Chapter 296 – Spies

The Magus Era

Chapter 296 - Spies

After having the discussion with Yu Mu and Taisi, Ji Hao sent each of his close teachers a message with a special magic tool.

After having asked for some information, Ji Hao then went to another campsite in a valley, located two hundred miles away from the special army campsite. He had a quick talk with a few of the warriors at guard duty, then directly walked towards the northwest corner of the campsite.

The condition in this campsite wasn’t as good as that of the the special army campsite. The ground was full of bumps and hollows, which were not even being fixed, and except for a few regular tents, all the others were living in shacks that were built by straws or branches.

It was lunch time. A few warriors from the special armies were delivering supplies with a few large vehicles and were distributing grain cakes, which had a huge amount of salt and dry meat mixed in them. Men, women, young kids and elderly people, everyone received a large grain cake like this.

The campsite was pretty broad, extending to over ten miles long. There were watch towers densely packed inside it, with warriors guarding on them. When Ji Hao walked across the campsite, squads of fully-armed warrior walked past him from time to time, while glancing around every corner of the campsite vigilantly.

Living in this campsite were all refugees, who had come from the northern side of the Chi Ban Mountain. All of their clans were attacked by the armies of the non-human race, and most of their elders and Maguspriests died in battles. The refugees who had survived and were assigned to this campsite, hardly knew each other. Therefore, the possibility that spies working for the non-humans were hidden between them.

Because of the above mentioned reasons, the refugees has to be kept inside this campsite until their identities had been confirmed and not a single one of them was allowed to set a step outside of the campsite.

In fact, they probably wouldn’t get a chance to go out of this campsite until this great war had ended. After the war would end, they might be sent back to their original territories of their clans and official aid to reconstruct their clans would be arranged by Pu Ban City.

In the northwest corner of the campsite, a tiny yard had been built by a circle of short fence wall, made from branches. Lang Yi was leaning against a simple thatched cabin, expressionlessly staring at a group of ants cutting and carrying a tiny piece of dry meat that he had just thrown on the ground.

“Lang Yi!” Yelled Ji Hao.

“Oh my god! Brother Ji Hao!!” Lang Yi quivered instantly when he heard the voice of Ji Hao. He immediately lifted his head and looked at Ji Hao, then laughed loud while stretching his arms and rushing towards Ji Hao.

After giving Ji Hao a great hug, Lang Yi hurriedly asked, “How, how did it go? Have you taken those monsters, who were chasing after us, out?”

Hearing his loud voice, a group of Golden Wolf Clan and Cyan Wolf Clan clansmen walked out from tens of thatched cabins that were in the back. They all grinned friendly and nodding to Ji Hao after seeing him standing there. These people would never forget that Ji Hao and his team had blocked the enemy and saved their lives from the edges of swords of those horrible monsters of the non-human race.

A few warriors of the Cyan Wolf Clan, who looked quite embarrassed, also gave big grins to Ji Hao, but Ji Hao couldn’t sense even the slightest bit of happiness from their faces. However, when he observed closer, he discovered that these few warriors had their eyes fixed on Lang Yi and himself all the time, while a slight trace of excitement would appear on their sour faces, from time to time.

Of course, none of the other simple and honest human warriors could possibly notice that kind of subtle, abnormal micro-expressions, but with his spiritual power, Ji Hao was even able to clearly observe the tiniest of movements made by the fine hairs on their faces. Ji Hao couldn’t help but grin widely.

After all, he had come all the way for these few guys.

Sitting on a rock, Ji Hao took out steaming grilled meat and delicious wine, which he gave to Lang Yi and the other warriors. The tens of surviving warriors from both the Golden Wolf Clan and Cyan Wolf Clan gathered around the rock, happily wolfing those grilled meat and wines down, which were brought by Ji Hao.

In this stressful time of war, the alliance of the human clans could only ensure that the refugees living in this campsite would not die of starvation. Although lots of dry meat and salt had been mixed in those daily supply of grain cakes, it could only fill up the bellies of ordinary people. To these tall, sturdy and muscular warriors, who usually needed many times more amount of food than ordinary people, it was a suffering to chew on those grain cakes everyday.

