Chapter 360 – Cannot Win

The Magus Era

Chapter 360: Cannot Win
Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

“You hurt Ji Hao! You hurt Feng Xing!” Man Man was badly enraged. She roared while swinging her arms, and along with her voice, the pair of hammers rose from the ground and flew back into her hands.

With her biggest steps, Man Man rushed towards Yi Qinngniao with all of her strength. Each of her steps could allow her to reach tens of zhang far. Since flying hammers couldn’t deal with this guy, she just needed to rush up, approach this guy and smash his head with her hammers.

With only a single hammer strike, Man Man could smash his head.

In Man Man’s simple mind, things could be just as easy as that.

“Man Man!” Ji Hao leant in the huge dent that made by his own body by bumping into the mountain, opened his mouth and gave a growl. However, this growl that he had tried his best to give was so weak that he couldn’t even clearly hear it himself. Instead of a resonating growl, what had come out of his throat once he opened his mouth was large streams of blood with fragments of internal organs mixed in it. Ji Hao felt from time to time that he would lose his eyesight and nearly faint.

Those arrowheads launched by Yi Qingniao had an incredibly penetrating power, which was a pure terror. He had gathered all the power in a single point and suddenly detonated it, creating such a horrible effect that was way beyond Ji Hao’s imagination. Ji Hao had once seen Si Wen Ming launch an attack, but he knew no deeper than what he had seen.

After experienced an attack launched by a Magus King with his very own body, and that too only a seemingly careless, convenient strike, Ji Hao finally understood why the non-humankind name the level of Magus Kings ‘shell-breaking stage’.

Shell-breaking would lead to transformation, just like chrysalises transform into butterflies. In this stage, whether the power or the form of life, both would have gone through an essential transformation.

“Damn you.” Ji Hao coughed loudly for a few times, then took out big handfuls of dragon blood amber and threw into his own mouth. Fortunately, he had extorted quite an amount of dragon blood amber, which was such a treasure that could largely replenish consumed spirit blood, from the Red Wood Palace. Without any hesitation or worry of wasting, Ji Hao swallowed the dragon blood amber.

Deep in his lower abdomen, multicolored flames had been burning brightly. Those multicolored flames were speedily transforming all the dragon blood amber into strong streams of multicolored light. Along with the strong beating of Ji Hao’s heart, his blood flushed these multicolored light streams to every corner of his body. Broken internal organs in his chest were recovering in a rapid speed, and newly grown internal organs were even stronger than the old ones.

Taking a deep gasp, Ji Hao leapt up and stretched out the fiery wings. As his body transformed into shreds of afterimages, Ji Hao rushed out of the mountain.

When Ji Hao rushed out, Man Man was three miles away from Yi Qingniao. She raised the pair of hammers high, seeming ready to bash Yi Qingniao’s head right away.

Yi Qingniao’s silhouette flashed in the air. In the next moment, he showed up behind Man Man, pressed his right hand on the back of Man Man’s head, let out an evil chuckle then pushed Man Man hard forward. Man Man screamed out and lost the balance of her body. As she was pushed forward by Yi Qingniao with quite a lot of strength, and combined with her running at full-speed before, she fell down straight, body thudding against the ground then rolling on the ground for tens of miles. Countless rocks and trees were bumped into bits by her rolling little body.

Man Man suffered the worst dizziness in the world. She gasped quickly for air. Protected by the armor given by Zhu Rong, not a single slight wound was left on her body. However, since she had rolled for tens of miles, at this moment, her sky and earth were spinning round and large light spots were sparkling right before her eyes. All this made her feel that her limbs were all soft and she couldn’t stand up for quite a while.

“Yi Qingniao!” Ji Hao shouted out while ninety-nine golden, dazzling sword light beams darted out, zipping towards Yi Qingniao like a rain of light beams.

Yi Qingniao chuckled once again, scornfully shook his head at Ji Hao while saying, “Eh? Still didn’t kill you? I see, you have quite a lot of life-saving treasures! Hm, it seems that this cloak of yours is indeed not bad. If you were any other ordinary Senior Magus, you would have been smashed entirely by those arrowheads released by me just now. Hm, yet you’re still alive. Good, this cloak is now mine.”

A faint gust of wind coiled around Yi Qingniao’s body, allowing him to freely move in the air. The ninety-nine flying swords transformed from small Gold Crow patterns on Ji Hao’s cloak closely followed him. Nevertheless, no matter how hard Ji Hao tried to stimulate his golden Dan power and boost the speed of those flying swords to the highest degree, all flying swords would always be around an inch behind Yi Qingniao, unable to actually touch his body.

