Chapter 484: Kua E

The Magus Era

Chapter 484: Kua E

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A five-thousand-meter tall god descended from the sky, seeming nearly as enormous as the main peak of Yao Mountain.

This god was with a green face and ferocious fangs, and in between his eyebrows, a silhouette of a mountain could be faintly seen. A pair of gigantic yellow boa coiled around his arms while a dense cloud was treading under his feet, swiftly spinning. Seen from a distance, this God looked just like a devil that came from an ancient legend, that seemed to snatch a handful of living human beings and directly throw them into his own mouth anytime.

Earl Yao’s people were all freaked out by this horrifying-looking God. Some faint-hearted elderly men had even blacked out because of the fear.

Seeing his people fall into chaos, Ji Hao hurriedly raised his pair of arms, wielded and said, “This is Kua E, a divine God. I invited him especially for helping us to build the city. You shall not be afraid, just return to your homes and do what you have to do.”

Ji Hao’s voices resounded across the entire space, such that they all felt that Ji Hao was speaking right beside their ears, wherever those people were. Meanwhile, Ji Hao cast a magic which was taught by Yu Yu and could settle people’s minds and dispel effects caused by all kinds of outer negative energies. Therefore, everyone who heard Ji Hao talking showed a warm smile, light-heartedly kowtowed to the altar on the mountaintop, turned around and headed back home.

Looking at Kua E who was nearly as big as the entire Yao Mountain, Ji Hao silently gasped in admiration then cupped his hands, saluted and said, “I am Earl Yao, Ji Hao. May I ask, dear big God, are you Kua E?”

Kua E waved his hands, grinned and responded, “Earl Yao, no need to be too polite. How can we be counted as big gods? Now we’re just laborers doing part-time jobs for your humankind. Big gods, big gods… there’s no reason to call us that now. We don’t want to humiliate our ancestors.”

Clicking his lips, Kua E reached his hands onto the mountaintop. Lying on the mountaintop were twenty to thirty thousand large livestock which had just been presented to mysterious beings living in this area as blood offerings. Kua E grabbed hundreds of sturdy bulls with a single hand then conveniently threw them into his mouth, chewed for a few times and swallowed.

Ji Hao stared at him in shock. Unreservedly, Kua E’s pair of hands swiftly reached to the mountaintop like raindrops, grabbing that livestock up and throwing into his mouth. Within ten minutes, those, twenty to thirty thousand large bulls and chubby lambs were all eaten up.

In the end, Kua E reached his huge tongue out, licked through the mountains from the top to the sides, licking the blood on the mountain completely up. Even some soil and moss were swallowed by him along with all the blood.

“Big God, you do have a good appetite!” Ji Hao paused for quite a while in shock, then praised a bit embarrassedly.

Ji Hao couldn’t help but start to hate the minister sent over by Emperor Shun who suggested him to invite Kua E to build the city for Yao Mountain. With such a sky-devouring appetite, how much livestock would he eat during the construction period for the city?

“Well, half-replete!” Kua E patted on his own belly, which was not out of shape at all, and said while looking at Ji Hao with a simple and honest smile, “Forgive my rude table manners, Earl Yao. Lately, we didn’t get too many orders, and I haven’t been on short commons for a long while. Eh, the heaven is so cold and cheerless now, you can probably even see a ghost during the daytime, and it’s quite hard to find enough to eat up there now.”

Ji Hao looked at Kua E without knowing what to say. Later, he squeezed out a grin and asked, “Is life in heaven truly that difficult now?”

Heaven, the Heaven. Back in the era of the three ancient human emperors, the heaven was the core of this world. The five heaven Gods overawed all living beings with their powers, while ancient divine Gods mostly had won universal praise and left many legends. However, judging by Kua E’s current situation, the heaven seemed to have fallen quite miserably.

Slightly embarrassed, Kua E rubbed his own nose, laughed and said, “Difficult, very difficult…Okay, enough for small talks. So, Earl Yao, you said you’re going to build a city, what kind of city do you want?”

Kua E didn’t want to talk too much about his own miserable life. Therefore, he simply changed the topic.

