percent.

Nearly a hundred Senior Magi rushed over in rage, looking very scary, but to be honest, Ji Hao didn’t even take them seriously.

But Taisi unyieldingly swung his shoulder and forcibly got rid of Ji Hao’s hand. Ji Hao only felt a shock on his fingers and then along with a bone-creaking sound, he found out that only a piece of Taisi’s clothes were left in his hand. Taisi had already taken two steps forward and pulled out a white bone cane, standing behind Ji Hao.

“Do not look down on me, although I am…a bit weaker than the others, I am definitely not a pushover!”

“Ji Hao, you’re a nice person…do you dare to fight against them with me? You have caused yourself a big trouble, I tell you!”

A trace of proudness emerged on Taisi’s face.

Ji Hao paused for a short moment, then letting out a loud laughter he gripped his black dagger and slightly turned his body, shielding half of Taisi’s body behind him, after which he responded to Taisi.

“Ha, interesting! Taisi, you’re a nice person too!”

“Trouble? Why should I worry about any trouble? I’ll take the front, you stay at the back…don’t show any mercy at all!”

A faint beam of fiendish light flashed across Taisi’s pupils, he gritted his teeth again, letting out a moan that sounded like the whimper of a baby beast, then slowly said, “Mercy? I…never show mercy!”