This time, all the grilled meat brought by Ji Hao was carefully cooked by Yu Mu himself, and the wines came from Pu Ban City, tasting pure and delicious.

The group of warriors ravenously engorged all that meat and wine. After that, Lang Yi’s pale face finally showed a bit human colour. He punched hard on his own chest while yelling loudly, “Brother Ji Hao! You had saved our lives, and now, you have given us all this delicious meat and wine…after we, we have reestablished our Gold Wolf Clan, you should definitely come to visit us. You will be treated with the most luxurious banquet in the world!”

Ji Hao liked simple and straightforward men, such as Lang Yi, a lot, because back in the Southern Wasteland, all those uncles he had known in the Gold Crow Clan, were good and honest men like this.

Ji Hao swept across a few warriors of the Cyan Wolf Clan with his spiritual power, then grinned to Lang Yi and began talking, without even take a glance at the few suspicious warriors.

“That’s great! I have achieved quite many contributions and earned some credits these days. In a few days, I will be earning a sky-high contribution in our war, haha! Till then, I’ll just trade some of my credits for some nice armours and weapons for you to reconstruct your clan my brother!”

Before Lang Yi could respond, Ji Hao laughed out loud and continued, “If you do consider me as a brother, just accept those stuff. After all, good armours and weapons are always necessary for the reconstruction of a clan. Furthermore, as long as I can complete what I am now planning to do, some armours and weapons would be like nothing compared to the amount of credit that I am about to earn! Haha!”

Lang Yi stared at Ji Hao in shock and murmured, “Ah? Are you preparing to…”

The group of warriors of the Cyan Wolf Clan popped up their eyes and were staring at Ji Hao. Lang Yi’s question was exactly what they wanted to know. A sky-high contribution? What kind of contribution could be counted as sky-high? They wanted to know Ji Hao’s plan so much that even their hearts felt inching about it.

However, Lang Yi immediately slapped his own face after saying those words, and said, “Haha! Look at me! You can’t just ask around about such kind of things!”

Ji Hao smiled, shook his head and said carelessly, “No! Why does it has to be such a secret? Well, it would be fine even if all the others knew about my plan, it has nothing to do with those official plans anyway.”

Intentionally lowering his voice, Ji Hao then made a mystical face and said, “This time, I am planning to murder a commander of an official Blood Moon army with a special, secret magic, and that commander is a beautiful young woman. Haha, what do you think about it? Murdering such an important enemy commander, will that be counted as a sky-high contribution?”

Puffing out his chest, Ji Hao continued proudly, “Well, this is only the first step, as for what will come next…hahaha, brother Lang Yi, you know that the Yu Dynasty is not like a solid steel board anyway. Once that women dies, haha, we will have a great show to watch!”

Ji Hao had said that he was planning to murder an army commander, and that person was a beautiful woman, which was all true. He was indeed planning on letting Taisi cast a horrible, slow-killing dark curse to Ju Xiu and murder her from a great distance.

As for ‘The Yu Dynasty is not like a solid steel board’, this phrase contained quite a lot vague, yet important informations. As long as someone could bring this to those non-humankind, anyone among them would became extremely suspicious.

Ji Hao didn’t give any unreal information, but neither had he told Lang Yi any details about how exactly he was planning to murder Ju Xiu, because no matter how reasonable those fake information would sound like, they could never be as perfect as genuine information. Many of those Yu Clan people were quite smart, they would definitely be able to discover the unreasonable lies contained in Ji Hao’s fake information. Even if those unreasonable lies were as slight and inessential as a spider’s thread, they would discover it and prove that Ji Hao had lied.

Nevertheless, at this moment, Ji Hao just wished that those non-human race became as clever as they could, because from a simple and vague phrase as ‘The Yu Dynasty is not like a solid steel board’, too many information and possibilities could be dug out that would make those ‘clever’ non-human race geniuses suspect each other without any limitation, and eventually throw the entire Blood Moon into distrust!

After having a belly-worship with Lang Yi and the other warriors and leaving Lang Yi another few huge, freshly-hunted and cleaned preys, Ji Hao walked out of the refugee’s campsite while swaying and with his whole body releasing a strong scent of wine.
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