Chapter 186 – Sideway Look

The Magus Era

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Chapter 186 - Sideway Look

The arrow arrived extremely fast, Ji Hao hadn’t even realized what had happened at that moment.

The arrow was a tailor-made, armour-breaking arrow. The triangular pyramid-shaped arrowhead had a length of a foot, was completely black and seemed very heavy. Hundreds of cyan-blue spell symbols were flashing on each of its edges, with a cold light.

When the arrow was still three-feet away from Ji Hao’s face, his skin had already been torn apart by the sharp air streams that were created by the darting arrow. A stream of blood spurted out from his wounds under pressure of those fierce air streams.

The tight armour that Ji Hao was wearing didn’t react at all! The speed with which the arrow was flying was simply too fast, and strangely, not a single trace of power could be detected coming out from the arrow. The arrow felt as normal and natural as a wisp of cool breeze, and the armour made by Po didn’t have any reaction towards breeze!

Ji Hao could even feel his scalp tingle in sudden fear, while each and every pore of his tightened suddenly. This arrow was very cruel, vicious and so strange!

The arrow silently darted towards the space between Ji Hao’s eyebrows and it seemed as if in the following moment it would pierce straight through Ji Hao’s forehead and blow his head off. However, Ji Hao could barely make a gesture of dodging; the arrow was coming way too fast to be dodged.
Within Ji Hao’s spiritual space, a dense white mist abruptly condensed. The silhouette of the mysterious man appeared from out the mist, with one hand raised high in preparation of saving Ji Hao from this fatal danger.

At that moment, a dim light suddenly flashed across the bone talisman, which Ji Hao had been fiddling with all the way. At the same time, Ji Hao felt an intolerable itch in his nose, and he couldn’t help but let out a thunderous sneeze. This caused two fierce gusts of winds to be blown out of his nostrils, blowing the accumulated snow away around the area with a few miles radius. At the moment Ji Hao let out such a great sneeze, his body got temporarily out of his control and it bent down.

The arrow swept across Ji Hao’s scalp and neck, cutting a few strands of hair, after which it got stuck deep into the ground that was covered in a thick layer of snow, failing to hurt Ji Hao’s for the slightest bit. Followed by a cracking, popping sound, the ground slightly trembled and after quite some time, a stream of lava slowly gushed from out the small hole.
Ji Hao lifted his head up in shock. With his good body condition, how was it possible that he would sneeze abruptly, for no reason? He subconsciously glanced at the bone talisman in his hand and let out a long growl. Bright streams of clear light darted instantly out from Ji Hao’s tight armour, causing a huge amount of light-made lotuses to appear silently within the streams of light, and started to rotate around his body. The streams of light and the lotuses wrapped firmly around Ji Hao. He turned his body and shielded Taisi behind him, yelling out in a harsh voice at those hundred enemies in front of them.

“Get the hell out! You bunch of cowards! Backstabbers!”

A few masked boys shouted out as well, while leaping out of the snow. They trod on streams of water and rushed towards Ji Hao. From a great distance, one of them yelled at Ji Hao, “We had only planned to capture Shaosi alive, and hadn’t thought that you would bring yourself here as well. Since you have already come, only one of us can leave today!!”

One of the other masked boys suddenly waved his right hand. Accompanied by this move of his, the snowfield beside Ji Hao and Taisi trembled slightly. The accumulated snow abruptly rose from the ground up and transformed into tens of snow-formed dragons. These snow-formed dragons opened their jaws wide open and let out clouds of bone-piercing cold mist. After this, they transformed soon into crystal-like snow-formed dragons. These ice dragons raised their sharp claws and dived towards Ji Hao and Taisi.

Ji Hao was a bit scared by the fact that he nearly had been killed by an arrow shot out by unknown enemies. Seeing that the enemies in front of him moving, he instantly stamped his feet against the ground and activated his Golden Dan, which began to rotate rapidly, and the power of the nature around Ji Hao began to vibrate.

The snowfield in front of the few masked boys, who were rushing, moved abruptly, after which the accumulated snow suddenly rose upwards, and condensed into a sharp icicle, in front of each of the masked boys. They were all staring at Ji Hao and Taisi and hadn’t even noticed what had happened in front of them.

Followed by a series of bangs, the lower part of the bodies of the masked boys collided hard against those sharp icicles. These icicles had been condensed from the snow, using the power of Ji Hao’s [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words], and were extremely cold and solid. Although these masked boys were all Senior Magi, they still felt tremendous pain coming from their most vulnerable part of their bodies. They howled out, and leapt one after the other in the air, tens of meters high from up the ground.

