Chapter 399: Deliver All Living Creatures From Torment

The Magus Era

Chapter 399: Deliver All Living Creatures From Torment

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After a quarter of an hour, Ying Yunpeng finally woke up.

In the hall where Ying Yunpeng was having a banquet earlier, now was a wall that was cast by bronze in whole and embossed with vermiculate patterns of devils. From that hundred-zhang in the square wall, which was filled with portraits of unknown, hideous devils, five dazzling, blood-red rings had reached out, firmly locking Ying Yunpeng’s neck, shoulders, and thighs.

A strong suction had been released by this devil wall, just like a gigantic swirl, ceaselessly drawing the star power contained in Ying Yunpeng’s body out. His body was limp and powerless; he tried to struggle for a few times, but those blood-red rings stayed entirely unmoved. He growled out in both anger and fright, then despairingly banged his own head hard against that devil wall behind him a couple of times.

Dishi Yanluo sat on that armchair, which used to belong to Ying Yunpeng, looking down at Ying Yunpeng.

A long table was placed in front of Dishi Yanluo, and on that table, jade, turtle shells, gold and different sized scrolls and books made from various materials were piled up. A few Yu Clan young girls, who were beautiful yet had cold and solemn faces, were standing beside him and had been quickly leafing through these scrolls and books. From time to time, they picked some scrolls and books and put them on a square table extra carefully.

“You!” Ying Yunpeng bumped his own head hard against the bronze wall a few times, but only knocked a lump out of his head, not even breaking the skin. Seeing those few Yu Clan young girls doing all this, he couldn’t help but yell out.

“Hold your horses!” With a graceful and poised manner that a winner was supposed to have, Dishi Yanluo sat still on the armchair and said while slightly pressed his hand down. He narrowed his eyes, saying with a gentle voice and a faint smile on his face, “I am looking for the official letters between you and other human army leaders. In other words, I am looking for essential information regarding your human army and your current situations.”

“Those are all in my head.” Ying Yunpeng snorted and sneered, as he said, “Don’t you know that? In order to keep our critical information from falling into your hands, we have always been delivering messages orally only. Not a single word of our confidential military information had ever been written down.”

“I found that out too.” Dishi Yanluo grabbed a cyan-colored jade slip, and said blandly, “Things in here are only letters between you and your clansmen and friends; not a single word related to the human army’s military information.”

He then slightly flicked the jade slip with his finger, staring at Ying Yunpeng and asked, “Who is Yi Qingniao? What divine object did the Divine Yi Clan lose? Who is that Yi Feng they’re looking for? Why do the Divine Yi Clan talk to you in a commanding tone? They were actually compelling you, an administrative elder of the Ten Sun Country stationed in Pu Ban, to listen to the orders given by Yi Qingniao, am I right?”

Ying Yunpeng’s face twisted. He stayed silent for a while, gave a sneer then responded, “This has nothing to do with you.”

Dishi Yanluo shrugged, said blandly, “Indeed, nothing to do with me… I’m just curious.”

Dropping the jade slip held in his hand, Dishi Yanluo then smiled and said, “Well, let’s head to business. I assume that the Qian Family have already fallen into your trap, haven’t they? The Di Family are also doing pretty good in the Blood Cloud Mountain, and so are you. Come on, tell me, for taking the Qian Family’s main army force out, how many forces have you deployed, and where did you get that much military power?”

He then flicked his finger again. Following his move, two heavily armored Jia Clan warriors walked up with big steps, putting a magic sandbox, which was decorated with gold and jade, on the floor between Dishi Yanluo and Ying Yunpeng. A bright light lit up the entire hall, and within that light, the topographic map of the whole Chi Ban Mountain area was clearly visible.

“The Qian Family discovered an excellent opportunity to build a contribution and to flaunt. They had deployed all the official armies under their control, as well as their family troops over here… they even sent over ninety-percent of their human slaves, who were formerly working in mines. That is an enormous army.”

Dishi Yanluo grabbed an arm of a Yu Clan girl, who was standing beside him, gently and slowly stroking that tender and smooth arm of hers, and said in a soft voice, “For dealing with such a big army, you must have done an overall preparation. But to annihilate such a strong army, exactly how much military force do you have to deploy?”

