Chapter 201 – Poisonous Rain

The Magus Era

Chapter 201 - Poisonous Rain

Brother Ling, whose name was Great Gale Ling, took the rest of the team and began his assault. His eye sockets were filled with hot blood and rage rushed directly to his head. Great Gale Ling shouted madly, hot air streams surged out of every pore of his.

How could this have happened?! How could I have such a great loss?! The information he had received from the Ten-Sun Country was detailed and true. According to that information, among Ji Hao’s teammates, Yu Mu and Feng Xing were the only two Senior Magi, and they had broken through to the Senior Magus level only three to five years ago. Therefore, Great Gale Ling and his team could easily kill all of them.

If they took out Ji Hao’s team, which was responsible for escorting the exploration troops of the Rong Mountain Clan to their new territory, the thirty thousand people of the Rong Mountain Clan would be given to him. This was the reward that was approved tacitly by the man who had encouraged them to launch this attack.

A whole thirty-thousand people of the Rong Mountain Clan! These people knew everything about mine exploration and weapon forging were a tremendous treasure. Great Gale Ling had even contacted slave dealers from the Yu Clan in secret. Once he successfully killed Ji Hao and his teammates, and captured these clansmen, he would sell these Rong Mountain Clan clansmen immediately through a secret distribution channel.


All the souls of the great ancestors and all the free spirits of the wind in the world would testify on behalf of Great Gale Ling that Feng Xing had fallen to the ground in a very weird and twisted manner. His lucky survival from the deadly shot was purely because of luck. But how on earth had Feng Xing been able to kill Great Gale Ling’s brothers directly with only a series of blind counterattacks that he had launched after having fallen to the ground?!

The poor boy who had been shot directly in the head, which was something that had happened so quickly that even a Senior Magus would have been unable to save him, was one of Great Gale Ling’s blood-related cousins. He was the son of a blood-related uncle of Great Gale Ling and had been quite close to him since they were little kids. That boy was a talented young elite warrior who was extremely valued by the Great Gale Clan.

In Pu Ban City, this boy even had already been selected to join the guardian corps of the King of the humankind, Emperor Shun, as the commander of a hundred elite archers. This time, Great Gale Ling had secretly taken him out of Pu Ban City for this secret killing mission that had been assigned to him by an elder.

Before he could kill the target, his brother had been killed by the enemies. Great Gale Ling couldn’t even imagine how he would explain this to his uncle. Neither did he have any idea how to face all those questions that would come from the group of ministers, or even from Emperor Shun himself.

He was utterly enraged and frightened. His arms, which had been as stable as a mountain before, had started to tremble. He pulled his longbow open and shot out waves of arrows. Soon, the two quivers of arrows that had been tied around his waist, the three quivers of arrows he was carrying on his back, and the two quivers of arrow that were tied around his shanks, were all shot out.

He shook his body abruptly and shattered those empty quivers into pieces, while thrusting his hand into a fist-sized storage bag tied around his waist. He took another quiver full of arrows out, then simultaneously created another rain of arrows.

Those arrows darted through the sky like raindrops towards Feng Xing, Yu Mu, Taisi, and Shaosi, along with cold, light sparks and ghost-wailing-like, shrill, swishing sound. Weirdly, elder Iron Mountain, who was standing right in the middle of the campsite while organizing a defensive formation, hadn’t even caught the attention of Great Gale Ling for even the slightest bit. Great Gale Ling and companions didn’t even take the elders of the Rong Mountain Clan into consideration.

Fifteen elite archers who possessed top-ranked shooting skills, madly shot over a thousand arrows out, within a second. Without any strategy, all those arrows darted towards Ji Hao’s teammates on completely straight paths, at the highest speed, and contained as much powers as they could and the strongest killing intent.

Shaosi’s facial expression changed slightly. She took a deep breath and moved, stepping forward, while shielding the fainted Taisi behind her. Facing such a strong rain of arrow, Shaosi doubted if she was powerful enough to keep Taisi safe. The only thing she could do was to block all the arrows that were aimed at her brother, with her own body.

Feng Xing let out another great shout and a series of curses while running and dodging on the ground, leaving a trail of afterimages behind him. At the same time, he was shooting arrows out, one after another. The arrows shot by Feng Xing seemed continuously able to collide against the arrows of the enemies. The collision would cause both arrows to explode simultaneously, whilst creating a thunderous boom.