A cyan silhouette flashing around in the air with a huge, dazzling golden sphere of light tailing him… Yi Qingniao gave a series of creepy laughs, and said, “Idiot. You’re nothing but a little Senior Magus, how dare you fight against me, a Magus King? I don’t want any blood stain on my cloak, so I suggest you take it off now. For doing that, I am willing to let you die quickly and easily.”

Ji Hao didn’t stop manipulating those flying swords with all of his power, and with a badly darkened face.

‘Are you joking? I take off my cloak and give up on resistance, then let you do whatever you want to me?’

How could Ji Hao possibly do such a thing? Even if he couldn’t win against Yi Qingniao, he would try whatever he could to let Yi Qingniao know that he was nowhere near a pushover.

Ji Hao locked his fingers together, and following his move, the natural power began gathering in big streams into Ji Hao’s palms. In the meanwhile, numerous lightning seals emerged in the air, spreading out towards all directions. Within the short span of one breath, twenty-four lightning seals had formed, flying toward every direction along with sizzling and dazzling thunderbolts, reached miles away within a blink of an eye.

This was the ‘Twenty-four Yuanchen Thunder Hell’, the one that had the highest grade, among all magic formations taught by Yu Yu, and could be activated by Ji Hao with his current power. This magic formation wasn’t too lethal, what it did the best was trap and suppress the enemies with the power of thunder and lightning.

Yi Qingniao’s moving speed was so fast that Ji Hao couldn’t even see him clearly. Among all Ji Hao could think of, the one that moved even faster than him was the power of lightning.

However, before the Twenty-four Yuanchen Thunder Hell was fully set up, Yi Qingniao had already given a cold snort and flicked his finger. In the next moment, the twenty-four thunder seals blasted out almost simultaneously. Twenty-four traceless arrowheads smashed those lightning seals, then immediately moved inwards and struck on Ji Hao’s body all together.

This time, those arrowheads fell down from the sky like a heavy rain. Ji Hao raised the Flame Dragon Sword that then transformed into a stream of firelight, swooshing into the air and shielding Ji Hao underneath. Following loud clangs, that fiery light streams transformed from the sword shattered and the sword was sent flying away. Arrowheads pierced down onto Ji Hao’s body, starting countless air-ripples against his cloak and struck the bones of his upper body till they broke, causing a series of popping noises that sounded like someone was making popcorns. Hundreds of bone fragments pierced into his internal organs.

While vomiting blood intensely, Ji Hao’s whole body was even numbed by the pain. He fell on the ground as he had lost his eyesight.

Gasping deeply, Ji Hao tried all he could to open his eyes that were covered in blood, tremblingly took out a big handful of dragon blood amber, attempting to throw into his own mouth.

Yi Qingniao’s silhouette again flashed in the air and suddenly appeared right beside Ji Hao, stomped his foot heavily on Ji Hao’s hand. Ji Hao’s bones were crushed immediately, muscles were smashed and blood gushed out. Yi Qingniao seized that handful of dragon blood from Ji Hao’s hand, then instantly yelled out in surprise, “Eh? Dragon blood amber? That too so much of it? Where did you get these? These things are true treasures, can strengthen human bodies and purify spirit blood. If made into magic medicines, the medicine can even strengthen bodies of real dragons! What a treasure!”

Ji Hao was coughing blood, and didn’t have the strength to respond Yi Qingniao’s words.

“Oi, kid, I’m talking to you!” Yi Qingniao yelled while kicking Ji Hao’s body. Ji Hao’s ribs were shattered by Yi Qingniao’s foot one after another.

“How many more dragon blood ambers do you have? Eh? Oh and, where did you learn that lightning magic from? Are you from the Thunder Luster Clan? But I saw your fiery wings, are you from the Southern Wasteland? But how can you possibly know any lightning magic?”

Ninety-nine Gold Crow flying swords roared over, fiercely piercing down towards Yi Qingniao.

Yi Qingniao swung his arm backwards and threw out countless dazzling arrowheads, clanging against those Gold Crow flying swords and bumped the swords away.

Yi Qingniao then stomped his foot on Ji Hao’s head, and yelled coldly, “Oi, answer my question…hm, take off the cloak first!”

Bending his waist with and with a malicious grin on his face, Yi Qingniao reached his hand towards Ji Hao’s cloak, intending to rip it off.