Chapter 203 – Candle Dragon

The Magus Era

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Chapter 203 - Candle Dragon

While Ji Hao and his teammates were being attacked, Pu Ban City was incomparable quiet and peaceful.

Ying Yunpeng held his hands behind his body, while walking slowly and leisurely in the clean and tidy Ten Sun Market. Just as its name implied, the Ten Sun Market was set in Pu Ban City by the Ten Sun Country. The Ten Sun Country was the most powerful human-ruled country in the Eastern Wasteland. It had over ten thousand different-sized clans as its appendages. With its great power, the Ten Sun Country had monopolized over fifty percent of the business in Eastern Wasteland products within Pu Ban City.

The Eastern Wasteland had bountiful of all kinds of spices, woods, herbal medicines, and precious jade, all of which could be found at the Ten Sun Market. Pearls, hawksbill, coral, and other simple treasures that had come from the Great Eastern Ocean and the Eastern Wasteland, were piled like useless rocks in the Ten Sun Market.

Beautiful mermaids, proud and muscular young human-like dragon girls, strong aquatic warriors and powerful wild beasts that lived in the sea; whether it were female slaves or personal warriors, you could find all kinds of slaves in the Ten Sun Market. You could even find some merchandise that were contraband, such as dead bodies of real dragons, armours made from the scales of pure-blooded dragons, longbows made from dragon bones and tendons. It seemed that one could buy literally everything in this market.

Ying Yunpeng was a master elder, who was sent as administrator of the Ten Sun Market by the Ten Sun Country. Every type of trading in the Ten Sun Market was under his supervision. With his tough yet worldly strategies, the Ten Sun Market had been developing thrivingly, and creating great amounts of benefits for the Ten Sun Country and Ying Yunpeng himself every day.

On top of that Ying Yunpeng was also a master Magi tutor of the Magi Palace and a minister of the King of humankind. With all these titles, Ying Yunpeng could easily make the entire Ten Sun Market and a part of Pu Ban City shake with only a stamp of his foot against the ground.

The broad road that had a width equal to ten chariots moving side by side, and was paved with a thick layer of white sand. All this white sand had been shipped over from the North Beach of the Ten Sun Country. This sand was worth nothing back in the Eastern Wasteland, but after being shipped to Pu Ban City, a cart full of sand was worth one jade coin. In other words, the road was not paved with white sand but with piles of coins.

Stepping on the soft white sand, Ying Yunping was in an even better mood. He was smiling proudly from time to time and was nodding at shop owners on both sides of the road, who grinned and gave him a salute. Walking across the fifty miles long road, there was a town located at the end of the road. The town was squared with each side having the length of ten miles and was surrounded by a hundred zhang wide, flowing river. The city was surrounded by walls that had a height of three zhang and around these walls were teams of warriors, from the Ten Sun Country wearing leather armour and holding longbows, patrolling.

Ying Yunpeng walked into the town through a bridge. Wherever he passed walking, countless people of Ten Sun Country who lived in the town, bowed and saluted him. The smile of Ying Yunpeng grew bigger and bigger, and his head was held higher and higher. He even amiably touched the heads of a few kids, who were happily laughing and ran past him.

Looking at those kids, Ying Yunpeng thought proudly that the Ten Sun Country was indeed a country, which was marvelous and blessed. Even the children of the Ten Sun Country had rounder heads than the children of other clans, and looked much better.

He walked eastwards from the front gate of the town. The east-end of the town was a very broad residence area. Magnificent mansions, built with logs, lined orderly. Between those mansions were tall watchtowers, with each watchtower having elite Eastern Wasteland archers guarding the area in turns.

The silvery sound of birds singing came from the sky. Tens of rocs and eagles were hovering overhead the mansion area. Using these birds that had extremely sensitive eyes, not even an insect would be able to sneak into this area.

Ying Yunpeng walked into a mansion. Two pretty maidservants ran hurriedly over, kneeled politely on the ground and saluted him.

