Chapter 557: Candidates

The Magus Era

Chapter 557: Candidates

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The Yu Clan had put forward the strengths of all twelve branches to force the humankind into taking a life-and-death battle.

Every single one of those agreements regarding this game brought up by the twelve Yu Clan emperors was extremely cruel. If the humankind lost, they would not only lose the Chi Ban Mountain area as an important strategic defensive line, the core area of the human society would be exposed under the Yu Clan’s blade edge. In addition to that, an enormous amount of resource would be given out.

According to the agreements brought up by the Yu Clan, if the humankind lost, only the amount of all kinds of top-grade magic crystals to be given as compensation would be equal to Midland’s consumption in the last ten thousand years.

If the humankind lost the game, a huge indemnity of defeat would press upon every human being and make them feel even hard to breathe. Not to mention ten-thousand years, the humankind wouldn’t be able to rise again in the next tens of thousands of years. Because of the heavy indemnity of defeat, the humankind might even break straight down and collapse.

Emperor Shun and the group of senior ministers remained silent, looking at the light screen floating in the air with their whole bodies tightened, while sweat ceaselessly oozed out of their foreheads. Everyone was silently weighing gains and losses at this moment, should they take the challenge or not?

If they refused to play the game and the Yu Clan launched an all-out attack, would the humankind be able to withstand it?

If they agreed to play the game and send ten-million elite young people into that so-called small world, and if they lost, the humankind would also suffer a grave harm. Ten-million over-average elites, what did ‘over-average’ mean? One couldn’t send ordinary Junior Magi, or Novice Magi to take Yu Clan’s challenge, could they? Those young people needed to be at least at the peak-senior-level to play this game.

In all large clans in the Midland, peak-level Senior Magi were considered as backbone forces, especially young people who managed to reach this level at young ages. Those young people were all regarded as the futures of their own clans, and had been accepting the best educations provided by their clans. Their clansmen would be so sad if they lost even a single one of these young people.

Yu Dynasty requested the humankind to carefully select ten million young people to take the challenge. Since they dared to bring up this challenge, apparently, they were rather confident. Which clan should those ten-million elite human beings be selected out from? Or, which clan should send a few more young people and which clan should send a few less?

This was just like deciding who should die, as the probability of survival was no bigger than thirty percent, or even smaller.

Which Clan would be willing to send their elite young men, who were educated with limitless resources, to die? Not a single clan leader or elder would be willing to do this.

"Another thing, our emperor said that a few people have to be in the game." The Yu Clan messenger in a blood-red robe proudly looked at Emperor Shun and continued to bring up more requests. He took out a blood-red leather scroll, flicked his finger and a blood-red light screen swooshed up into the air. Next, lines of names emerged from the blood-red light screen.

The first name belonged to no one else but Ji Hao. Earl Yao, Ji Hao.

On Ji Hao’s name, the Yu Clan people had put a huge blood-red cross in a fierce handwriting style. Judging merely from this huge cross, one could easily tell that how many of those Yu Clan people had been thinking about Ji Hao, and how many of them wanted badly to chop him into pieces.

Thinking about it, in the Chi Ban Mountain war, Ji Hao had stolen a great show. He extorted Di Family and nearly drained them, then slaughtered countless elite warriors of the Qian Family in Evil Dragon Bay with the sword formation. He even made the Nether Moon, who confidently rushed over to earn some credits, suffer a pretty severe harm.

After the war, because of the contribution he made, Ji Hao earned the title of Earl Yao at the age under twenty, and gained an enfeoffed territory that had a radius of a million miles. His territory was more than a hundred times bigger than ordinary earls’ territories. That territory of his was earned upon countless dead bodies of the non-humankind; that noble title of this was attained with the blood of the non-humankind.

Therefore, reasonably, Ji Hao became the most wanted one on the killing list of the non-humankind.

"Earl Yao, Ji Hao, and the few teammates of his, they have to be in the game." With a trace of coldness and cruelty, the Yu Clan messenger sneered and said, "By the way, I have already thrown three-million jade coins into the death pool back in Liang Zhu City. I bet that kid can’t make three days in the small world."

