Chapter 461: Priest Corpse

The Magus Era

Chapter 461: Priest Corpse

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The area in front of the Town Hall was now in total chaos. Hao Tao rushed out with a dark and iron-cold face while growling that he would pledge a thorough investigation about this.

Si Wen Ming’s look was now extremely ghastly as well. Right in front of the Town Hall, which was the most important government facility in Pu Ban city, and in the most central area of the alliance of human clans, hundreds of elders who committed a capital felony of rebellion had just fallen simultaneously in such a weird way. Without question, this was just like a heavy slap landed on the faces of all human beings.

The faces of clan leaders and elders were also darkened. Ragingly, they each gave out a series of orders, ordering their elite warriors to scatter in the city and to investigate anyone who looked suspicious.

Ji Hao speechlessly shook his head. The current situation was completely messy, and they hadn’t even figured out who the enemies were. A thorough investigation? How?

Abruptly, Po’s voice came from right near his ears. Ji Hao hurriedly turned around and saw Po standing under a towering tree about five-hundred meters away from him. Po’s face seemed to be serious and calm as a still pool of water, and faintly, a clear layer of light had been coiling around his body.

Ji Hao quickly walked over. Po grabbed Ji Hao’s hand and wielded his broad sleeve, following which, both Po and Ji Hao transformed into a puff of smoke and went away. Po’s power was unfathomable, with a slight wield of his sleeve and a step forward, over ten-thousand miles had already been crossed. Ji Hao only felt that streams of lights and shadows flashed swiftly across his sight and soon, the two of them left Pu Ban city and entered an extending mountain range on the west side.

Suddenly, a soaring mountain covered in thriving green plants appeared in the front. The fierce wind blew across from a few craggy rocks, causing a long and shrill noise that sounded like wolves whistling. Yet, within this fierce gale, a purple stream of smoke reached straight to the sky, remaining perfectly still no matter how strong the gale was.

On the mountain top which was over two kilometers away from the ground, a human-head sized three-legged white jade censer was placed on a rock, with three snow-white incense sticks standing in it. That straight and purple stream of smoke came from nowhere else but this censer.

The purple smoke reached to the sky while suffusing an exquisite and faint fragrance all around. That fragrance had been giving a great sense of solemnness and sanctity, seeming to turn the mountaintop into a fairyland. Every single piece of stone there seemed to be glowing magically.

Po guided Ji Hao and dashed to the mountaintop with a single step. Feeling the weirdly solemn atmosphere of the area, Po sneered and said to Ji Hao, “Brother, you should remember this. When you run into a quiet, clean and solemn place like this in a wild area, you should know that somebody has been playing a trick.”

Ji Hao gravely nodded. Back in Pu Ban city, Ying Yunpeng and the other rebellious elders had just fallen, and right after that, Po took him to this place. Obviously, Ying Yunpeng and the other elders’ deaths had everything to do with this censer.

However, the mountain top was a flat area with a radius of five hundred meters. It was completely empty, without a single person to be discovered.

The gale had been roaring continuously. This small white jade censer stood quietly on a rock by itself, releasing the purple smoke. The entire mountaintop was suffused by a peaceful, warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Ji Hao took a deep breath. His pair of eyes shone with a golden-red light as he activated his Gold Crow pupils and looked around.

With a glance, Ji Hao found that a slightly twisted sphere of air seemed to exist in the empty flat area in front of the censer. Without any hesitation, he flicked his finger and sent out nine dragon fire pearl along with a high-pitched buzzing noise. The fire pearl zipped out, smashing on that twisted sphere of light along with large streams of flame.

A scrawny finger that had a smooth, gemstone-like skin abruptly reached out from that twisted sphere of air and slightly flicked on the fire pearl. Through the transparent skin of that finger, Ji Hao could see its golden bones.

Clang! The fire pearl was flicked away over five-thousand meters far. A thin trace of Ji Hao’s primordial spirit attached to the fire pearl was violently vibrated that made Ji Hao’s entire primordial spirit shake intensely. As a consequence, Ji Hao even temporarily lost his eyesight and nearly fell to the ground.

That twisted sphere of air gradually spread out, exposing a middle-aged man who was skeleton-scrawny and wearing pieces of rugs.

The middle-aged man looked just like a walking skeleton. A thin layer of skin tightly attached to his bones. However, that layer was transparent and as smooth as well polished jade, continuously emitting a multicolored, colored-glaze-like glow. Through that transparent skin, one could see his golden bones that seemed to be cast from pure gold. His internal organs looked like gemstones, every single one of them shining with a faint light.

What was more staggering was his head.

The skin on his head was transparent, and his skull was translucent. Inside his head, no brain could be seen. Instead, it was filled with a purple-gold liquid that had constantly been shining with a faint golden light. Within that liquid, a fist-sized, white and pink baby was sitting on a lotus and had been giving a cold smile towards Ji Hao with a pair of narrowed eyes.

A ‘man’ looked like this?

Ji Hao quivered instantly. If anyone, even the boldest one, bumped into such a ‘man’ at midnight, he or she would certainly have nightmares when sleeping!

The appearance of this man was way too terrifying and horrible. Nevertheless, a warm feeling and a faint fragrance had been emitting from his entire body. His body had been releasing a great and solemn sense that even made him attractive like warm arms of mothers.

Although this man looked extremely weird, if one paid a closer look, one would find that this man had a strange charm with him, which made people want to kowtow to him and worship him.

Ji Hao took merely a glance at him, after which, he suddenly bit his own tongue tip broken. A large stream of blood gushed out from his tongue, and the great pain immediately cleared Ji Hao’s slightly dazed mind. He quickly turned his eyes away and dared not to look at the strange man.

“Priest Corpse!” Po cupped his hands and bowed to the man, gave a cold smile and said, “Those disciples of yours are useless. This time, did you finally decide to make a move by yourself?”

“Priest Po!” Priest Corpse crossed his arms over his chest, looked at Po expressionlessly and said, “One should mind his own businesses, but why do you want to know mine? Should I report everything I do to you?”

Po gave a sardonic grin and responded, “Just now, you controlled Ying Yunpeng and the others from here. What did you attempt to do when my little brother approached them?”

He then pointed at Priest Corpse and continued, “Nothing you want to do has anything to do with me, but if you want to frame one of us up, you shall check your neck before that. See if you can withstand a sword hack launched by our Shifu.”

Priest Corpse gave a hideous smile, then said blandly, “Well, not technically frame him up. I wanted to let those people growl out that it was your little brother who forced them to rebel, right before they died. But since you, Priest Po, who is so powerful and has broken my secret spell, we shall call an end to this.”

Hearing this, waves of cold sweat immediately oozed out of Ji Hao’s back. He cast a glaring glance at Priest Corpse.

Just now, imperceptibly, Po and this weird priest had already fought in the dark?

Imagine, if just now, when Ji Hao was standing next to Ying Yunpeng’s cell, Ying Yunpeng and hundreds of rebelled elders suddenly burst with a growl, claiming that it was Ji Hao who forced them to rebel. Not only Ji Hao would be dragged into a grave trouble, even Si Wen Ming, who had been taking extra care of Ji Hao all the time, and Emperor Shun, who had just rewarded Ji Hao, would both be dragged into a sky-huge trouble.

If this trouble couldn’t be handled well, one possible effect would be that Emperor Shun would break up with some large clans of the alliance of human clans, and thus, the whole humankind would fall into turbulence.

Ji Hao gnashed his teeth and squeezed a few words out of his mouth, “Good, good plan!”

Priest Corpse smiled faintly, then suddenly raised a finger, pressing straight towards Ji Hao.