Chapter 414: Silence the Sound

The Magus Era

Chapter 414: Silence the Sound[1]

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh
Flame Dragon Sword screamed shrilly while transforming into an arc-shaped streak of flame, striking onto Ku Quan’s head.

Ku Quan’s eyes popped out immediately. In a great panic, he found out that this simple stream of sword power, which was launched by Ji Hao and was roaring towards him, was actually like a sky-huge net, seeming to envelop his entire body. Ku Quan felt as if no matter how hard he tried to dodge and what magic he tried to use, this sword power stream would accurately and mercilessly strike on his body.

He could not dodge, and neither was he able to hold it off. Ku Quan now felt just like a grille that had one thousand boils and a hundred holes on its body and this sword move launched by Ji Hao was aimed right at those holes, that multitude of weaknesses of his body. Even though he had quite many life-saving treasures carried with him, he still felt that he could never survive this sword move.

The same thing happened to Qing Mei as well. When watching the Nine Dragon Fire Pearl swooshing right towards to her head, the face of this stunningly beautiful girl had twisted badly in fright. Just like Ku Quan, she also felt that she could never hold off this lustrous pearl which was wrapped in raging fire… she just could not. Although it was merely a pearl, yet she could sense the power released from it from every single direction, as if this pearl was actually everywhere, roaring towards all vital body parts of hers.

Ji Hao had given a play to the Sky-Opening move to an extreme degree, coordinating with the sword formation, resulting in the horrible effect delivered by the move.

Ku Quan and Qing Mei stepped back as fast and as far as they could. They didn’t dare to pause even for a moment. While staring at Ji Hao, whose eyes had become shining again and seemed to have fully recovered from the heavy attack launched by Miao Yin, they could do nothing but draw back with all of their powers.

Their bodies flashed across the air, every single step making them reach over a hundred mile far. Within a blink of an eye, Ku Quan and Qing Mei had fled out of the best attacking range of the sword formation.

However, the sword formation had covered the area tens of thousands miles in radius, and even though they made it out of the best-attacking range, they were still inside the coverage of the sword formation. As long as they were still inside the sword formation’s coverage, the Flame Dragon Sword and Nine Dragon Fire Pearl would determinedly strike onto their heads. By now, these two deadly weapons had been reaching closer and closer to their targets!

Within seconds, Qing Mei and Ku Quan had squeezed the last bit of power out of their bodies and dashed for a thousand and eight hundred miles. But then the Flame Dragon Sword and Nine Dragon Fire Pearl struck on their bodies simultaneously. Facing this deathly strike, Ku Quan and Qing Mai raised their arms together, and at the same time the leaf-shaped spirit talisman floating upon their heads blasted out suddenly, transforming into a gigantic white lotus, shielding them entirely.

The sword screamed, and the pearl vibrated. Soon, the white, enormous lotus transformed from the two spirit talismans shattered thunderously.

Ku Quan howled out. The flying track of the Flame Dragon Sword was slightly changed by the vibration caused by the white lotus, and consequently, it brushed against Ku Quan’s body sideways and cut off his left shoulder and a small half of his chest.

Qing Mei screamed in both rage and fear. She wielded the plum branch held in her hand, bringing up dense layers of cyan-colored light, shielding herself against the pearl. However, the pearl weirdly deflected in the air and severely bumped into her beautiful, tender face.

That beautiful Roman nose of Qing Mei has flattened right away, but fortunately, the Nine Dragon Pearl was never a powerful weapon designed to smash people’ faces. Therefore, the injury on her face was not too bad.

Nevertheless, the natural spirit fire contained inside the pearl swooshed out. Along her nostrils and eyes, the fire gushed into her head, burning her brain and made smoke puff out from every opening of her body. Her smooth and long hair immediately turned into ash.

Qing Mei buried her head in her arms and fled desperately with that heart-tearing pain. A cyan-colored light stream wrapped her up and within a blink of an eye, she disappeared from this battlefield, swiftly merging with the dense and thick layer of clouds high up in the sky, then vanished without leaving even a trace.

Ji Hao didn’t have enough time to trigger the sword formation. Instead, he activated the Immemorial Sun Streamer, shrunk it to six-foot long, and gripped it with both of his hands, wielding with all of his power. For a single move, the power contained in Ji Hao’s golden Dan was drained immediately, along with all that was stored in all eight-thousand Magus Acupoints of his. Not even a sight stream of power was left in his body.

The Immemorial Sun Streamer almost drained Ji Hao into a mummy, right after which, the streamer released a scorching-hot golden light.

Miao Yin held her small, triangle clock, frontally facing the Immemorial Sun Streamer, seeming to launch a full-strength attack. But as she sensed that terrifyingly great heat released from the streamer, Miao Yin’s look suddenly changed, and the pair of raised eyebrows nearly straightened on her face. She put the small clock back into her bag, as a white stream of air spurted out from in-between her eyebrows. From this, a long streamer that had a resplendent glow darted out.

