Chapter 555: Non-humankind Messengers

The Magus Era

Chapter 555: Non-humankind Messengers

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A muscular Fire Qi Lin Clan man walked over, standing face to face with the strong man.

Surrounding earls and marquis seemed had gone crazy. They seemed to have forgotten about their high positions, clapping their hands and yelling loudly, trying their best to agitate the two men to play no boring wrestling and instead, fight with real weapons.

"Wrestle? What wrestle? Pull out your swords and fight!"

"Ha, exactly! This is the Town Hall, this place is tough… don’t worry about destroying this place. Sword out, sword out!"

"Move! Shed some blood! We’re all decent men, wrestling is for little girls! Pull your swords out!"

A wave of yells rose from the hall immediately. Man Man leaped up to a long table, excitedly waving her pair of arms. As her little pink hand swung, a great number of magic crystal pieces were thrown out like rain, clanging against the ground and bouncing everywhere.

"Pull out your swords, swords! Whoever survives the fight can have all these crystals! Eh? Are you both Magus Kings? Hm, how about pre-world essence fire gold?"

Man Man took out a human-head-sized pre-world essence fire gold block and threw it to the ground. Streams of fiery light drifted out from the gold block ceaselessly, and the temperature in the main hall rose instantly. Soon, the spring-worm main hall was turned into a stove, causing sweat to pour down from the heads of those musicians and maids in big streams.

The looks of the two strong men changed, and subconsciously, they glanced at the gold block thrown out by Man Man.

That was a pre-world divine material. In these days, divine materials were not hard to found, but pre-world divine materials could only be found in the deep void, that too in small batches. This pre-world essence fire gold might mean nothing big to a human being, but to descendants of gods like these two men, it was enough to make a powerful pre-world divine weapon.

Clang! The strong man who said that he wanted to wrestle just now pulled out his sword and pointed the sword tip towards his opponent.

The Fire Qi Lin Clan warrior took a deep breath and pulled out his sword as well, raising it and pointing at the strong man.

Shouts and yells let out by people in the hall grew louder and louder. Countless people waved their arms while shouting loudly, and gradually, the yells, applauses and stomping noises made by everyone mixed together, buzzing with the same rhythm.

Some earls and marquis threw out large sums of money and all kinds of treasures on the ground as the rewards to the winner.

Even Emperor Shun grinned and clapped his hands, took out a long sword that was thickly covered in strange patterns and had been releasing a strong power vibration, throwing it to the middle of the hall.

The humankind was a martial race. At a banquet like this, if warriors stood out and started to wrestle, no matter for personal or political reasons, they could always earn applause from everyone, and the winner could always harvest a great sum of reward.

At the time everyone was thrilled by this, only Ji Hao silently stood up to leave the main hall and came to the corridor outside. Standing under a pillar, Ji Hao took a sip of the wine from the small wine pot held in his hand, while quietly looking at the large flakes of snow drifting down.

After a short while, Si Wen Ming walked out as well with a small wine pot carried in his hand. Standing beside Ji Hao, he looked at him from up to down. The power vibration released from Ji Hao’s body now became inconspicuous, while his whole body was surrounded by a faint fiery light. Si Wen Ming smiled and said, "You have already made your breakthrough, haven’t you? Very strong sense of power… much stronger than ordinary Magus Kings."

"I chose a great star as my spirit star." Ji Hao didn’t want to keep that from Si Wen Ming, said, "Hm, the sun!"

Ji Hao randomly pointed his finger at the sky. Si Wen Ming’s look changed instantly as he shouted hoarsely, "You…your spirit star is the sun? When you break into Divine-Magus-level, you will have to draw the entire spirit star down and put it inside your body… That’s how you become a Divine Magus… you, you…

Ji Hao smilingly looked at Si Wen Ming and said, "Someone told me that the others will certainly think that I can never break into Divine-Magus-level if I choose the sun to be my spirit star, but he also said that it won’t be a problem."

Si Wen Ming misunderstood Ji Hao. He knitted his eyebrows, pondered for a while and then said slowly, "In this case, if it’s you, then it won’t be a problem."

Pausing for a second, Si Wen Ming looked at Ji Hao and said straightforwardly, "I finally learned some ancient secrets from the Netherworld Priest. You’re Priest Yu Yu’s disciple, aren’t you? The current cultivating method of our humankind originated from him. I assume that’s why you can fearlessly choose the sun to be your spirit star, right?"

Ji Hao spread his hands, looking at Si Wen Ming while smiling. He couldn’t say that it wasn’t Yu Yu who told him that, instead, it was some mysterious old freak who was hiding in his head.

Si Wen Ming smiled and patted Ji Hao on his shoulder while letting out a long breath as he said, "I never thought that you, a little kid I brought out from Southern Wasteland back them, could actually make such a great achievement."

Swinging his arm back and pointing at the Town Hall, Si Wen Ming grinned and said, "Don’t you wanna watch the show? Gong Gong Wuyou and Zhu Rong Tianming, this is the first time they met each other, but the conflict has already started. This should be a great show."

Ji Hao shook his head and said frankly, "Just now, I attacked Zhu Rong Tianming in front of everyone, only because I don’t want to get involved in their shit…One of Zhu Rong Tianming’s people just asked for my help back at the banquet. Hehe, Emperor Shun is not dying, is he? He doesn’t have any unmentionable disease, does he? He won’t die suddenly, will he? Why are those two in such a rush?"

Si Wen Ming remained silent for a while, then looked around. Finding the nearest few maids and guards to be all around a hundred meters away, he lowered his voice and said, "But, Emperor Shun will abdicate the throne eventually. His spirit star power has already reached a limit. If he makes a further breakthrough, he would have to abdicate the throne."

Ji Hao looked at Si Wen Ming with a complicated expression, then said in a low voice, "Neither of those two would do me any good if they attained the throne. Uncle Wen Ming, it’s better that you succeed the throne."

Si Wen Ming paused briefly, then shook his head and began laughing, and said, "You kid have got to be joking. Even though I, Si Wen Ming have made some small contributions to the humankind, there are countless talented and virtuous men out there. In terms of experience, actions, reputation and other aspects, how can I be the one?"

Ji Hao shrugged, laughed and continued in a low voice, "It all depends on your effort. Do you remember what I said that day? A united humankind."

Si Wen Ming’s look changed suddenly. He looked seriously at Ji Hao, lowered his voice again and said, "Don’t talk carelessly like that. Otherwise, we will both catch troubles. That idea of yours was indeed good, but how difficult is it?"

Ji Hao didn’t do further talking. Instead, he raised his wine pot and clinked with Si Wen Ming’s wine pot. They then stood under the pillar, quietly looking at the snowfall.

After a while, a series of noise came from far away, and next, a bronze tablet hanging around Si Wen Ming’s waist vibrated for a few times. Si Wen Ming’s face turned slightly dark while he stroked his finger across the tablet, then said in a deep voice, "Yu Clan messengers? What are they doing here?"

Within the roaring gale and falling snow, a vehicle flying in the air approached swiftly. Surrounding that flying vehicle was a large group of human flying cavalry.

The vehicle directly flew into the plaza in front of the Town Hall, stopping right in front of the Town Hall.

A few Yu Clan men with long robes flew out of the vehicle and silently floated in the air around five-meter high from the ground while proudly looking around.

After quite a while, a Yu Clan young man in a blood-red long robe, with blood-red, glowing eyes without eyeballs arrogantly laughed out loud and began talking.

"What a crappy place is this? Is this the headquarters of those ignorant, barbaric creatures?"

"Truly rubbish!"