“Ten times? Twenty times? Or, in order to ensure the thorough annihilation of the Qian Family’s army, you have had deployed the military forces, that had warriors numbered over a hundred times the number of their warriors?” Dishi Yanluo exaggeratedly shook his head, as if he was shocked pretty badly by this speculation, then gave a weird smile and continued, “Hm, such a vast army of yours, but, where are those army forces now? Where did you transfer them from?”

On that magic sandbox, Dishi Yanluo swept his finger across the series of mountains, which were strictly guarded by the humankind, one after another. Meanwhile, he looked at Ying Yunpeng and asked, “From here? Here? Or…Pu Ban? Or, all those clans in the southern side of Pu Ban, have they all sent their military forces out? In which area were the military forces moved? In the south side of Pu Ban, which spots were now devoid of military force?”

Ying Yunpeng stared at Dishi Yanluo, whose face was now filled with a grin, gnashed his teeth and asked him back, “What do you want?”

Dishi Yanluo grinningly shrugged, then responded in a relaxed tone, “I will take this opportunity and break into the Evil Dragon Bay! You want to wipe the Qian Family’s army out in Evil Dragon Bay, then in this Evil Dragon Bay, I will wipe out all the human elite army forces you deployed in here. I have already prepared an army which is tens of times bigger than the Qian Family’s army group. After exterminating all of the human army force gathered in Evil Dragon Bay, I will select a route that is the weakest on the resistant power of your humankind, and I will break directly into Pu Ban.”

Raised his head, Dishi Yanluo smiled intoxicatedly, and continued, “In so many years, not a single human emperor has been captured alive by us. This time, I want to create history!”

Ying Yunpeng gave a scornful sneer, then yelled harshly, “Create history? You have broken the rule! You attacked me yourself, you broke the rule. Since you have launched the attack on me yourself, our Divine Magi and even more powerful beings can also attack your civilians! You can just expect a flood of blood!”

Dishi Yanluo stayed silent for a while, then laughed out relaxedly and said, “Who would know that I’ve attacked you? Hm?”

Ying Yunpeng’s heart sank bit by bit. He glared at Dishi Yanluo and growled, “You, you’re not thinking about killing everyone in here, are you?!”

Dishi Yanluo chuckled and slightly shook his head. He then clapped his hands, followed by which, a gate on one side of the hall opened. From this, Miao Lian and Ku Quan smilingly walked out. Following them were four seemingly vigorous young men, wearing cyan feather cloaks, walking into the hall at a fast pace.

“Jinpeng, Yinpeng, Tongpeng, Tiepeng!” Ying Yunpeng yelled out in shock. He stared at those four young men, who were closely following behind Miao Lian and Ku Qua, roaring in extreme rage, “What…are you doing?! Do you have any idea what are you doing now?!”

The four young men looked at Ying Yunpeng simultaneously, showing a bitter smile, as if they were quite disappointed in Ying Yunpeng, and said, “Abba, Master Miao Lian and master Ku Quan, they are real superlunary powerful beings. What they know and what they are capable of are beyond our imaginations. Now, they have opened the gate of their world to us… If you, Abba, are willing to join the two masters’ homegate, you will certainly be valued by the two masters.”

Ying Yunpeng stared at these four adopted sons of his. He had taken them in since they were little boys, and all these years, these four young men had been his absolute trusted subordinates; they were the strongest helpers for him to manage the great army of the Ten Sun Country, stationed in Pu Ban City, just like his own right hand. How could they possibly betray him within such a short span of time, and throw themselves into the lap of Ku Quan and Miao Lian?

Miao Lian smilingly walked over, put his right hand on Ying Yunpeng’s forehead, gave a gentle smile and said, “Brother, please follow the laws of our great Dao! Today, just let me, your bigger brother, take you into our homegate by myself!”

Ying Yunpeng cursed out loud, and at the same time, a white lotus rose from Miao Lian’s palm, transforming into many streams of white light. The light flew into the spot in between Ying Yunpeng’s brows and merged with his head.