Chapter 566: Si Ming

The Magus Era

Chapter 566: Si Ming

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Surrounding Yao Mountain City, were tens of thousands of warriors, armed to the teeth and embattling in each direction.

Zhamu led over three hundred thousand elite dark-kind warriors, looking at those encircled non-humankind beings with a trace of pride on their faces. These were the powerful Jia Clan warriors, who once stood high above the masses and who used to make Zhamu and his people servile; those dark-skinned dark-kind slave warriors who shared the same origin with himself, and those freckled, different-colored non-humankind slaves.

"Dumb things, they do deserve to become sacrificial offerings of our great master!" For these poor non-humankind beings who were going to be slaughtered, Zhamu shared the exact same attitude with warriors under his command.

There was neither any pity nor sympathy, not even a little bit.

This might be inappropriate, but the dark kind, this pathetic race, they were just like domestic hound dogs. Obedience and cautiousness had already merged with their bones and bloodlines. Even though a big half of those non-humankind beings waiting to be slaughtered had the same appearance as they did, they didn’t feel anything, just like hound dogs would never consider themselves the same as wild wolves.

"Too stupid." Zhamu stroked his own chest armor, which was decorated with exquisite embossments, then give a teasing grin and said to a few dark-kind warrior commanders standing beside him, "They should’ve kneeled to our great master and pledged loyalty to our great master, so they might earn a chance to survive."

Dark-kind warrior commanders all laughed out. They felt so proud and pleased with themselves. They were the slaves of the respectful Earl Yao, while those poor things who had the same skin-color and bloodline as they did, were mere sacrificial offerings. This was more than enough for them to feel proud!

The old freak, Candle Dragon Gui, was squatting on Yao Mountain City’s fence wall in the distance, with a large wine jar held in his hands, looking at those encircled non-humankind beings. While taking sips of wine, he murmured to himself curiously, "Ji Hao, this kid bought so many slaves…He’s not going to do that kind of thing, is he?"

Si Wen Ming was sitting on a battlement on the fence wall, also with a large wine jar in his hands, looking at those non-humankind beings who seemed to be bland and numb. He took a big gulp of wine, laughed out loud and said, "Non-humankind beings, only dead non-humankind beings are good non-humankind beings. In fact, I have been disagreeing using non-humankind as slaves. It’s better to kill them all. Ji Hao’s doing a nice job!"

Both Candle Dragon Gui and Si Wen Ming came to watch a big show.

Ji Hao sent out the nine Divine Magi and nearly emptied the slave market in Pu Ban city. Although this wasn’t a big deal, it wasn’t a small thing either. It was enough to catch the attention of Candle Dragon Gui and Si Wen Ming, who were both well informed. They both knew about the family background of Shaosi and her brother, Taisi. They knew that they were the only survivors of the Netherworld Kind, which was almost extinct, and could guess what Ji Hao was planning to do.

Therefore, they eagerly rushed over, wanted to witness the mysteriousness and dreadfulness of the Netherworld kind with their own eyes.

Candle Dragon Gui came purely for watching an interesting show. As he grew older and older, he had become more and more curious about some things. Unlike him, Si Wen Ming also took a few trustworthy Master Magi and prepared to keep a complete record of the Netherworld kind’s blood offering ceremony, to be added to those secret books kept in the Magi Palace to serve as a reference to younger generations.

They watched groups of non-humankind beings being escorted to the area one after another, expressionlessly standing in the cold and strong wind.

Abruptly, Candle Dragon Gui patted hard on the fence wall under his feet and said, "This city…I didn’t think that those big guys would even take these real treasures of the heaven out to sell…It seems that the ancient heaven has truly fallen."

Si Wen Ming worriedly raised his head, glanced at the sky and said, "Completely out of control? We should send more people to keep an eye on the heaven. Otherwise, if those people up there truly make a mess, that would be a huge trouble."

Hesitating for a short while, Si Wen Ming turned around, glanced at Yao Mountain City, smiled and said a bit excitedly, "I wonder if Ji Hao got the magic formation blueprint from the heaven. I really want to see the complete picture of the Heaven and Earth formation that was used to awe the whole world by the ancient heaven. It would be even better if I can add the blueprint to the Magi Palace’s collection.