All the icicles were stained with blood, which clearly showed how fast these masked boys had been rushing and how hard they had collided against these icicles.

Before the others, who had ambushed Shaosi earlier and were still in hiding, could let any sound, Ji Hao had patted the storage bag tied around his waist. Followed by this movement, three flying daggers and two flying swords simultaneously rose from out the bag, transformed into beams of cold light and darted out. The beams of light rotated rapidly around the necks of the masked boys, after which, streams of blood spurted out and a few heads were thrown into the air.

Tens of ice-formed dragons were about to rush onto Ji Hao and Taisi, but once the few Senior Magi died, the ice-formed dragons instantly collapsed.

“How dare you kill our Great Dark Ocean Society’s people?!!” A high-pitched voice filled with anger and envy came from afar.

Ji Hao laughed out aloud, grabbed Taisi’s hand, and walked towards Shaosi, who was still trapped within the snow nest. While walking, he sneered and said, “You dared to launch deadly attacks on me, why shouldn’t I dare to kill your people? Get the hell out of my way!! Or I will kill every one of you!”

Ji Hao waved his arms in the air and along his move, all of the accumulated snow around him began to tremble violently, releasing huge amounts of cold water-power, which quickly gathered around Ji Hao. The huge amounts of cold water-power condensed into tens of human-head-sized water spheres, which were filled with lightning bolts. These water spheres filled with lightning bolts were vibrating slightly while rotating swiftly around Ji Hao and letting out buzzing sounds continuously.

Seeing Ji Hao manipulate the accumulated snow, drawing out power from it and condense the power into water lightning-filled spheres, which were extremely cold and powerful, all the men from the Great Dark Ocean Society were shocked badly. Their eyes popped wide open and they stared at Ji Hao, but were unable to say anything. It was as if they were staring at a real ghost.

The information they had gathered about Ji Hao couldn’t possibly be wrong. According to the information, Ji Hao was born in the Fire Crow Clan, in the Southern Wasteland, and had been practicing with fire-power related magic. But, how could he manipulate the snow, and condense the water-power into water lightning-filled spheres?! The firepower and the water-power were extremely conflictive, they had never heard that someone could possibly be good at using both fire-power and water-power!

Ji Hao kept approaching Shaosi while sneering. Taisi walked behind Ji Hao, with a dark, scary face. He was holding his bone cane and was releasing wisps of black smoke that lingered around him and Ji Hao. Both of them walked towards Shaosi with big steps. Under the tremendous pressure that was being released by Taisi and Ji Hao combined, the people of the Great Dark Ocean Society began to retreat without stopping.

“Bastard! We are the shielded by the power of the Water God!”

“We are not allowed to step back! We cannot humiliate our clans!”

“Let’s rush up! Tear them apart and capture Shaosi alive! There are only three of them!”

“It’s only three of them! What the hell are you afraid of?! You bunch of douchebags! Useless cowards!!”

The boys of the Great Dark Ocean Society were yelling in both, anger and shame, while stepping back. Even the over hundred elite Senior Magi of the Great Dark Ocean Society, who were from the top-ten ranked large-scale clans of the Northern Wasteland and were all young genius Senior Magi, couldn’t stop retreating at this moment. If by some accident someone else witnessed this scene, these young Senior Magi would then be too ashamed to be even alive.

But Ji Hao and Taisi were two complete monsters! These Northern Wasteland young Senior Magi were clearly aware of what Ji Hao and Taisi were capable of. After all, all of them had witnessed what Ji Hao and Taisi had done to those Southern Wasteland Society’s boys, a couple of days ago.

Ji Hao was like an unbeatable bear, who had wounded nearly a hundred Southern Wasteland Society’s boys single-handedly. As for Taisi, he turned those poor young Senior Magi of the Southern Wasteland Society directly into old dying people, with some kind of horrible and creepy magic curse.

These two monsters were now stuck together and were moving towards them; one of them at the front as a human shield, the other at the back, prepared to release the curse anytime. The two of them were perfect as a team, and these Great Dark Ocean Society’s boys truly didn’t dare to fight against them in the front.

Although they had been yelling loudly, those Great Dark Ocean Society’s boys hadn’t stopped their retreat, all this time.

At this moment, a fierce gale suddenly came from the side towards Ji Hao and Taisi. Within the gale were nine arrows rapidly piercing down from different directions.

This time, Taisi was also the target of those arrows.
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