Chapter 560: Marriage

The Magus Era

Chapter 560: Marriage

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Xuan Du left quickly after he gave Ji Hao the few treasures. Although Ji Hao tried very hard to ask him to stay a bit longer, he only stayed for a little while, had three cups of tea and tasted a few lotus seeds picked up from the lake of purple liquid, then transformed into a fresh gust of wind and stormed away.

It seemed that Yu Yu and his brothers were indeed busy, but Ji Hao didn’t know what they were busy with.

Ji Hao put all those things Xuan Du brought in safe places, especially that Chaos sword box, which he kept with himself. According to Xuan Du, Ji Hao’s second uncle collected the fierceness from five types of pre-world essence metals. He then collected some pre-world chaotic power from nine secret places that contained the most extremely fierce powers in the world, and after that, he put these materials into the strong gale in outer space. After crafting for a thousand years, he finally got this chaotic sword box done.

This chaotic sword box had a terrifying killing vibe, which made it incomparably dangerous. It naturally had a fierce power, and Ji Hao couldn’t even touch it with his primordial spirit because, with a single touch, this box could destroy his primordial spirit. Therefore, he couldn’t build a connection with this box by using his primordial spirit power. Instead, he could only control the box with special spells and hand motions.

This box was a dangerous weapon, and it was created purely for killing. Ji Hao dared not to be even slightly careless with it, as Xuan Du had warned him that if he were ever injured by this Chaos sword box, he wouldn’t even have the time to heal himself. So he had to be extra careful and cautious with it.

Ji Hao put the things contained in the small bag into the space ring he snatched from Polo Si. Contained in that small bag were a great number of treasures and weapons, such as tens of thousands of powerful one-time usable jade talismans, and hundreds of thousands of thunder or fire bombs made with all kinds of secret materials. Supplies contained in the small bag were more than enough for Ji Hao to fight a great scale war.

In addition to all this, many good tools were also contained in the small bag. When used properly, those tools could save lives easily.

Even the small bag itself was a magic treasure. The bag was called ‘cloud bag’. Although it didn’t have any actual attacking power, its owner could store enough amount of water in it. Once it was triggered, it would release a dense mist that could cover an area with a radius of ten-thousand miles to block the enemies’ eyesight. Within the mist released from the cloud bag, even spiritual powers would be disabled. Therefore, the small bag was a perfect treasure for escaping.

Since the bag could release mist as long as it had water stored in it, Ji Hao wondered if he could mix the strongest Magi Palace poison in water and store the water in the small bag.

Thinking of the effects of the poisonous mist, Ji Hao could only chuckle in front of Xuan Du but dared not to tell Xuan Du his thoughts. He could tell that Xuan Du was a really moral person, and it would be not appropriate to talk about killing and hurting people in front of him.

Once Xuan Du left, Yao Mountain City became boisterous.

Shaosi told Ji Hao about her request, which truly interested him. Feng Xing and Yu Mu were fanning the flames while Man Man rushed straight out ahead of everyone. No one had ever said anything to Taisi, who was the main character of this whole event. Ji Hao changed into a luxurious outfit, took a large group of people and started visiting his people.

In his Yao Mountain territory, Ji Hao and his people visited every family that had young girls who were kind and honest, and decent looking enough, and brought many betrothal presents to each family. Elders from all towns and villages in Yao Mountain territory came out and joined Ji Hao, visiting all those families along with Ji Hao.

Those people who saw Ji Hao abruptly coming to their homes were all frightened badly, quivering intensely while wondering what kind of trouble had come to them. But after Ji Hao explained his true purpose, those people instantly laughed out loud in happiness, then delightfully dressed their girls up and sent them into Earl Yao’s mansion.

Ji Hao made this pretty clear — Shaosi was one of the two first ladies, while Taisi was Shaosi’s elder brother, the only blood-relative Shaosi had in this world. He also was the last male of his race, the Netherworld kind. Taisi was Shaosi’s brother, which made him Ji Hao’s brother too. As Taisi was Earl Yao, Ji Hao’s brother, he could be considered as half an owner of Yao Mountain territory.

