Chapter 263 – The magic but formation

The Magus Era

Chapter 263 - The magic but formation

A magical and beautiful stream of light flowed on the surface of Feng Xing’s longbow. Feng Xing had injected almost all of his power into the bow already, just for this shot.

With Feng Xing’s current power, he could only shoot three arrows like the one he had used to kill the Yu Clan young man, in the period of one day. Except, the shot he was about to make this time, possessed the combined power of his last two possible shots into one arrow.

With the double amount of power, the golden glowing arrow directly transformed into a beam of light and darted out, many times faster than the last one had, and was over ten times more destructive. The bowstring shook intensely and cut all five fingers of Feng Xing’s right hand, shedding large drops of blood on the magically glowing bow.

Taking a deep breath, Feng Xing didn’t even have enough time to check the result of his shot, turned around at his highest speed and rushed away. Cyan streams of wind rose behind his back, turning into a pair of cyan-coloured wind wings, which were slightly attached onto his back.

Tens of shreds of afterimages flashed across the air and Feng Xing dissappeared in the woods after rising and falling a few times.

The arrow was shot out like a lightning bolt, as if it was the sign of death.

The Yu Clan man, who had just taken the two big Jia Clan warriors over, and was enjoying the envious stares of his fellows, smiled and was about to say something. Suddenly, his armour began shining and countless complicated spell symbols spurted out from it, transforming into twelve blood-red light chains, swiftly rotating around his body along with an piercing metal clashing noise.

The golden arrow darted over like a sharp beam of light, while those blood-red chains bumped against it one after another.

Blood-red and golden light spots burst out around the young man of the Yu Clan. Along with a series of creaking noise, those blood-red long chains shattered one after another, and the golden arrow continued moving forward and momently approached the face of the Yu Clan man.

The Yu Clan man let out a desperate scream. A blood-red, round jade talisman was already in his hand, which he only needed to crumble. This magic talisman made by an elder of his family would release a peak Magus King level protection for him.

Although this shot, launched by Feng Xing with all of his power, was incredibly destructive, it would never manage to break through a peak Magus King level protection.

However, just after having gripped the talisman in his hand, the arrow pierced deeply into the erect eye on his forehead. The three foot and six inch long arrow, made from ordinary ironwood and a steel arrowhead, which you could buy a thousand with a jade coin, deeply piercing into the head of this Yu Clan man, after which, a tight sphere of golden light suddenly exploded.

The head of the Yu Clan man was blown up abruptly, and the golden arrow darted out through his helmet, poking into the heart of a Yu Clan young man, standing right behind him.

“Great Blood Moon!” All the other Yu Clan young men screamed out loud, popping up their eyes and watching the golden arrow pierce through another exquisite armour that was made by the master craftsman of the Blood Moon, sending the Yu Clan young, man flying for over a hundred zhang far, with a blue face.

The golden arrow let out a loud buzzing noise while vibrating intensely, nailing the Yu Clan young man, whose heart was punctured by the arrow, on a cliff. After that, the arrow dimmed down, and the golden glow wrapped around it suddenly exploded once again. The arrow turned into a puff of ash and dissipated into the air, while a huge hole had been left in the chest of the Yu Clan young man.

“Help…” The Yu Clan young man fell on the ground while moaning. Twelve Jia Clan warriors, who were guarding around him, hurriedly rushed up in a great panic, took out all the life-saving medicines they had and poured them into the mouth of their master, whether it was a waste or not.

Moreover, a few Jia Clan warriors even cut their own wrists, activating their precious spirit blood and shed it on the chest of the Yu Clan young man. The wounded Yu Clan young man began incanting a spell loudly, while a blood-red swirl rotated fast inside his erect eye. The blood of the Jia Clan warriors, which contained great amounts of life-force in it, was being absorbed by his wound quickly. At the same time, the muscles around his wound started to squirm and the wound shrunk rapidly into a fist-size.

“Such a horrible arrow!” The other Yu Clan young men glanced at each other and whispered. They were all frightened by Feng Xing’s shot, so much that they didn’t even dared to talk out loud.

Over a hundred Yu Clan young men were in the army, with over a thousand Jia Clan warriors following them, and over fifty-thousand slave warriors and slaves.

However, Feng Xing’s shot was like a bowl of iced-water, pouring right on their heads, extinguishing the confidence and passion in their hearts that they had about this war.

They were noble Yu Clan people. Leading a great army, sweeping across those weak and small barbaric villages, slaughtering their elderly people, pillaging their children and women, robbing their wealth, were things that they enjoyed the most. Battle achievements and wealth were what they really wanted.

But if you told them to risk their lives and fight against the alliance of the human clans, even though they could be shot right in the head by some god damn golden arrow anytime…

“We have to inform General Di Sha about what just has happened here! We encountered the legendary human army, right in front of us! These are no longer those stupid warriors from small clans, but real official human army people!” A Yu Clan young man, who looked relatively older, seriously made this suggestion.

“Hm, we all clearly know that we’re only sent here by our families, for experiences and achievements. We’re not official soldiers of the Blood Moon army, I mean, it’s not our duty to do such things like fighting against those cruel and stupid barbarians,” Another Yu Clan young man said seriously, “Fanju Luo and Di Lin were killed, how should we split his properties?”

“Oh! Lords!” Shouted the Jia Clan warrior, who was still kneeling on the ground, and had attacked Ji Hao for quite a few times earlier, “They were only a few kids! Five or six! And they were all cursed by Lord Di Lin with the blood power, they couldn’t fight anymore!”

This Jia Clan warrior then stood up, took out a dagger and pierced deeply into his chest, then drew a spell symbol on his face with his own blood, which looked cruel and weird, “I swear with my life, they were cursed with blood power and are unable to fight at this moment! As long as you, my respectful lords, rush up with your warriors and chop off their heads, a great amount of awards would be…expecting you!”

The eyes of all those Yu Clan young man were glowing suddenly.

Were those murderers cursed by Di Ling with the blood power? That meant that they should have lost nearly all of their spirit blood and were about to die! These people had killed Fanju Luo and Di Lin, both of them came from the top 30 large-scale families of the Blood Moon, and were all wealthy noble families.

According to the hidden rule of the Yu Clan, as long as they could capture and behead the murderer who killed Di Lin and Fanju Luo, the two families would certainly trade for this contribution with incredibly great amounts of pure gold, only to wash off the disgrace and the reputations of their families.

“We can’t let those violent barbarians run, they have killed our friends cruelly!” The Yu Clan young man who had made the suggestion of informing Di Sha earlier, growled out in a even more serious tone, “We should go after them! Kill them! I will certainly make this contribution!”

Followed by a series of metal clashing noises, the magic space bracelet worn by those Yu Clan young men lit up one after another. Huge amounts of metal spiders and other large-scale puppets were released by them, rushing up along the valley and going after Ji Hao and his teammates.

Within this short period of time, Ji Hao and his team had made tens of miles far along the valley.

Ji Hao’s black tablet was shaking violently, sending waves of messages to him.

Three-hundred miles in front of him, a master Magu tutor, who came for emergency reinforcements, had already set a ‘magic bug formation’, and was expecting Ji Hao to lure the enemies into that formation.


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