Chapter 224 – Bad luck

The Magus Era

Chapter 224 - Bad luck

Back in the Pu Ban City, stars were shining brightly in the sky and a gentle breeze was bringing dense sweet flower fragrances over.

From a tall, the singing sounds of young girls were coming along silvery musical notes, sounding like streams of water and as the sound of gentle rain, which was pure and clean enough to wash away the dirt that had accumulated around the hearts of people.

A floating mountain with a radius of a few miles, drifted slowly above the Ten Sun market. The floating mountain was covered entirely by a zhang-thick metal armour, which was crafted as an integral whole, without any opening, but thickly dotted with countless holes that made it possible for arrows to be shot out.

On the black leather-scale-like armour, countless palm-sized spell symbol were sparkling, like tens of thousands of fireflies. The faint glow of those spell symbols made the black armour seem especially dark, showering under the starlight, slowly drifting by up in the air, like a fierce devil.

Ying Yunpeng was standing on the biggest crossroad of the Ten Sun market, while gnashing his teeth and staring at that floating mountain that was moving slowly across the air.

This was a floating battle-fort, made by a master craftsman of the Magi Palace. This floating fort was made from a natural floating mountain, on which the most powerful magic formation and puppet magic of the Magi Palace had been added. This floating fort may not seem like a big deal, but in fact it could block attacks that were launched by over a thousand Senior Magi simultaneously. Before the magic crystal that was providing energy for the floating fort had been depleted, not even a Magus King would be able to break this fort.

“Damn it.”

Ying Yunpeng felt a sphere of angry flame was about to explode inside his heart. He raised his feet and wanted to stamp against the ground, but he soon suppressed his anger and put his foot that he had raised to stomp, gently down on the ground.

He had withheld his anger not because he was afraid of the rules set by the Magi Palace or because of the prohibition made by the King of the humankind that strictly forbade anyone to break the geographical formations of the Pu Ban City - all these were nonsense for him - but he was afraid of damaging the buildings of Ten Sun market by accident.

With Ying Yunpeng’s power, he could probably shatter half of the Ten Sun market into pieces by a single stamp and kill at least a hundred thousand servants and waiters. But would anyone compensate him for those losses?

“Calm down, peacefully, nicely…” Ying Yunpeng took a long and deep breath, slowly adjusted the streams of boiling raging blood inside his body. This method had been taught to him by a mysterious powerful man he knew. Whenever he felt angry or anxious, this spell would always help him to calm down quickly.

His boiling blood gradually cooled down, the hairs that were standing straight up, fell back down one after another. Ying Yunpeng walked step by step on the wide road that was paved with soft and pure-white sands while holding his hand behind his back. With a dark face he went inside his headquarters office that had been set up in the Pu Ban City by the Ten Sun Country.

A few middle-aged men, whose faces were equally dark as that of Ying Yunpeng, followed behind him. All of them were soaked in cold sweat that dripped to the ground along the corners of their long cloaks.

Drops of perspiration dripped continuously on the ground, leaving clearly visible stains on the shining and smooth stone floor.

“Don’t be so afraid,” said Ying Yunpeng with a bland tone, “This is not your responsibly, no need to be so panic.”

The little group of men sighed in relief and their tightened faces loosened up a bit.

A quarter of an hour ago they had received a message regarding ten gigantic-scaled Dragon-Turtle merchant ships, which were carrying all the incomes that the Ten Sun market had generated and embarked on their journey to the Eastern Westland from out of the Ten Sun market. The message said mentioned meeting a crazy huge beast within the void at a distance of three millions away from the Midland.

All ten merchant ships were swallowed entirely by that terrifying gigantic beast of the void together with all the precious crystals, jade coins and other valuable cargo that was being carried on the ships and all the staff working on those ships. Only a Magus King, who had been responsible for escorting those ships to the Eastern Wasteland, had been able to retain his head and a small half of his upper body. This Magus King managed to return to the Pu Ban City with blood-escaping magic, reported the accident with his last bit of power, then died because of the breakdown of his soul.

Such a terrifyingly gigantic void beast had appeared less than three million miles away from the Pu Ban City and ran right into the Ten Sun Country’s merchant ship fleet. Ying Yunpeng could blame no one but the extremely bad luck for this.

This was similar to when in a duel between two archers, both launched arrows from a distance of ten miles, but instead of reaching their intended targets, those arrows flew away with some great gust of wind and accidently killed a man that was too ordinary to be even mentioned and was having his meal happily at his home, at a distance of thirty thousand miles away from the archers.

Only unluck of such magnitude could explain what had happened to the Ten Sun Country this time.

“How much have we lost? I mean, apart from those officially registered cargo, how much did we actually lose?”

Ying Yunpeng walked into a hall, took a seat, and looked at the few middle-aged men with cold eyes.

These few men, whose tightened faces had just loosened, instantly thudded their knees against the ground.

Every year the Ten Sun market would send a merchant ship fleet, which carried all the incomes made by the market during the past year, back to the Ten Sun country. This kind of merchant ship fleet certainly had incomparably powerful protection. In total, over twenty peak-level Magus Kings and hundreds of lower level Magus Kings were sent out accompanying this fleet.

Besides, all the ten ships were made with the most advanced techniques available in the Pu Ban City. The defensive power of each ship was even greater than that of the floating battle-fort that had just drifted by, by thirty percent. And the thirty animals that had been pulling those ten gigantic ships forward, had all been Magus King level, ancient Dragon-Turtles.

Because of such a great protective and defensive power of these merchant ship fleet, the ship fleet was also entrusted with shipping some personal wealth of a large group of influential and powerful people in the Ten Sun Country.

The Ten Sun market was incredibly large. Apart from official stores that had been set up by Ten Sun Country, influential and powerful people, and top-ranking clans of the Eastern Wasteland had also set up stores in the Ten Sun market, selling special local products that were produced in their own territory. All of their incomes, materials that had purchased in the Pu Ban City, and large amounts of armours and weapons, were also all on those ships. That was an incredibly great amount of armours and weapons, enough to arm a million elite warriors, belonging to the few most powerful clans of the Eastern Wasteland.

“El…elder, please, help us,” the few middle-aged men even screamed out, “Too…too much! Apart from official incomes of the Ten Sun market, each of those few big clans had large amounts of materials on the ten ships. Now all had gone.

Ying Yunpeng’s body quivered. Although he was a peak-level Magus King, he still nearly spurted a mouthful of blood out.

“You…how on earth could this happen? Did someone send that void beast on purpose, or…” Ying Yunpeng looked in despair at the few middle-aged man. At this moment, he truly wanted to pull out a sword and chop these few douchebags into pieces.

He would still be able to deal with it if he had only lost the official incomes of the Ten Sun market. It was easy to come up with an official excuse and let someone other take the blame.

But all the cargos belonging to those powerful clans had all been lost as well.

Those people would never accept any excuses or explanation, neither would they forgive Ying Yunpeng because he was an elder of the Magi Palace. If you lost one of their daggers, they would certainly cut tens of openings in your body. Now, Ying Yunpeng had lost all those weapons and armours that could arm a million elite warriors, even if there were a hundred more Ying Yunpengs, those people would kill every single one of them.

While Ying Yunpeng was shocked badly and frightened by the total loss, a young man staggered up into the hall in a hurry, while yelling.

“Elder! Elder! Great Gale Ling! He, he, he was drunk, fell into a pit, died!!”

The eyes of Ying Yunpeng popped wide open, paused for quite a while like a puppet, then finally spurted that mouthful of blood, which he had been holding in, out.

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