Chapter 365 – Fighting Over the Tree

The Magus Era

Chapter 365: Fighting Over the Tree
Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Arrows flew over like a heavy rain, tearing nearly a hundred aquatic, man-shaped creatures into pieces.

Along with a series of cold, teasing laughs, around twenty Jia Clan warriors who were all heavily armored, holding longbows and had quivers tied around their waists, walked out with big steps. One of them gave a sneer then said, “Ignorant barbaric creatures, that tree is not something that you can touch.”

This Jia Clan warrior then gave a heavy kick and sent the head of an aquatic man away, then raised his head and growled, “Especially aquatic creatures like you, you are in such a low position even amongst all those lowly barbaric creatures!”

A long and resonant roar came. The Chi Ban Mountain area was nowhere near oceans, but at this moment, a roaring tide rose directly from the ground, immediately growing into a wave that was hundreds of zhang tall. Dense fishy and salty smell that uniquely belonged to oceans spread out along with that wave. From within the wave, faint silhouettes of sea horses, corals and all kinds of fishes were visible. This scene could make anyone feel dizzy in shock.

A miles long, enormous dragon whale rode on the wave, and an over ten-meter tall, muscular man, who had bulged bones and dented face, looking like a crab, stood on the dragon whale’s head, with a shield held in his left hand and a long holding in his hand. He was roaring and leaping up into the sky.

“Break!” When that sturdy man leapt up, the dragon whale had risen, and brought the wave up as well. After that, the tremendously huge dragon whale swooshed right down towards those Jia Clan warriors along with the wave.

Looks of those Jia Clan warriors instantly changed. They raised their brightly shining longbows and released another great wave of arrows. Those arrows, which were powerful enough to puncture mountains, zipped across the sky and bumped into that enormous whale’s belly, letting out muffled booms.

Those longbows were crafted by Xiu Clan master craftsmen and were gravely powerful, added with special arrows that had spell symbols attached on, which could largely improve the power of those bows. Countless arrows pierced into the dragon whale’s thick skin, into its generous layer of fat, then entirely drilled into its immense body.

Large streams of blood gushed out of the giant whale’s body, even dyed the wave red. If those arrows struck into an ordinary man’s body, he would have been torn into slight bits long ago, yet if one was to replace the man with such a gigantic whale, the effect caused by those arrows would merely equal a man stabbed by toothpicks, which would hurt a bit and cause a little blood to shed, but nothing else.

Followed by a thunderous boom, the old tree and the leopard suddenly raised their heads in fear, looking at that overwhelming, floating wave upon their heads, as that miles long enormous dragon whale heavily smashed over twenty Jia Clan warriors under its body.

The cliff was trembling intensely, and the ground was shaking while letting out loud, horrible rumbles. Over twenty Jia Clan warriors were directly crushed into meat paste, and only their leader, the strongest one among them, had survived the whale’s descent, struggling out from the wave while vomiting blood.

However, once after he made it out of the wave, that crab-shaped man wielded the huge machete down and hacked him into two, from the head to between the legs.

“My King has said whoever dares to fight over this purple grain dragon sandalwood, against us, will be against hundreds of billions of ocean creatures of the East Sea.” Landing back on the head of that dragon whale, the crab-shaped man wielded his long machete again in the air, and yelled with his head held high.

Before his voice faded, a dazzlingly, ground-shattering lightning bolt descended down from the sky and burned the crab-man’s entire body black. Numerous birds swished across the air while screaming, madly tearing that crab-man’s body with their sharp claws. Within a very short span of time, that crab-man was torn into a skeleton, and subsequently, that white skeleton was shattered as well.

Those birds were way too swift and crazy, and that crab-man, who was mounted on the dragon whale and swooshed down from the sky, was killed immediately without having a chance to fight back.