Ji Hao and Taisi would both go to the life-and-death game one year later, and no one knew if Taisi could manage to return to Yao Mountain City alive. However, if he died, the Netherworld kind’s bloodline would be extinct, and that couldn’t happen! Therefore, Ji Hao visited the families of those young girls by himself to talk about Taisi’s marriage.

Earl Yao, Ji Hao visited himself to bring up proposals of marriage, and he promised that the families of those girls who were willing to marry Tiaisi could move into Yao Mountain City. Besides, if those girls had children with Taisi, each of their children would be able to gain an independent territory from Yao Mountain territory to live and build his or her own clan!

This was such a sweet offer. All those people were slaves a couple of years ago, purchased by Ji Hao from the slave market in Pu Ban City. Why would they ever reject this great offer?

Not to mention the independent territory, to these people who had been living lowly lives, only the fact that they would be allowed to move into that safe, comfortable and magnificent Yao Mountain City would be considered as a great fortune. Moreover, once their daughters or sisters married Taisi, they would be direct relatives of Earl Yao!

Soon, numerous well-dressed, pretty girls were sent into Earl Yao’s mansion.

Ji Hao specially enclosed a large area of Earl Yao’s mansion that was located near the backyard to accommodate these girls.

Taisi hadn’t heard a word about all this. Instead, he had been circling around his bone altar day and night, incanting spells and doing his spooky dancing. He was constantly building connections with devil gods and quickly improving his own power with all kinds of secret magics that belonged to Candle Dragon Clan.

A while ago, when he slaughtered a great number of Hua Water warriors, Taisi was gifted with the power of a devil god and had already reached the peak-Senior-level. By now, while Ji Hao was arranging his wedding, he had somehow drawn a trace of spirit star power and merged it with his body with the help of an unknown devil god.

A purely dark stream of star power that had been releasing a strong sense of death and could make people feel extremely unconfortable by simply looking at it descended from the air, roaring into Earl Yao’s mansion. From Taisi’s room, waves of scary ghost cries came out, following which was Taisi’s hysterical, crazy laugh.

"Shaosi! Shaosi! Sister! Sister! I’m a Magus King! I’m a Magus King! I’m finally as powerful as Abba and Amma!"

Taisi, who was wearing a ragged shirt, whole body wrapped in a negative power and looking just like a ghost, rushed up to Ji Hao and the others while madly waving his arms. He stood in front of the well-decorated gate of the main hall of Earl Yao’s mansion, facing his hundreds of mothers and fathers in law, and screamed towards Ji Hao, "Ji Hao! Shaosi! Haha! I’m a Magus King! You know about my spirit star? That’s the…"

Ji Hao and Shaosi rushed up simultaneously and covered Taisi’s mouth.

‘You bastard, how can you yell out the name of your spirit star in front of so many people?’ complained Ji Hao in his head.

Taisi struggled as hard as he could, wanting to shout out to share his happiness of achieving the breakthrough. However, Ji Hao and the others had brought him a genuine ‘surprise’, which made him terrified!

"The bridegroom is here! Good, good, bring all Taisi’s brides! Oi, oi, Elder Candle Dragon, you can handle the wedding!" Ji Hao covered Taisi’s mouth with his hand while yelling to Candle Dragon Gui, who was standing outside the frontal gate with a great grin on his face.

"Yu Mu, drug!" Shaosi yelled loudly and clearly. Yu Mu’s eyes instantly curved into a pair of lines. He ran over with his tiptoes and thrust a thumb-sized, pink-colored pill into Taisi’s mouth.

"Taisi…you’re the last male of our Netherworld kind! We are going to play a life-and-death game and you still have one year before that. You will make at least a thousand babies within this year, and those babies will be the future of our Netherworld kind! It might be hard, might be exhausting… but this is your responsibility!" Shaosi looked at Taisi and said with a pair of watery eyes, "Think about Amma and Abba, think about all those uncles, aunties, grandpas, grandmas… the future of our Netherworld kind is all counting on you! Taisi!"

Taisi confusingly looked around, but suddenly he realized that something terrible was going to happen.

"He…help!" Taisi started screaming.