As Kua E had brought the business up, Ji Hao stood on the mountaintop and drew a circle toward the area on the south side of Yao Mountain, which had a radius of around ten thousand miles.

“Right now, I don’t have too many people living in this Yao Mountain territory… this territory only has the population if ten million. Therefore, I only want a city that can contain a million people. Nevertheless, the defensive power of this city has to be great enough, so the city wall and foundation must be solid.”

Kua E turned around, blinked his enormous eyes and cast a glance at that area. He then waved his hands towards that area, and followed by his move, the ground began shaking slightly and large clouds of dust puffed up. Meanwhile, a hazy image of a city appeared in the area where Ji Hao had pointed out.

This city was two hundred miles in radius, had a square shape and seemed to be simply styled but modern. The city wall was six hundred meters tall, with five-thousand-meter tall watch towers standing on each of the four corners. Each watchtower was five miles squared and could contain large numbers of extra-large armaments. The attacking range of these watchtowers could cover the entire city wall up.

Kua E slightly flicked his fingers and the image of the city wall, which was formed from the drifting dust, moved instantly. Numerous large and thick, ancient style, divine-looking spell symbols emerged from the city wall one after another. All of these spell symbols combined into one, forming the patterns of nine fierce, gigantic dragons on the city wall.

“Nine-dragon sky-sealing formation!” Po walked up to Ji Hao, grinned in slight surprise and said, “This a great magic formation, used to awe and subjugate all kinds of forces in the world by the ancient heaven. If you are willing to spend enough cost on materials, under the protection if this great formation, not even a hundred divine Magi could break into this city.”

“If you’re willing to spend on materials and build the city wall with top-grade materials, added with three to five Supreme Magi to control the magic formation, not even hundreds of ancient divine Gods would be able to break this nine-dragon sky-sealing magic formation!” Kua E proudly looked at Po and said, but next, he gasped in shock and continued, “Do some among the humankind actually know about this nine-dragon sky-sealing magic formation?”

Slapping hard on his own thigh, Kua E popped his eyes largely out and said smilingly, “How is this? Since you know about it, you should know what a wonderful magic formation this is. This is one of the ten divine magic formations possessed by the ancient heaven. Both its defensive power and suppressing power are extremely great. You’re able to tell good from bad, you should also know about the goodness of this magic formation.

Kua E then spat towards the ground, smashed a rock into pieces and complained, “Thanks a bunch that you have someone who can recognize this great magic formation in here. I’ve recommended this nine-dragon sky-sealing magic formation to eighteen marquises and ninety-seven Earls of your kind in the past three-hundred years, but none of them understand anything. They even accused me of trying to fool them.”

Kua E then stomped hard against the ground, causing the entire Yao Mountain to shake, then continued, “Those idiots didn’t believe in the top-grade divine magic formation I recommended and insisted on using their own crappy piece, and accused me of having evil designs to deduct my wages! Damn it, one day their crappy walls would be smashed to bits by the non-humankind!”

Ji Hao glanced at Po. Po smiled, nodded and said, “Nine-dragon sky-sealing formation is indeed a powerful magic formation. But speaking of top-grade materials, at present those materials are not easy to find.”

Hearing Po, Kua E’s eyes shone. He hurriedly drummed his own chest and laughed out loud, then said, “Don’t you have me in here? I and my brothers will go collect materials for you in the void, among the stars, and you only need to raise the wages by a slight little bit! Hm…you also need to provide enough for us to eat!”

Ji Hao’s face turned dark instantly.

‘Provide them enough to eat? Look at his huge appetite! He had just eaten around thirty thousand large livestock for only one meal, and I have to provide him enough to eat? And for building an entire city, this can’t be done by himself. A group of great eaters will come to work in here!’ thought Ji Hao.

He had brought over ten million large livestock all the way to here from Earl Ji’s territory, but Kua E and his brothers could probably eat this well-trained livestock all up even before the city was completely built up!

However, Po smiled and responded, “No problem, we will provide you enough to eat! You are responsible for collecting materials…Why don’t you just put all ten divine magic formations on this city?”

The grin on Po’s face was big and bright. Ji Hao looked at Po, and suddenly, he seemed to understand something and then began grinning as well.