Chapter 567: Grace

The Magus Era

Chapter 567: Grace

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Ancient Devil Gods were also known as prehistorical Devil Gods.

They were born before the world was created, and possessed great and mysterious powers that present human beings could never imagine. They were powerful and once rule the world.

After the world had been created, these devil Gods all fell because of different reasons. However, they were way too powerful, and the traces of their existence left in the great Dao of nature were way too strong. Therefore, the traces of their existence still remained in the world.

If someone knew their names and had the same power vibration as an ancient devil God had, he or she would be able to present offerings to this ancient devil God through a certain kind of secret ceremony and attain powers from this ancient devil God.

Souls, spirit blood, especially the souls and spirit blood that belonged to advanced living creatures would be really useful. After the remaining trace of the existence of an ancient devil God absorbed the offered souls and spirit blood, its incomplete remaining trace would attain a replenishing power. With enough amounts of offerings, their remaining trace of existence could even be complemented.

According to the legends, with an abundant amount of souls and spirit blood as offerings, these ancient devil Gods could even reappear in the world someday in the future!

They had already been through death once, and understood the great horror of life and death. If they could struggle back to the world of living beings from the world of death, these devil Gods would definitely become even more powerful than before. Their powers would be even more immeasurable, and they might reach a certain level that even themselves couldn’t possibly imagine in their previous lives.

Large groups of Jia Clan warriors, who were sealed by magic spells and had completely no power of resistance, fell to the ground under the heavy rain of arrow. Large numbers of dark-kind slave warriors were torn apart by their own kind with all kinds of sharp weapons. Their broken body parts flew all over the place while they struggled, crawled and wailed on the ground. Countless non-humankind slaves screamed out in panic, cried in despair and hoarsely begged for mercy as long and sharp spears pierced into their bodies.

Large groups of non-humankind beings were slaughtered right on the spot. Zhamu led a heavily armed cavalry troop, rushing around in the crowd of locking non-humankind beings. Every time these tens of thousands of cavalry warriors rushed ahead, over a hundred thousand non-humankind beings, who were disabled from resisting, would fall in puddles of blood.

Elite warriors of Yao Mountain territory moved forward from all directions at an ordered pace. Like battling puppets, they coldly and expressionlessly wielded their weapons, harvesting the lives of these non-humankind beings.

Large streams of blood ejected out from the bodies of these non-humankind beings who had strong life-force. The splashing blood streams were rolled up by those strong whirlwinds before they could fall to the ground. Numerous blood-red whirlwind stood straight in the air, and Si Ming, who was floating behind Shaosi, took a deep and long gasp. Then, countless huge streams of blood surged towards his mouth together.

"My name is Si Ming, I can control life and death, weal and woe, and disease… I control all ghosts." Si Ming said while devouring the blood coming from those slaughtered non-humankind beings. At the same time, he lowered his head, looked at Ji Hao with his hazy and deeply hollowed eyes, then said, "Remember my name. I have already fallen, but one day, you might need my power!"

Countless visible, hazy human silhouettes flew out from the dead bodies of those killed non-humankind beings. Si Ming delightfully opened his mouth and took a long gasp. Swiftly, those hazy human silhouettes flew into his mouth.

Si Ming’s hazy, grey-white and watery-mist-like figure gradually become clearer, seeming to become heavier as well. Grey-white light sparkled faintly in his eyes, but his face was still blank. No other sense organs could be seen on his face except for his pair of deeply hollowed eye sockets. Instead, only a strange, twisted, snake-like spell symbol was located in the middle of his face.

Ji Hao raised his head and looked at Si Ming directly in the eyes. Streams of invisible powers bumped into each other in the air.

The hazy silhouette of axe in Ji Hao’s eyes shone brighter and brighter. Meanwhile, a cyan glow emerged from his entire body and a faint, giant lotus emerged from under his feet. Ji Hao’s primordial spirit stably floated in his spiritual space, while tidewater-like natural powers surging into his primordial spirit ceaselessly.

Puff! Puff! Puff! Three more streams of Yu Yu’s Qi of Dao emerged from around Ji Hao’s primordial spirit. Water-clear Yu Yu’s Dao of Qi hovered around inside Ji Hao’s body and merged with a slice trace of essence sun fire, turning faintly golden from the previous transparent.

Si Ming stared at Ji Hao. Abruptly, a voice sounded in Ji Hao’s head, "Such a lucky kid…Speak, what do you want?"

Ji Hao pointed at Shaosi and said straightforwardly, "Improve her power as much as you can… just improve her power."

"Hehe." Si Ming chuckled, lowered his head and glanced at Shaosi. A white stream of glow spurted out from his pair of eyes, surging into Shaosi’s body like a flood. "As you wish. I am satisfied by your offerings. Hehe, I can improve this girls’ power to the current limit that she can bear…But your offering will be a bit too much."

Si Ming’s eyes sparkled for a short while, then he looked into Yao Mountain City and said, "Eh? A kid who can control life and death? Shame, he is taken by someone else! But there’s a descendant of the ancient Disease God? Then, he’ll be mine too."

Si Ming seemed to gain some power back as he no longer waited for Zhamu and his warriors to slaughter the rest of non-humankind beings. Instead, he spread his arms and slightly wielded. Followed by his move, those non-humankind being who were not yet killed but were sealed and disabled from moving let out a shrill scream simultaneously, then their bodies exploded into gray dust.

A tremendous stream of blood mixed with countless hazy human silhouettes swooshed up into the air, being swallowed by Si Ming.

Yu Mu, who was standing on a battlement of a city wall and had been watching this, suddenly shouted out while his chubby body flashed across the air and showed up in front of Si Ming. Si Ming, the thousands of meters tall mysterious being, lowered his head, narrowed his eyes and carefully looked at Yu Mu for a while. After this, a sticky, purely dark and ink-like drop of spirit blood zipped out of his body and flew into the spot between Yu Mu’s eyebrows at lightning speed.

Yu Mu immediately raised his head and screamed out in pain towards the sky, while puffs of black smoke rose from his pores.

Ji Hao only felt that his scalp was numbed, making him subconsciously take a few steps back instinctively. Since Ji Hao started cultivating himself with the methods mentioned in Yu Yu’s scriptures and generated the primordial spirit, he had already gained a certain kind of magical and mysterious ability.

When the black smoke puffed out from Yu Mu’s body, Ji Hao’s heart started drumming crazily, and his spirit blood surged inside his body intensively and disorderedly. All of his fine hair stood straight up as if he was being gazed at by tens of thousands of supremely poisonous snakes. That black smoke puffed out from Yu Mu’s body was incredibly dangerous, and even Ji Hao wouldn’t be willing to feel a single touch of it.

"I have the remains of an ancient Disease God streamer." said Si Ling blandly while looking at Ji Hao, "I’ll give it to this little fatso… and you will owe me a debt for it, alright?"

"Remains" Ji Hao raised his head, looked at Si Ling and said in a deep voice, "Why do we want remains?"