“Hm, I come for master Candle Dragon.” Ying Yunpeng sniffed slightly, the smile on his face had disappeared instantly. While speaking, he carelessly touched the tender face of one of the maidservants.

The two maidservant stood hurriedly back up, trotted and guided Ying Yunpeng deeply into the yard. Not long after, they stopped in front of a small building, which was completely surrounded by a metal;ic fence wall and watchtowers.

Ying Yunpeng walked into the small building, and saw a gigantic black flagstone placed in the middle of the room, with two naked, dry dead bodies lying on it. A nearly two-zhang tall elderly man, who had a very wrinkled and odd face, with a candle light goggling on his head, was carefully observing the two dry dead bodies inch by inch, with his body bowed.

Standing beside the elderly man, who was much taller than himself, Ying Yunpeng laughed hollowly, then said, “Master Candle Dragon.”

Master Candle Dragon straightened his body slowly up. His head nearly touched the ceiling by doing so. He then turned around. Master Candle Dragon had the dragon-like face, two fist-sized, horn-like bones bulged on his forehead, and two spheres of golden fiery light was shining in his hollowed eyes. It was impossible for someone to see what his pupils really looked like.

Taking a deep breath, Master Dragon began talking in a hoarse voice, “Little Bird, you are here.”

Ying Yunpeng let out an embarrassed grin. He couldn’t be more unhappy about being called ‘Little Bird’, however, this Master Candle Dragon, whose actual name was Candle Dragon Gui, who was now standing right in front of him was one of the few old terrifying master elders of the Magi Palace. He had begun working in the Magi Palace since the ancient era, when the world was still being ruled by the first generation of the King of the humankind.

Even though he was quite dissatisfied, Ying Yunpeng was not even a thousand year old yet, and wouldn’t dare to show any sign of disrespect towards this Master Candle Dragon.

Saluting politely to Master Candle Dragon, Ying Yunpeng grinned and said, “Master, it has been a whole month, have you found any clues?”

Master Candle Dragon took out a black wooden stick, raised it above his own head and emblazed it with the candlelight on his head. He then put it into his own mouth, greedily swallowing the dense and pungent smoke released by the burning wooden stick. Swallowing a few mouthfuls of smoke, Master Candle Dragon opened his mouth and puffed out a stream of smoke onto the face of Ying Yunpeng. The smoke was so dense and had such a strong scent that it nearly made Ying Yunpeng pass out.

Staring at the black stick held in the hands of Master Candle Dragon and thinking about how such kind of black sticks were made, Ying Yunpeng internal organs and face both began to twitch intensively. He was almost thrown out. Letting out another few hollow and embarrassed laughs, Ying Yunpeng stepped hurriedly back, then saluted Master Candle Dragon once again.

“Very strange, deadly curse.” Master Candle Dragon sat down on the ground and crossed his legs. He pulled a wisp of hair off from one of the dry dead body, put it under his own nose and carefully smelled for a while, then continued, “The alarm magic formation of the Magi Palace didn’t have any reaction when this happened.”

“Neither did the defensive magic formation set in their own room have any reaction.”

Master Candle dragon threw the hair away, swallowed another two mouthful of dense smoke, then took out two triangle-shaped jade talismans from around the waists of the two dead bodies, and said, “What was even more humiliating, these were the magic talismans that you, the Ten Sun Country, had spent quite a fortune on and bought from my nephews. Each of these two talisman could neutralize the power of any deadly curse once.”

Slightly sighing, then continued blandly, “I am known as the most powerful magic curses user in the Magi Palace, those nephews of mine are indeed stupid, but they are all ranked only behind me. Nevertheless, the talismans made by them failed to have any reaction when the attack happened, and these two kids were indeed cursed to dead.”

Master Candle Dragon then raised his hand, slightly slapped his own face and said, “I am very ashamed, feeling like I have nowhere to put this old face of mine. Therefore, Ying Yunpeng, if you dare to mention even a word about these two poor kids to anyone, I will curse you to death myself.

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