Chapter 480: Surrendered Warriors

The Magus Era

Chapter 480: Surrendered Warriors

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Ji Mountain was Luo Lin’s territory.

After Luo Lin was conferred with the noble title of Earl Ji, he brought a batch of clansmen over, endured great hardships in pioneer works and built a homeland. Gradually, Ji Mountain expanded to its current scale. All Ji Mountain people recognized Luo Lin and his direct descendants as the only owners of his piece of land.

Lou Sheng was an outsider. Although he was a clansman of Soul Wolf Clan, which was the suzerain clan of all Ji Mountain clans, in the eyes of Ji Mountain people, he was still an outsider. Furthermore, he was an outsider who had unkind plans. He was a robber who tried to swallow Luo Lin’s territory and people.

Because of Lie Mountain Xu’s supports, Luo Sheng killed all elders and warrior commanders of Luo Lin’s clan who were loyal to Luo Lin, only leaving three elders who were kneeling on the ground and begging for mercy all the time. After that, he managed to take Ji Mountain over and with some difficulties, he could give orders to the army in Ji Mountain.

However, in Ji Mountain people’s eyes, he was an outsider after all, a mere robber. He could only temporarily make Ji Mountain people listen to his orders with violence. When Ji Hao took Luo Shan, the kid all Ji Mountain warriors knew, and rose into the air, those disordered warriors quieted down simultaneously.

Following Ji Hao’s voices, warriors in the two ten-thousand people square arrays surged towards Ji Hao like tidewater. While running, those warriors cursed loudly.

“Bloody Luo Sheng, I will certainly slaughter your entire family!”

“Lou Shan, Young leader, take revenge for our elders!”

“Our elders were killed so unfairly, so cruelly!”

Ji Mountain warriors all yelled out. Over a hundred thousand of them growled and roared, cursing loudly. Some even shouted out directly towards Lie Mountain Xu.

Lou Lin died in the war, after which Ji Mountain had already fallen into chaos. Elders divided into a few groups, each group supporting one of Luo Lin’s sons to inherit the title of Earl Ji. However, before those few groups of elders could achieve an agreement, Lie Mountain Xu showed up with Luo Sheng, unreasonably and violently forcing those elders to acknowledge Luo Sheng as their leader.

Tens of elders and warrior commanders were killed and threatened by Lie Mountain Xu’s violence. The only three remaining Ji Mountain elders kneeled on the ground and surrendered.

Lie Mountain Xu put his own family ground and contacts to use, getting the official document approved by the government within only three to four days and attained the official seal from Pu Ban city. Thus, Luo Sheng officially became the new Earl Ji. Nevertheless, ninety percent of Ji Mountain people didn’t acknowledge that.

Once Ji Hao stood out and made the announcement, Ji Mountain warriors instantly started a ‘mutiny.' At first, over ten thousand warriors rushed to Ji Hao’s side, following whom, more and more warriors dashed out of the camp with big steps. They all gathered on the empty field below Ji Hao and madly cursed Luo Sheng and Lie Mountain Xu.

Relatives and clansmen of those killed elders and subordinates of those killed warrior commanders all cried out in there. Tens of thousands of sturdy men shed tears over their losses, begging Luo Shan to avenge their commanders’ death, asking him to lead all warriors and execute Luo Sheng and Lie Mountain Xu right on the spot.

Lie Mountain Xu’s look changed immediately while Luo Sheng freaked out. He had completely no idea what to do.

Lie Mountain Xu raised the official document and stamper in his hand, screaming himself hoarse, “Luo Sheng is Earl Ji, he is the owner of Ji Mountain! Are you rebelling? Ji Hao, what do you want? Are you trying to interfere in the internal affairs of Ji Mountain? Are you trying to challenge the rules of the entire humankind?”

Soon, only three elders and around ten of their trusted warrior commanders, and nearly ten thousand warriors under their leads remained in Luo Sheng’s military camp. Those warriors all seemed to be hesitating, constantly looking to Ji Hao’s side.

If it wasn’t for the pressure given by the three elders, at least a big half of these warriors would have rushed to Ji Hao’s side as well.