The dragon whale screamed towards the sky in rage and sadness, sending up sky-devouring waves and attempted to strike those birds down from the sky. A long and shrill bird scream then came from high up in the air, following which, tens of whirlwinds descended from the sky. From within them, a golden roc, which had the wingspan of nearly fifty miles, dove rapidly down and grabbed the dragon whale’s body with its pair of claws, slightly tearing it.

An ear-piercing howl rose into the air. That shockingly gigantic dragon whale was easily torn into two pieces by the roc, and afterwards, innumerable bird silhouettes flew over, tearing that dragon whale into pieces too.

The golden-winged roc landed on the cliff top, shook its body and transformed into a scrawny, dark-faced man. He looked around with his shining pair of eyes, stood on the cliff top then laughed towards the surrounding area, then said, “It’s just a crappy piece of wood, but everyone is fighting over it. Why don’t you just let my king have it?”

While he was speaking, a yellow pearl, which was wrapped by coiling stream of mist, fell down from the sky and struck on the head of this man, who was transformed from a golden-winged roc. The man howled out and shook his body, intending to run, however, that pearl released a great, glue like sticky power, forcibly freezing him where he was standing, and disabled him from moving.

Pop! The man’s head was smashed and the yellow pearl hovered up, releasing denser and greater yellow mist streams. Hundreds of bird silhouettes in the surrounding area were attracted into the yellow mist while screaming. After that, that thick yellow mist, which was as heavy as mountains, slightly shrunk and crushed those birds into meat paste.

A handsome man in a long while cloak descended from the air, stood on that yellow pearl, looking down at the ground and said with a cold sneer on his face, “People…”

He only managed to let a word out, before a longsword and a heavy machete swooshed straight out of the air, like two ghost silhouettes, and directly chopped into his body. That yellow mist surged up into the air and spread to surrounding areas, and soon, two muscular human silhouettes popped out from the air.

All three of them remained absolutely silent while each launching their attacks and started a big mess of a fight. Nevertheless, before the winner was determined, a group of archers in feather cloaks pulled their longbows open and released a tremendous wave of arrows towards them. The arrows had roared for an entire minute.

Those three seemingly powerful people were all shot into hedgehogs by those archers that came from the Eastern Wasteland. Even that yellow pearl was blown into bits by a sharp, long arrow that was entirely wrapped in a cyan stream of light, and was released by the leader of those archers.

However, once these Eastern Wasteland archers took out those three men, countless poisonous snakes darted out of the ground. Those archers didn’t have time to react at all. They didn’t get the chance to activate their amazing moving spee, which they were proud of the most. Instead, they could only scream themselves hoarse while those poisonous snakes coiled around their bodies and covered their bodies entirely up.

Waves of attacks were launched one after another. In total, hundreds of groups of people had come and died. Their attacks were fierce and brutal, and all losers were shattered directly, not even a single one managing to luckily get wounded and flee. Within merely a quarter of an hour, three to five thousand people had fallen. Finally, after all those deaths, a few Yu Clan warriors followed by a large group of Jia Clan warriors caught the old tree and the leopard with a specially crafted, pliable yet tough net.

One Yu Clan warrior looked at the old tree and the leopard, who were desperately struggling in that net, and couldn’t help but laugh out loud, as he said, “At last, you became our Qian Family’s trophy anyway. Don’t bother to try, the net is made from dragon tendons. Unless you have the shell-breaking-level power, you will never break out from it!”

The old tree and leopard roared out in anger and fear, helpless tears gushing out of their eye sockets.

They had always been standing aloof from all the worldly affairs, and quietly living in that deep, virgin valley. All they had were nothing but each other. This was the very first time for them to leave that valley they lived in, but how come they had become everyone’s target all the sudden?

They couldn’t understand this cruel and complicated world!

So many people had died just for their ownership, was it even worth?

A strong and ice-cold sense of power descended from the sky, along with which, a cold, slightly malicious voice came.

“Eh? A net made from dragon tendons? Are you going against our dragon-kind?”