While the two of them murmured to each other, Ji Hao had already dyed the altar red with the blood of Magus-King-level beasts.

The altar, which was made from bones of unknown creatures, let out a series of creaking noise. The altar was like a living creature that devoured all the blood without leaving a single drop.

Sharp and cold streams of air roared out from underground, seeming to directly pierce into people’s marrow. These fiery airstreams whirled up into the air one after another and soon, clouds in the sky began rotating swiftly. After the short span of a few breaths, the air was filled up by different-sized, eye-shaped whirlwinds. Those swiftly rotating whirlwinds clashed against the air, letting out ear-piercing noises that sounded like screams of ghosts.

Ji Hao dropped the black stone dagger in his hand that he killed those Magus-King-level beasts with, then moved back with big steps.

Shaosi slowly walked up, stood in front of the altar, and began incanting the secret spell that she inherited from the bloodline of the Netherworld kind, passed down through the generations. A dim white light covered her entire body up, after which, an enormous but extremely dim and hazy silhouette gradually emerged behind her body.

Ji Hao glanced at that white silhouette and immediately felt that his primordial spirit was vibrating and nearly sucked away by a terrifying power. He hurriedly lowered his head, silently incanting his own secret spell that was taught by Yu Yu to settle his mind, casting both inner and outer evilness away.

A clear stream of light surged out of Ji Hao’s body, coiling around him and making him look like a burning mountain. Within that clear, flame-like light, lotus-shaped spell symbols could be faintly seen. Ji Hao raised his head again, determinedly looking at that gigantic hazy silhouette.

This time, Ji Hao’s primordial spirit stayed perfectly still, as stable as a giant mountain.

That hazy silhouette sensed Ji Hao’s mountain-stable yet sharp gaze, silently lowered his head and cast a complicated glance at Ji Hao. Ji Hao’s pair of eyes shone with a dazzling golden light. Within that golden light, nine faintly visible spell symbols of the nine secret words suddenly combined into one and transformed into a tiny silhouette of an axe, flashing across his eyes and disappearing.

The hazy silhouette paused slightly, and next, a clear voice sounded in everyone’s heart.

"My name, Si Ming!"

Shaosi raised her head in a great shock. The weird act of the hazy silhouette nearly interrupted her spell incanting.

These powerful beings had fallen back in the prehistorical era, but possessed immeasurably great powers, and somehow conformed to the great Dao of nature. Although they had already fallen, traces of their existence had been left drifting in this world.

With corresponding secret spells, one could wake them up from the past. With enough amount of blood offerings, one could activate the natural powers corresponded with the powers of these powerful mysterious beings and borrow powers from them. However, these mysterious beings didn’t have tangible bodies anymore, neither did they have intelligence. By now, they could only show up in the forms of pieces of traces of their own existence. In fact, one could even say that they didn’t exist anymore. Instead, their current forms were only projections of history.

The Netherworld kind had thousands of years of history, but during the past countless years, not a single one of them ever thought that an ancient devil gods, who had already forgotten and lost everything, could actually tell his name to a ‘tiny ant’!

Ji Hao cupped his hand and bowed deeply to the tremendous hazy silhouette. He saluted to the silhouette carefully and cautiously, then said, "Master Si Ming, thank you!"

The silhouette showed no response, still looking like a giant sphere of drifting mist. However, everyone on the scene somehow felt that this mysterious being which named itself ‘Si Ming’, seemed to smile faintly.

"Present the offerings!" Ji Hao was surprised slightly, but still, he gave the order without any hesitation.

"Present the offerings!" Zhamu growled out while three-hundred thousand warriors under his command pulled out their weapons together, rushing towards those encircled non-humankind beings while roaring loudly.

Followed by a series of buzzing noise caused by vibrating bowstrings, a fierce gale was raised straight from the ground. Countless arrows flew out, screaming so loudly that they seemed to even shatter the sky while piercing into the group of non-humankind beings ahead of those dark-kind warriors.