Ji Hao looked at Lie Mountain Xu, laughed loudly and said, “I interfered in Ji Mountain’s inner affairs? Lie Mountain Xu, do you even know about any rules? Lou Shan is right here, Earl Ji’s only remaining direct descendant is right here! He is the only inheritor of Ji Mountain!”

Lie Mountain Xu blinked his eyes fast while looking at Luo Shan, who was standing next to Ji Hao and had been glaring at him all the time. Abruptly, Lie Mountain Xu gave a shrill scream, wielded his arm and released a fiery stream of light into the sky.

A series of footsteps rumbled like the thunder. Over a thousand dark cloud devil leopards wearing heavy armors, carrying the elite troop of warriors under Lie Mountain Xu’s command, rushed out from behind the mountain. Those Dark cloud devil leopards were amazingly fast. Large shreds of afterimages were caused when they were running. Within a moment, they rushed across dozens of miles like a fierce hurricane and lined up breadthwise in front of Ji Hao’s migratory troop.

“You lowly things, how dare you betray Earl Ji?” Lie Mountain Xu pointed at those Ji Mountain warriors standing below Ji Hao and yelled, “Don’t you want to live? How dare you betray your own leader?! I will let all of you die!”

Hearing Lie Mountain Xu’s shouts, Ji Hao bust with a harsh growl, “Lie Mountain Xu, if you dare to speak another word, you will die right away!”

Lie Mountain Xu slightly quivered, looking at Ji Hao in shock.

From among Lie Mountain Xu’s personal army force, ten Magus Kings rose simultaneously, swiftly dashing to stand five-hundred meter away from Ji Hao. They trod upon the air, floating in the sky, looking at Ji Hao proudly. Lie Mountain Xu suddenly laughed exaggeratedly, slapped hard on his own head and said, “Ji Hao, you idiot! I haven thirty-six Magus Kings under my command. Here are ten Magus Kings right in front of you! Do you want to kill me? With what?”

Ji Hao laughed out loud as well. He took out the triangle-shaped soul-shaking clock, boosted all his power up and cast a heavy punch on it.

Buzz! Visibly, cyan-colored air-ripples spread out towards all directions. Countless air-ripples coiled around Lie Mountain Xu’s ten Magus Kings. These Magus Kings shouted out together and next, their eyes rolled disorderedly in their eye sockets as their bodies trembled, falling from the sky.

Ji Hao opened his mouth, from which, Flame Dragon Sword darted out in the form of a fiery right stream, striking fiercely towards one Magus King.

Because of the soul-shaking clock’s effect, these Magus Kings had nearly lost their minds, and their bodies had all become powerless, with no power of resistance. Even without any slight reaction, this Magus King let Flame Dragon Sword hacked on his neck and following a puffing noise, a human head flew up into the sky while huge streams of blood splashed out, flushing a deep ditch out of the ground. Flame Dragon Sword was a magically powerful piece processed by Yu Yu himself and was incomparably sharp. The bodies of Magus Kings were especially tough, but still, this Magus King was easily beheaded by Ji Hao.

“Kill!” Ji Hao took back the sword, raised it high and roared out!

The eight-foot long sword released hundreds of meters long stream of flame. The fierce aura of killing emitted by the sword made Lie Mountain Xu tighten his entire body and subconsciously quiver.

Pointing the sword tip at Lie Mountain Xu, Ji Hao growled in rage, “Lie Mountain Xu, am I now able to kill you?”

Lie Mountain Xu paused for a second, raised Earl Ji’s official stamper and shouted loudly as well, “I have Earl Ji’s official stamper in my hand. Ji Hao, do you dare?”

Ji Hao glanced at Luo Shan, then looked at the over a hundred thousand Ji Mountain warriors gathered in below, then roared, “I will take these warriors’ families with me, and the rest of Ji Mountain people will be left to this guy. This is my bottom line!”

“If you disagree, Lie Mountain Xu, I’ll kill you then go discuss it with Prince Kang!”

Ji Hao’s voice resounded across the sky. Luo Sheng was so frightened that his whole body turned stiff. Lie Mountain Kang was frightened badly as well, his entire body feeling ice-cold.

After a long while, Lie Mountain Xu pointed at the more than hundred thousand warriors gathered below Ji Hao and yelled coldly, “They are yours now!”