Chapter 289 – Fight again

The Magus Era

Chapter 289 - Fight again

Back on the ground, the great flame shrouding the entire valley, had finally dimmed down. Countless warriors of the Jia Clan showed their silhouettes in the dying flame, while gasping quickly.

The light shield, released by the divine tower, had been able to protect them from being burned into ashes by the flame, however, the great essence fire power still penetrated through the light shield and injured them gravely. The body fluids of over ten thousand Jia Clan warriors had evaporated for the majority part; the skin of most of them had even cracked open like a piece of dry land.

“Kill them!” One of the commanders of the Jia Clan raised his weapon high and pointed at Ji Hao and the others.

However, the following moment, along with a slight puffing noise, the head of the Jia Clan commander had been punctured by a sharp long spear, while raging flame flakes spurted out from the spearhead, causing his huge head to explode right away. The sturdy body of that Jia Clan commander then thudded heavily against the ground.

The warriors of the Jia Clan who standing around the commander, shouted out shocked and tried to look who the enemy was who just now had launched such a fatal attack on their commander. However, before they even could move, a machete and sword rose simultaneously into the air; large amounts of blood splashed everywhere. Accompanied by a horrible series of bone cracking noises, a muscular silhouette broke through the encirclement of Jia Clan warriors and staggered at great speed towards Ji Hao.

This man, who had killed a Jia Clan commander with a single attack and had afterward broken through their encirclement, was none other than Lie Mountain Gang. Lie Mountain Gang had taken a squad of black cheetah warriors and launched a wave of attacks on those Jia Clan warriors, but had suddenly disappeared. Ji Hao had assumed that he had been killed during the battle sometime ago. At this moment, the body of Lie Mountain Gang was covered in blood, in his left hand he was holding three heads of Jia Clan warriors, while there were seven to eight swords and machetes stuck in his body.With big steps he rushed towards Ji Hao. Each step he took, squeezed streams of blood out of his body through those terrifying wounds.

“It’s our turn!!”

Seeing Lie Mountain Gang, Ji Hao raised his head and let out a great shout, while putting down the thick facial mask of his. He gripped the long black dagger with his right hand and the stone sword in his right hand, and darted out towards Lie Mountain Gang.

“Hah, I’ve tried!” Lie Mountain Gang gave a twisted grin to Ji Hao while nodding, then multiple streams of blood gushed out of his body simultaneously, while his muscular yet dilapidated body thudded on the ground and he fainted. Although the body of a Senior Magus could be incomparably solid and powerful, there surely was a limit on far it could bear.

Being encircled and attacked by hundreds of Jia Clan warriors simultaneously, then making it out alive, Lie Mountain Gang had nearly created a legend.

After removing his broken armour, one was able to see that tens of Magus Acupoints of Lie Mountain Gang had been damaged by the sharp weapons of those Jia Clan warriors, causing thick, pure streams of power to transform into fierce gusts of wind and gush out of his body. Judging from the current situation, the loss of these Magus Acupoints would reduce his power and worse, his great life force contained in his spirit blood would flow out vigorously. Currently, not only did Lie Mountain Gang lack enough life force to heal himself, even if he was healed, he would be far less powerful than he had been before.

Ji Hao didn’t have the luxury of time to hold Lie Mountain Gang with his hands. He could only throw a kick on Lie Mountain Gang’s waist and sent him back into the black cheetah army.

A few warriors of the Lie Mountain Family hurried to catch him and dropped him backwards. In the meanwhile, a few other warriors began pouring bottles of magical medicines into his mouth and spreading all kinds of ointments on his wounds.

Tens of swords, machetes and spears had already swooshed up to Ji Hao’s face, while roaring arrows darted towards his back.

Ji Hao puffed up his chest. A dense cloud of black mist, which was condensed from the pure water essence power that had been rotating surrounding his body. Ji Hao didn’t even dodged, he only stood perfectly still and let those weapons strike right onto his body.

The defensive power of the turtle shell armour, gifted by Gui Ling to him, had amazing defensive qualities. With only a cloud of black mist, the attacks of those enraged Jia Clan warriors had been blocked firmly. None of those sharp and heavy weapons were able to break through the mist, or even touch the turtle shell armour.

The black dagger created streams of fiery light and fiercely hacked towards these Jia Clan warriors. The dazzling fiery light in combination with the black mist disabled the vision of most of them, causing them not to see clearly. At the same time, the stone sword held in Ji Hao’s right hand made a simple swing from left to right, attacking the Jia Clan warriors in the most basics of manner.