Ji Hao snorted coldly.

The Yu Clan messenger heard Ji Hao. He turned around, fiercely glared at Ji Hao and asked, "Are you Ji Hao?"

Ji Hao walked out of the crowd, looked at the Yu Clan messenger, sneered and responded, "You bet I can’t make three days? Why don’t you play the game as well, let’s get into that small world and have some real fun, how’s that? Let’s find out if you’re going to kill me, or will I slaughter you just like butchering a pig!"

The erect eye in between the Yu Clan’s eyebrows suddenly opened. A dense stream of blood-red light was rotating inside that blood-red erect eye. Meanwhile, a prehistorical and violent power vibration swooshed out of it, transforming into a few hazy, gigantic beast silhouettes, roaring behind the Yu Clan young man.

The Yu Clan messenger licked his lips with his scarlet tongue, then laughed out loud excitedly, "I can’t say for sure that I’ll be in the game because too many people want to be in it. But if I have the chance to play the game, I will certainly chop off your head myself."

"Remember my name, I am Pi Chitian, a direct descendant of the noble Red Sun. The supreme Red Sun gifted us a nature of killing and violence. What I like the most is crushing you ignorant, barbaric creatures bit by bit."

"Pi Chitian, I’ll remember you!" Ji Hao turned to Emperor Shun and continued loudly, "Emperor Shun, since they have already brought it up, me and my people will play the game. As long as Emperor Shun can make sure that no accident will happen to my territory when I’m away for the game, me and my people will take the challenge!"

Under Ji Hao’s name were the names of Man Man, Shaosi, Taisi, Feng Xing and Yu Mu.

Yu Clan people had done effective intelligence work. Clearly, they had spies inside the humankind. Otherwise, how could they possibly know who fought side by Ji Hao’s side during the Chi Ban Mountain war,?

Pi Chitian let out a creepy serious of laughter and said, "Earl Yao, Ji Hao, you can bring more of your people; because this time, our bonus is plenty. Killing one of your Magus Kings can earn us a ‘blood-strengthening pill’ to purify our bloodline; killing one of your Divine Magi can earn us a ‘spirit-condensing pill’ to strengthen our soul."

"The more, the better… the more, the better. You can feel free to bring more strong people in." Pi Chitian was even trembling slightly because of the excitement, all three of his eyes shining dazzlingly as he continued, "In fact, ten-million people was only a bottom-line. We don’t care how many people you send in, the more, the better. The more people you send in, the more satisfying the killing will be, and the more reward we will gain!"

Ji Hao’s heart slightly sank. He looked at Pi Chitian, snorted and said, "You’re confident, aren’t you?"

Pi Chitian laughed in a creepy and hoarse voice, shook his head but didn’t answer Ji Hao’s question. Instead, he turned to Emperor Shun and said, "Earl Yao Ji Hao, Si Wen Ming, Huaxu Lie, Lie Mountain Kang…all newly emerged, talented elites of your humankind! They all have to be in your game. Otherwise, our Yu Dynasty would send out armies to sweep across the entire Pu Ban city and destroy your civilization thoroughly. Regardless of the cost and price, we would destroy you!"

Si Wen Ming walked out from the crowd, said, "Good, you want to fight, then it will be a life-and-death fight!"

Huaxu Lie, Lie Mountain Kang, and some other young army commanders who fought side by side with Ji Hao in Chi Ban Mountain War and were awarded a noble title after the war, walked out of the crowd one after another, standing beside Ji Hao in a straight line.

Emperor Shun narrowed his eyes and abruptly said, "Good, after this life-and-death game, in accordance of the rankings based on the numbers of non-humankind beings you have killed, the top-three people will be able to succeed to the throne of the human emperor."

Once Emperor Shun said this, an uproar was raised instantly in the great hall. Countless people began yelling and shouting with their faces and ears flushed with excitement.