Chapter 486: Breaking Ground

The Magus Era

Chapter 486: Breaking Ground

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The weather changed suddenly, and even the sky upon Yao Mountain had turned crimson.

Numerous fiery light spots swiftly dove down from the sky. Those were hundreds of over five-thousand-meter tall divine gods. They let out long roars in excitement and from time to time, one could see saliva gushing out of their mouth corners in streams.

On the ground, tens of Yao Mountain people mounted on beasts and had been running at the speed of the wind. They were driving enormous groups of wild buffalos, horses and other wild animals towards the Yoa Mountain. Those divine gods landed on the ground while cheering, reaching their gigantic hands to the ground and each grabbed hundreds of wild animals, throwing into their mouths.

Loud and clear bone-cracking noises rose wave after wave without an end, sounding like popping corns. No one knew how long these divine gods had been starving for, that they didn’t even bother to clean and cook those wild animals before they swallowed them whole.

River-huge streams of fresh blood ejected out from these divine gods’ mouths. They reached their tongues out and licked the blood all up, seemingly not willing to waste even half a drop.

A divine god who was wearing a long golden robe and had a handsome look descended from the sky. He was holding a dazzling, tremendous jade ball, which was being coiled around by colorful streams of glow, with both of his hands. He smashed this jade ball heavily on a mountain and deeply inlaid it into it.

Within the jade ball, countless divine spell symbols had been sparkling, and a large number of complicated patterns would glisten and then disappear quickly.

This was the blueprint of the Heaven and Earth great formation, also the blueprint of the ten divine magic formations that belonged to the ancient heaven.

This divine god with a golden robe threw this blueprint that had a diameter of five-hundred meters conveniently on the mountain while laughing loudly. He then impatiently reached his hands out and grabbed two fishes which were over five-hundred meters and just caught from the lake, immediately swallowing them up.

Without spitting out any scale or bone, this divine god with a golden robe just swallowed the two fishes completely. After that, he satisfyingly patted his own stomach. But abruptly, he pointed his finger at the sky and yelled out angrily, “A bunch of bastards! What bullshit rules of yours?! We can’t do this and we can’t do that! If it weren't for the fact that we can still stay alive by feeding on even the wind, we would all be starved to death long ago since we didn’t get any order for so long!”

The group of divine gods all dropped those animals in their hands and began yelling ragingly towards the sky. No one knew who they had been cursing.

As for Ji Hao and Po, they dashed to the blueprint like tigers rushing up to its prey and pressed their hands heavily on that huge jade ball.

Great God! These poor prodigal divine gods from heaven…The highly confidential blueprint of the complete Heaven and Earth great formation which was used by the ancient heaven to awe the entire world was taken out by them just like this and placed right in front of Ji Hao and Po, totally off guard.

The eyes of Ji Hao and Po had been glowing with clear streams of light, and their bodies were being coiled around by clear light streams as well. Great spiritual powers of theirs were injected into the jade ball just like water streams.

Po was a powerful cultivator, and his spiritual power was incomparably great. After merely the span of three to five breaths, countless spell symbols began sparkling in his eyes. Meanwhile, he shouted out in both shock and surprise, “Just as magical as we expected! Shifu! This Heaven and Earth great formation and the formations of ours can indeed learn from each other! Wonderful, how wonderful!”

Ji Hao wasn’t as spiritually powerful as Po. Therefore, after he injected his spiritual power into the jade ball, he only sensed an endless, overwhelming wave of divine spell symbols coming right at his face while a large number of complicated structure charts surging into his primordial spirit.

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and endured the great pain caused by the tremendous wave of information surging into his head. He gnashed his teeth and held on for whole six hours. Finally, he forcibly memorized the entire blueprint of the Heaven and Earth formation.

However, he had only forcibly memorized the blueprint. Regarding how to use those divine spell symbols, how to actually build those formations, make connections with the earth itself, coordinate the magic formations with stars in the sky and set each divine formation perfectly up…Ji Hao still knew nothing!