Those Jia Clan’s warriors encircled Ji Hao and started attacking Ji Hao crazily, with all of their powers. Ji Hao didn’t even tried to dodge or block their attacks. He only waved his weapons swiftly and struck accurately the vital body parts of his enemies along with beams of dazzling light.

In a real battlefield there was no space at all for a warrior to dodge. You would be surrounded by people, either your enemies or own companions. You had no choice other than pushing forward, while trying your best to harm your enemies. Even a single step backwards could bring death to your companions or yourself.

The long black dagger brought up beams of dazzling fiery light against the armours of those Jia Clan warriors. From the crows, one could hear shrill caws of the Gold Crows. This inherited magic treasure, belonging to the Gold Crow Clan, was quite powerful. If Ji Hao launched the [Sky-Opening] with it, he could manage to slice those solid and thick armours worn by the Jia Clan warriors and actually hurt their bodies.

The Jia Clan warriors howled out in pain. The great heat released by the long black dagger caused them unbearable pain; when being cooked by the essence firepower alive, not everyone could cope with the pain.

But the most terrible weapon in Ji Hao’s hands was that stone sword!

This stone sword was a natural-formed holy weapon that looked grey and simple, dim without even a little bit of luster. Compared to other magical weapons, it was simply heavy and sharp. With its heaviness and sharpness, Ji Hao didn’t need any special method or pattern. Everywhere the stone sword was swung across, armours would be cut open and weapons would be split into pieces. The solid bodies of those Jia Clan warriors seemed to have become like fruits and vegetables in front of the stone sword; under the stone sword edge, anything could be easily sliced into two.

The black long dagger held in Ji Hao’s left hand had only made groups of Jia Clan warriors howl out in a burning pain, while the stone sword in his right hand caused the surrounding area to be covered with broken heads and body parts. Now and then, Ji Hao sliced over ten Jia Clan warriors into pieces by only simply swinging the stone sword. The mysterious power contained in it directly eliminated all their whole life-force.

Ji Hao moved forwards in big steps. Behind him, on the left side, the ground was covered by broken dead bodies, while groups of howling Jia Clan’s warriors were left on the right side.

Man Man gritted her teeth and closely followed behind Ji Hao, while randomly striking the ground with her pair of gigantic hammers. Man Man was clever Man Man enough to discover the great attacking opportunities that she now had stopped paying any attention to those enemies on the left side of Ji Hao’s and only concentrated on smashing those injured Jia Clan warriors on Ji Hao’s right side.

These poor Jia Clan warriors were just burned half dead by the great flame, then were wounded further by Ji Hao’s long black dagger, and to make it worse, when they were disabled from moving flexibly, this terrible crazy little girl, Man Man, showed up with her pair of enormous hammers.

The pair of hammers were like two small hills, constantly striking onto the ground. Along with series of thunderous booms, those Jia Clan warriors were smashed into meat pastes, one after another. Huge amounts of blood splashed everywhere, making the battlefield look like a wood of peaches, and those splashes of blood drops were like the blooming flowers of peach trees.

“Watch out! Pay attention to those two!” A Jia Clan warrior, who was burned dry by Man Man’s flame bombs earlier, stepped out and yelled while gasping. He was preparing to give orders to his soldiers, telling them to reorganise and launch another group attack.

But, as soon as he had said the first sentence, Feng Xing’s arrow accurately and silently flew over, swept closely above Yu Mu’s head, allowing Yu Mu to apply a handful of highly toxic poisonous drops on it.

The poisonous arrow pierced deeply into the throat of the Jia Clan commander. A small hole on the throat was not fatal to a Jia Clan warrior at all. However, Yu Mu’s poison showed its effect right away. Before the Jia Clan commander could pull out the arrow, the poison turned his entire body dark green, and put him down on the ground, permanently.

Taisi and Shaosi began incanting spells together. Taisi was rampantly draining the life-force of all the Jia Clan warriors on the battlefield, while Shaosi was continuously stealing the good luck that belonged to these Jia Clan warriors with her gifted talent, and transmitting that luck to the human warriors.

Right behind Man Man and Ji Hao, over two thousand black cheetah warriors were growling resonantly and pushed the battle line forward. Quickly they had pushed those Jia Clan warriors, who had just rushed out of the valley, back into it.


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Translated by XianXiaWorld