However, Feng Xing’s quivers emptied completely after the shooting the two-hundred arrows he had brought with him. He growled out in a resonating voice and activated his internal power. His internal power gushed out of his body, into his longbow and condensed quickly into cyan light-arrows on the bow string. In the blink of an eye, another hundred light-arrows were shot out by Feng Xing. Feng Xing’s butt thudded against the ground, his face filled with despair. He had already used up all of the powers contained in his body, now he was even unable to move.

Nevertheless, there were entire fifteen skilled archers on the side of the enemy and Great Gale Ling alone had shot out over five-hundred arrows within a moment. All those arrows flew rapidly down like a storm. Yu Mu, Feng Xing, Taisi, and Shaosi were all in the targeted range.

Stretching his hands, Yu Mu took an amazingly deep breath. With his mouth as the centre, a gigantic air swirl suddenly emerged along with an ear-piercing swishing sound. All of the small rocks and soil around Yu Mu rose instantly into the air and the plants within a radius of ten miles were also uprooted. The uprooted plants disintegrated immediately due to the fierce air of the swirl and gathered towards Yu Mu’s mouth.

The arrows that had been flying over seemed to have abandoned their attacks on Feng Xing, Taisi, and Shaosi. They changed their trajectories and flew instead towards Yu Mu, similar to how birds would fly to their nesting woods.

Because of a certain kind of magic that Yu Mu had chanted to draw the arrows towards him, the speed of the arrows seemed to have doubled now. Each of the arrows had become powerful enough to penetrate through a mountain peak and even caused huge amounts of fire sparks to be created due to the friction of the air.

“I…why am I the one taking these arrows? Because I am fat?!! Damn you! You bunch of Eastern Wasteland bastards! You can shoot nothing but sparrows!!” yelled Yu Mu angrily while taking out his huge pot from who knows where. He then turned the pot upside down and carried it on his head. He buried his face in his hands and let over a thousand arrows thickly strike onto the pot and his body.

A thick and fine layer of spell symbols emerged on the surface of the pot. This huge pot that Yu Mu used to cook all kinds of strange yet delicious food, was also a quite powerful defensive magic tool. Arrows shattered against the pot one after another, and those spell symbols on the surface of the pot cracked.

The three thousand arrows disappeared simultaneously and suddenly. At the same time, all the spell symbols were lit on the surface of the pot, collapsed instantly and shattered into pieces. The following barrage of arrows pierced through the thick iron pot instantly and stuck deep into Yu Mu’s body.

The puffs that were caused by those arrows when piercing into Yu Mu’s face, began to swell, and large amounts of blood gushed out of Yu Mu’s body. His two-foot-thick layer of fat was trembling intensely and were letting out great yet withy power. He tried his best to counteract those arrows that had already stuck into his body.

Yu Mu screamed out in pain while streams of tears gushed out of his little shining eyes. He even cried out because of the pain when he cursed his enemies, “You cruel and heartless bastards! I will pay a visit to your Eastern Wasteland sooner or later and leave behind a handful of disease-causing poison! May your Great Gale Clan die without any descendants! Oh…ouch! When I develop a magic poison that is powerful enough to eliminate an entire clan, you will be the first ones to test its power!”

Accompanied by the waves of Yu Mu’s howls and cries, the wind around the campsite grew fiercer and the clouds started rolled in the sky.

Thin clouds gathered inwards from all directions. Even the tears of Yu Mu had directly turned into mist and rose straight into the air. The water in the nearby rivers also turned into dense mist and rose into the air. After that, a gentle rain poured down from the sky, but the weird thing was that raindrops had a dark-green colour.

These dark-green coloured raindrops had a nice herbal scent. It dripped gently and softly onto the bodies of Great Gale Ling and his teammates.

At first, Great Gale Ling ignored the rain and was still shouting. He was preparing to rush down and fight, but soon his face turned suddenly horrible green.

“Poison…strong poison! Retreat! Retreat!!”

Great Gale Ling screamed while grieving heavily.

Edited by SecondRate and Dylan

Translated by XianXiaWorld