Chapter 204 – Weal and Woe

The Magus Era

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Chapter 204 - Weal and Woe

Master Candle Dragon’s words were rude and unreasonable, every single word was filled with threat, telling Ying Yunpeng that there was no room for negotiations at all.

Ying Yunpeng was slightly frightened, and hurriedly responded, “No, no, I, Yunpeng wouldn’t dare to do that, it’s only…”

Master Candle Dragon then raised his head excitedly, then laughed out loud, interrupting Ying Yunpeng’s sentence and said, “The kid, who enchanted the deadly curse, he has actually made me feel disgraced. Such a talented kid, if I take him in as my student, I can gain my dignity back. Therefore, I have decided, this Taisi, Taisi is his name, right? He will be my last student.”

The wrinkled face of Ying Yunpeng turned instantly dark. He dared not to complain or show any anger, he could only continue to look bitterly at Master Candle Dragon. In order to make this old Master Candle Dragon, who had outlived his usefulness, agree to check the dead bodies of his two apprentices and discover the reason of their death, he had asked some influential people to help him, and spent a hell of a fortune. However, this was what he gotten - Taisi, the biggest suspect, who might have cursed two of his apprentices to death, might become the last student of Master Candle Dragon.

He now felt a great shame that the heaven, which was thriving and greatly influential in ancient times, had now withered. The five gods of the heaven had now all gone, and all those heavenly disciplines that governed all creatures in this world, had become symbolic rules. Otherwise, Ying Yunpeng would definitely go up to heaven while kneeling down and he would kowtow to the heaven after each step he took forward. Then he would put Master Candle Dragon to trial in front of the emperor and other gods of the heaven.

What kind of people would do nothing but help the enemy of the one of whom he had accepted money from?! Ying Yunpeng wanted to cry, but he was too angry to shed any tears, therefore, his entire face began twitching.

Master Candle Dragon let out clouds of thick smoke out, looking at Ying Yunpeng’s twisted face, remained silent for quite a while then finally began to talk again.

“Little Bird, I know that you have spent quite an effort for me, an old man, therefore, I will tell you something, you can freely choose to believe my word or not.”

Slapping one of the two dried dead bodies, Master Candle Dragon continued blandly, “You should know that the daily security magic formation of the Magi Palace is designed against all evil intentions. Any attack or magic spell that could generate evil intentions, would trigger the security magic formation and catch the attention of the elder, who was on the security magic formation maintaining shift, before even approaching the Magi Palace.”

“The same applies to the talismans made by my nephews. Attacks and spells containing evil intentions would trigger these talismans. That way, these talismans would launch counterattacks, and the magic powers left in the talismans by my nephews could block the deadly curses for the owners of the talismans.”

“However, the security magic formation of the Magi Palace didn’t have any reaction when the curse happened.”

“Nor did these talismans, made by my nephews, who have learned about seventy percent of my knowledge.”

“Can you understand why?” asked Master Candle Dragon while looking seriously at Ying Yunpeng in the eyes.

Ying Yunpeng looked back at Master Candle Dragon in confusion. He was the best archer in the Magi Palace, even among the entire Pu Ban city, Ying Yunpeng was known as the most powerful bow-shooting master. But he knew only a little bit about all kinds of magic spells. As far as magic curses were concerned, he had only learned some elementary knowledge.

Not mentioning powerful Magi like Master Candle Dragon, even Ji Hao was much more powerful than Ying Yunpeng on the subject of curses.

Master Candle Dragon waved his hand carelessly, right after which, the entire small building abruptly turned into gigantic puffs of smoke and dissipated into the air; bright starlight instantly came down.

Pointing his finger at the starry night sky, Master Candle Dragon drew an arc in the air then pointed at where the Magi Palace was located.

“The sun moves across the sky, shining fervidly on the Magi Palace, but the rays of sun won’t attract any reaction of the security magic formation. The light of the great sun is fatal to those evil spirits, which means that the sunlight is harmful, however, the security magic formation of the Magi Palace will never be triggered by the sunlight, because the sunlight doesn’t have any evil intention in it.”

“The light of the stars can cause deadly harm to some evil creatures as well, however, showering under the starlight, the security magic formation will also not have any reaction to the starlight, because the starlight doesn’t contain any evil intention.”

