Chapter 272 – Infuriating

The Magus Era

Chapter 272 - Infuriating

Mr Crow stretched its wings and rose into the air, while Ji Hao stood on Mr Crow’s back with his fiery wings flapping in the wind. The two of them corresponded perfectly with each other and transformed into a stream of fiery light, rising into the sky over thirty-thousand high altitude, within the blink of an eye.

Ji Hao was holding a pure black banner in his hands, which was made from the skin of an unknown, gigantic worm. On its soft and smooth surface, countless tiny bug silhouettes were faintly visible, while wisps of black smoke continuously rose from the banner and weird, creepy insects screaming sounds were ceaselessly coming out from it.

The stick of the banner in Ji Hao’s hands was squirming slightly and slowly, as if it was a huge living worm rather than a stick.

This was a magic bug banner, specially crafted by Ginger himself, and could magically foster new poisonous bugs and largely improve the powers of those bugs. However, to be honest, the texture of the banner stick was incomparably and unspeakably sticky.

Ji Hao even felt that he was holding a full handful of squirming fat warms, which made his scalp become numb.

Mr Crow brought up a bright stream of fiery light, tearing up clouds apart and swiftly reaching right beyond Di Sha’s army, then it raised its head and cawed resonantly, while opening its beak and letting out a swooshing sticky stream of flame. Raging flame fell from the sky into Di Sha’s army like a heavy scary rain.

Huge numbers of slave warriors were burned into ashes by the flame while despairingly howling in pain. Within the span of only a few breaths, Mr Crow had burned at least two to three thousands of slave warriors to death.

The attack launched by Mr Crow immediately caught the attention of the other non-human race warriors. Over ten Yu Clan warriors, who had been guarding the divine tower raised their heads, aiming at Mr Crow with their shining blood-red erect eyes simultaneously. Nevertheless, Mr Crow could fly at a lightning speed, making it impossible for these Yu Clan’s warriors to attack it accurately.

Ji Hao stood on Mr Crow’s back, and abruptly waved the magic bug banner, held in his hand, hard when Mr Crow flew past the divine tower.

Clouds of black smoke suddenly swooshed out of the banner. Unbelievably great amount of bugs and bug eggs contained in that black smoke spurted out from the banners, falling into the army as a crazy, heavy and roaring rain. The black smoke coiled around those bug puppets. Instantly, the rushing speed of those bug puppets had been raised by a few times. The bug puppets darted towards the divine power like mad, bewitched wild dogs, and then exploded one after another.

The bug eggs were sent into the air, so dense that it even covered the sky, while countless blade shaped black beetles swished across the air randomly.

The armours of hundreds of Jia Clan warrior were shattered by these black beetles. These black beetles struck on their bodies, creating a horrible clashing noise against their armour, and punctured those heavy and thick armours. These sharp black beetles easily pierced into the bodies of those Jia Clan warriors, then laid large amounts of bug eggs inside their bodies, like streams of flood gushing into their blood vessels.

These Jia Clan’s warriors could clearly saw that under their skin, large amounts of grapes alike bug eggs had been squirming and hatching.

The scene was a million times more terrifying that a nightmare.
These warriors of the official Blood Moon army could block the swords of their enemies with their bare necks without any hesitation, but watching countless bug eggs squirming inside their bodies and right under their skins, these strong, powerful and tough warriors couldn’t hold in that extreme fearful and sickly feeling. They screamed out one after another.

Not long after that, those bug eggs cracked inside their bodies. Countless bugs crawled out of their bodies while leaving streams of venomous, poisonous air and powders inside their bodies, which quickly and rampantly spread in their muscular and solid bodies.


A deputy commander beside Di Sha shouted loudly.

Di Sha wasn’t paying any attention to his army, which had already fallen into a huge chaos. Instead he raised his head with a dim blood-red light faintly sparkling inside his erect eye on his forehead, which was firmly fixed on Ji Hao, who was standing on the back of Mr Crow and darting across the sky, above the army. Directly after that, the erect eye turned into a mysterious pure black colour.

The power of the Blood Moon came from the darkness and the curse of their bloodline. After Di Sha had seen Ji Hao, his entire body and shoulder, seemingly had turned into a sphere of deepest darkness, which had began absorbing the natural power in the air, even the daylight around him, with the erect eye on his forehead. The entire area, which had a radius of a few zhangs around him, had already became a huge, powerful and twisted black hole.

Ji Hao looked down and made a quick eye contact with Di Sha from tens of miles away.

He raised his left hand and made a provocative hand gesture towards Di Sha, then took out a tablet that had the totem of the Blood Tooth embossed on it, carelessly throwing it down with a sneer on his face.

Mr Crow flew across the air overhead the army, while those bug puppets had been madly darting around on the ground, rushing into the army and exploding. Every explosion made by a Jia Clan bug puppet would blow all the warriors around them, who used to be their fellows, into pieces. After that, countless bugs would eat up their broken body parts, laying even more and more egg bugs that hatched instantly into bigger and more powerful bugs.

Tens of bug puppets, which were the strongest and most powerful among all those bug puppets, had already broken through the protection circle and reached the divine tower. They popped up their deadly pale eyes and let out creepy laughter at those Yu Clan warriors, who had been trying their best to protect the tower, while exploding suddenly. Countless sharp black beetles and bug eggs were shot out by the exploding waves, darting towards those Yu Clan warrior and the divine tower behind them.

The Yu Clan warriors who were standing around the base of the tower and were in charge of manipulating this divine tower, instantly let a series of howls out. Just like those guards who had been guarding the tower, they were wounded by those black beetles as well, and had countless bug eggs laid inside their bodies. With their spiritual powers, which was many times greater than those Jia Clan warriors’ spiritual powers, they could clearly perceive the complete hatching process of those bugs, from within their bodies.

These elite warriors from the Yu Clan lost it completely one after the other. They roared hoarsely out like wounded beasts. They even forgot about protecting the divine tower. Instead they activated their powers and chanting spells. A bright blood-red light burst out from their bodies, while trying everything within their powers to kill the bugs inside their body.

Countless blood-red spell symbols rose into the air, stuck on the bodies of these Yu Clan warriors like blood-red lightning bolts.

Along with loud and muffled popping noises, the bug eggs inside these Yu Clan warriors cracked one after another. Those powerful bugs breeding in those eggs were quickly devoured by the power of the blood spell symbols, then were turned into powers and life-force of those Yu Clan warriors. However, the hatching process had already consumed large amounts of blood and flesh of these Yu Clan warriors. Although they managed to kill all the bug eggs inside their bodies, countless fist-sized holes were left inside their bodies.

Di Sha still didn’t pay any attention to those wounded commanders of his. Even that the eyeballs of a few Jia Clan warriors had already begun turning pale, which meant, these warriors were turning into bug puppets, still was not enough. Di Sha kept his head raised, while staring at the tablet, swishing down from the air.

Followed by a loud slapping noise, Di Sha accurately gripped the tablet in his hand, and at the same time, a raging sphere of blood-red flame burst out from his palm and burned the tablet, which was forged from top-grade gold, into a wisp of smoke.

“All-out attack,” Di Sha ordered blandly, “Take out all large-scale battle machines. They wanted to infuriate me, and they did it.”

Taking a deep breath, Di Sha narrowed his eyes and pondered for a while, then quickly gave the order, “All-out attack, then ask General Di Suo, Di Mo and Ju Xiu, for reinforcement.”

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