The difference between the powers of Ji Hao and Po was way too huge. Memorizing all those magic formation structure charts was easy, but for truly understand them and being able to flexibly use the power and mysteriousness, Ji Hao still needed to spend countless years of hard work.

Bone cracking noise lingered in the air without a sign of fading. Hundreds of divine gods were gormandizing, and the two great groups of wild animals which looked like two huge and dense dark cloud on the ground were already eaten up within a very short span of time.

After filling their stomachs up, they rushed up to a large river and opened their mouths to suck forcefully. Hundreds of dragon-like streams of water rose into the sky and flew into these divine gods’ mouths. Meanwhile, the water level of the hundred miles wide river instantly dropped along with a loud water clattering noise. The surface of the river dropped swiftly for hundreds of meters, even exposing the mud on the bottom of the river.

After having eaten and drunk enough, Kua E gave loud shouts, and those divine gods walked to him one after another.

Kua E took out an enormous scroll and growled to his fellows, “Brothers, this is the biggest order we have gotten during the recent years. Make this good, and we won’t need to worry about food for the next at least ten years. Hurry up and keep those chins of yours up, let’s make this good!”

Spreading the scroll, Kua E continued in a rumbling voice, “Look and listen carefully. Three hundred people go deeply into the star void, collect colorful starlight silver, glowing golden sand, essence sun bronze, dark tungsten iron……”

After quickly naming hundreds of rare kinds of divine materials, Kua E shouted, “Go and come back as soon as possible. We will be waiting for these materials here.”

Three hundred divine gods growled out simultaneously. Fierce gales rose from under their feet and large clouds swooshed up. Their bodies flashed across the air and zipped directly into the sky. All these divine gods had different kinds of unimaginable special abilities, and as their bodies flashed slightly, hundreds of millions of miles had already been trodden across by them. Within the twinkling of an eye, they broke out from the fierce gale in the upper space of the Midland world and disappeared into the vast void along the direction of the wind flow.

Back then when Ji Hao just arrived in Midland, he once saw a brother of Kua E running in the void with a piece of land carried on his hands. That piece of land was rich in earth meridians and was collected from the starry void for a wealthy family of the Midland for building a palace.

To these divine gods, running in the starry void was as easy and convenient as walking leisurely in their own yards.

Loud, swooshing noises made by fierce wind and blazing fire could be heard. Tens of divine gods growled out while wielding their hands, following which, a fifty-thousand tall, enormous stove emerged straight from the air, floating upon Yao Mountain.

Kua E threw out the scroll in his hand. The image of a magnificent city was released from the scroll, which was basically a blueprint, and shrouded Yao Mountain. Kua E then yelled, “Pay attentions to the blueprint when you’re working. The first step, open up the mountain and collect local materials. Get all supportive materials first.”

The rest hundreds of divine gods shouted out in response to Kua E. They glanced at the blueprint then waved their hands. Instantly, hundreds of peaks surrounding Yao Mountain started shaking intensively. Numerous mountains were pulled up entirely by these divine gods and conveniently thrown into the enormous stove.

The gale roared in the air while the fire in the stove blazed ragingly. Numerous towering mountains were melted into a liquid right away and soon, all kinds of materials, including gold, silver, bronze, iron, even jade, were spurted out from different vents of the stove separately. All metal materials were let out in the form of a liquid, transforming into steaming hot, perfectly square blocks, orderly piling up on the ground.

Tens of divine gods transformed their bodies into yellow streams of mist and suddenly drilled into the ground.

Next, the earth surrounding Yao Mountain started trembling slightly. Those divine gods cast their special powers and had now been adjusting earth meridians underground. Innumerable tremendous earth meridians slightly changed the directions of flowing, gathering towards Yao Mountain one by one.

The peaks surrounding Yao Mountain’s main peak flew up one after another and were thrown into the stove. In a short while, the surrounding area of Yao Mountain's main peak was flattened, turning into an empty and flat area that had a radius of hundreds of miles.

The earth vibrated while the mountain trembled and the weather changed constantly. The hundreds of divine gods began working together, and the construction of Yao Mountain city was officially started.