“All natural rules are somehow fatal to mortal creatures in this world. A mortal, has a lifespan, the end of life. However, countless old master Magi have run out of life force and passed away deep inside the Magi Palace, did the security magic formation even have any reaction towards that?”

Ying Yunpeng began to quiver slightly, and while looking at Master Candle Dragon, he said word by word, “Taisi’s curse…”

Master Candle Dragon let out a smile and responded, “This kind of curse is similar to the natural rules. If it was truly chanted by that kid, Taisi, the power of his curse is exact the same as the sun shining above the land, the stars sparkling overhead the jungle, the wind blowing across the grassland and plants withering as time goes by. No magic formations or talismans can contend against this kind of power, only powers that are equal to natural rules can.”

Ying Yunpeng clenched his fists, gritted his teeth and let out a sneer, “The two of them are no ones but two orphans, brought to the Magi Palace by an elder. If they were not quite talented, they would have died in starvation long ago. How did they…how could they be so powerful?!”

Master Candle Dragon dropped his eyelids, each of his eyelids had over ten layers, and each layer was so thick as if it was carved by the engraver of time.

“In the ancient time, there were extremely powerful people who had godly powers, but they were not gods. They were similar to humans, but not entirely human. Those people were called Jiu You, also Black Nether, some called them Dark Nether as well. They controlled life and death, and were capable of manipulating weal and woe, and were incredibly terrifying beings. The ancestor of my Candle Dragon Clan had fought against the Dark Nether Clan, and had been badly injured by them, falling into a deep sleep. Even now, he has yet to wake up!”

Ying Yunpeng took a deep breath and said, “The Dark Nether Clan, I seem to have heard about them.”

Master Candle Dragon said blandly, “Twenty thousand years ago, Chiyou’s army launched a surprise attack on Pu Ban City. All powerful human Magi under the command of the King of the humankind were either killed or injured, but the Dark Nether Clan sent out all of their forces to Pu Ban City, helping the humankind. The two great rivers now flowing in the Pu Ban City, were created back then.”

“Ah, ah, I-I remember!” Ying Yunpeng’s eyes suddenly shone, then yelled out, “But after that great fight, the Dark Nether Clan was thoroughly extinguished. No…I didn’t think that…”

Master Candle Dragon threw a sideway look at Ying Yunpeng, while letting out a hidden, yet cold and scornful sneer.

If they were really offspring of the Dark Nether Clan, the Ten Sun Country was not even qualified to fight against them. Only elderly Magi like Master Candle Dragon knew how horrible those Dark Nether Clan’s people were, after all, they had lived through that age.

A series of footsteps came over, along with which, a few Ten Sun Country’s Maguspriests carried Great Gale Ling, whose body was covered in deep wounds, and rushed over. From a long distance, Great Gale Ling howled out while gasping quickly, “Elder Yunpeng, you have to extract revenge for my brothers! They’re dead! Dead! All dead! That bloody fatso, is a, a poison user!!”

Ying Yunpeng instantly rushed up to Great Gale Ling in both shock and anger, grabbed his shoulder and yelled, “What? The people you took are all dead?! All dead?! They have only two Senior Magi, why couldn’t you deal with them with a powerful team like that?!”

Neither Ying Yunpeng nor the few Maguspriests had noticed that above Great Gale Ling’s head, an extremely dim black spell symbol appeared for one short moment, then disappeared quickly.

The boyd of the old man, Master Candle Dragon, quivered suddenly and he leapt abruptly away, while whisking his own butt with his hand. He left the yard at the highest speed.

“Little Bird, I have a potful of jade whale soup cooking on the stove, I can’t let it burn. I have told you what you should know anyway, you can do whatever you want from now on. Eh, I’m no one but an old, old man, I have nothing to do with this whole thing, nothing at all.”

While yelling, Master Candle Dragon darted rapidly away as if he had seen a ghost. A while later, he stopped in the corner of the street, his body quivering in excitement.

“The power of Weal and Woe, that’s right. This kid, and his sister, they’re, they’re unspeakably great, talented kids.”

Shaking his body, Master Candle Dragon transformed into a gigantic dragon silhouette, and directly drilled into the ground and disappeared.

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