The pole of that long streamer was made from white, glowing gemstone, and the streamer itself was woven from silver threads. That exquisitely crafted streamer was thickly decorated with tens of thousands of different sized, shining pearls, while the long pole of its was inlayed with countless jade pieces and gemstones. The long streamer had a smooth and crystal luster, and its entire body was glowing. When Miao Yin wielded it, endless swirl-shaped silver light streams surged out ceaselessly.

“Little scum, I’d like to see what you have that allows you to be so presumptuous!” Miao Yin roared harshly while wielding the long streamer. Silver light streams had surged towards Ji Hao before the Immemorial Sun Streamer released its power, straight at Ji Hao’s head like tidewater. Thousands of silver, swirl-shaped light streams rotated swiftly along with a silvery, strange and magical sound, seeming to turn the entire space that had a radius of a hundred miles into a fairyland.

“Burn!” Ji Hao glared at Miao Yin and laughed out loud.

A golden beam of light zipped up into the air from the Immemorial Sun Streamer, then expanded into a sky-devouring flame column, spreading out in all directions.

The splendor released from Miao Yin’s long streamer suddenly broke like a dream. Meanwhile, Miao Yin, who was roaring with a twisted, furious face, was suddenly struck dumb, as if her soul had been lost. A few long and clearly visible cracks appeared on the long streamer which had a splendid glow. At the same time, those billowy, silver, tidewater like light streams released by it were burning rapidly in the fire, turning into multicolored hazy light which disappeared completely.

The golden fire wreathed Miao Yin, instantly setting her long shirt ablaze. She screamed herself hoarse in fear, madly swinging her arms. She hurriedly packed the long streamer and attempted to flee. However, the Immemorial Sun Streamer was like a gigantic magnet while she was like a tiny grain of iron. As the Immemorial Sun Streamer shook slightly, no matter how hard Miao Yin tried to activate her power, she could never leave where she was standing, not even for half a step.

The raging fire was roaring. The prehistoric essence fire of the sun was incomparably powerful and violent. Miao Yin’s long shirt released beams of white glow to barely resist the incursions of the fire, yet within the blink of an eye, they were all burned out, and the long shirt was burned into a puff of smoke. The fire wrapped Miao Yin’s body entirely up, ceaselessly drilling into her body through every single pore of hers.

“Little animal! How dare you?!” A deep roar came from the sky while a white cloud suddenly emerged from the air above Miao Yin’s head. Next, a gigantic hand that was condensed from mist reached down from the sky and grabbed Miao Yin, intending to save her and leave.

Nevertheless, sideway, a black Jade Ruyi swished over. The small Ru Yi was accurately aimed at the huge mist hand, and with a single, slight strike, a clear and silvery cracking noise that sounded like a jade bottle crushing was squeezed out of the mist hand. The immense mist hand broke inch by inch, then soon dissipated in the air.

A dim light flashed across the surface of the jade Ru Yi, then transformed into an enormous hand made from the black mist, just like the one which tried to save Miao Yin just now. The black mist hand clapped on the air, and instantly, the white cloud floating above Miao Yin’s head was shattered.

Miao Yin was now surrounded by pure essence fire of the sun. The fire intruded into her body, burning her body nearly translucent like a piece of ruby. She screamed and howled in fright, continually raising her head up and yelling at the sky.

“Shifu! Save me!”

A scornful snort came from the sky, along with which, a white smooth and chubby hand, that was around a foot wide, descended from the air, reaching to Miao Yin.

Before, whoever was trying to save Miao Yin had only reached out with a mist hand, but now, seeing Miao Yin was about to perish in the fire released from the Immemorial Sun Streamer, the one who tried to save her finally lost patience and took the move personally to save Miao Yin.

A wave of power vibrations occurred around Ji Hao’s body, following which, a white, slim, flawless hand reached out from the air, slightly slapping that chubby hand. Those two hands silently clashed against each other, causing a muffled, earth-shaking boom. Next, the chubby hand was frozen by a thin layer of ice, suddenly quivering as if it had just been electrocuted, then quickly drew back into the sky and disappeared.

“Shi…” Miao Yin raised her head, despairingly wailing towards the sky.

The essence sun fire suddenly tightened, squeezing the last howl out of Miao Yin’s throat. A gentle breeze blew across, after which, Miao Yin was burned into a puff of ash, drifting and dissipating in the air.

Ji Hao took a deep breath, forcibly choking back the pain brought by the emptiness of his body. He gripped the Immemorial Sun Streamer and grinningly nodded to Miao Lian, who was now seriously injured and said, “Don’t move… Once you move, you die!”


[1]’Miao Yin’ literally means ‘beautiful sound’ in Chinese.