Chapter 568: The Young Master of the Phoenix kind

The Magus Era

Chapter 568: The Young Master of the Phoenix kind

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A month later in Fine Jade Palace, Pu Ban City, Ji Hao sat straight in the main hall with a tightened face, looking at Feng Qinxin, who had been walking freely in the main hall as if she was the owner of this place.

She was the youngest daughter of the leader of the phoenix-kind and was only a thousand years old. By the long lifespan standards of the phoenix-kind, she was still a child. Feng Qinxin looked just like a little girl who was about eleven or twelve years old. But while walking around in the hall, she had her chest puffed out, hands held behind her body, seeming like an elder, which made Ji Hao truly unconformable.

Feng Qinxin was a pretty girl; she had snow-white skin, large eyes, and a small mouth. She had already taken a few circles inside the great hall and looked at every corner as if she was a property owner and had been checking her own newly built palace.

A pot of nicely scented tea was already cold. After a full quarter of an hour, Feng Qinxin puffed her chest out, held her head high and walked up to Ji Hao. She carelessly waved her hand and said, "This palace is not bad. How much is it, I’ll have it."

Ji Hao looked at Feng Qinxin and directly named the ideal price in his mind, "Young master Feng is indeed generous, and your phoenix-kind is indeed as wealthy as people say. If you, young master Feng, do fancy this Fine Jade Palace, you can simply trade it with the ownerless piece of land on the southern side of my Yao Mountain territory that has a radius of around seven-hundred-thousand miles!"

Feng Qinxin’s little tender face immediately tightened up and twitched for a few times. Then, her pair of eyes began burning. Obviously, she was badly enraged.

In the main hall, over ten incredibly beautiful women growled out simultaneously, "How dare you! You’re nothing but a small earl, how dare you offend the young master of our phoenix-kind?!"

Bang! Zhu Rong Long and the other few Divine Magi who came with Ji Hao stomped their long spears heavily against the ground. Zhu Rong Long then shouted in a harsh tone, "Is your phoenix-kind really a big deal? Do you dare to start the war against our Zhu Rong Family? My brothers and I have been wanting to get a group of your phoenix girls back to warm our beds for a long time!"

Followed by a series of metal clangs, the group of phoenix-kind women pulled out their swords together, pointing the sword tips at Zhu Rong Long and his people.

Zhu Rong Long and his brothers laughed out loud and released raging fire that wrapped their entire bodies up while wielding their long spears fiercely, bringing up strong gusts of wind as they fearlessly approached those phoenix-kind women.

Ji Hao coughed loudly, then knocked the tea-table in front of him heavily. He sneered and said to Feng Qinxin, "Young master Feng, you asked Minister Si Xi to send the message and told me to come to Pu Ban City from Yao Mountain City to meet you. I assume you didn’t do it because you want to fight me, did you?"

Feng Qinxin snorted slightly. Those phoenix-kind women, who seemed to start an intense fight right away, instantly paused and put their swords back to the sheaths one after another, obediently taking a few steps back.

Zhu Rong and his brothers disappointedly glanced at each other, then glanced at Ji Hao, who was with a truly serious face. They then helplessly killed the fire surrounding their bodies and stepped back as well.

"I came to Pu Ban because I have something to negotiate with you, Earl Yao." Feng Qinxin frowned and said to Ji Hao with a tightened face and a cold voice, "But Earl Yao, you have gone too far in bullying us!"

"I bully you?" Ji Hao helplessly spread his hands, gave a bitter smile to Feng Qinxin and asked, "How did I bully you, Young master Feng?"

Feng Qinxin pointed up at the ceiling and angrily shouted at Ji Hao, "Such a small palace, how dare you tell me to trade for it with a piece of land with a radius of seven-hundred-thousand miles? Who do you think I am? Do you think that I’m the same as those stupid dragons who have nothing but muscles in their heads?"

Ji Hao laughed out immediately and said, "The business is off but the friendship can last. Young master, if you’re not happy with the price, you can simply choose to not buy it. I am really curious that, what did you, young master Feng, come all the way here for? Only to buy my palace?"

Remaining silent for a while, Feng Qinxin sat down in front of Ji Hao, held up the teacup and drank up the cold tea contained in it.

Putting the tea cup heavily on the table, Feng Qinxin yelled, "First, do you have any information about Feng Qi? Second, we want to buy Dragon Pool out!"

"Feng Qi? The elder who was managing the shops opened by the phoenix-kind in Chi Ban Market?" Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and said blandly, "After the Chi Ban Mountain war, I have never seen Elder Feng Qi again. Therefore, if you, young master Feng, are looking for information about her, you have found the wrong person."

Flicking his finger slightly on the tea table, Ji Hao knitted his eyebrows and continued, "As for Dragon Pool…"

Since Ji Hao returned from the Chi Ban Mountain battlefield and attained the title of Earl Yao, he hadn’t seen Dragon Pool for a couple of years. That old treeman, who was a purple grain dragon sandalwood was now a Magi Master of the Magi Palace. Si Wen Ming had especially enclosed a large mountain area for him to freely rest and live.

"Dragon Pool is a Magi Master of the Magi Palace. If you want to buy Dragon Pool out, you shall go talk to Minister Si Wen Ming!" Ji Hao looked at Feng Qinxin seriously and said, "Dragon Pool and I are friends, and he is not my personal belonging. Therefore, if you want to buy Dragon Pool from me, that would be too disrespectful to Master Dragon Pool."

Feng Qinxin frowned her eyebrows again, unpleasantly glancing at those phoenix-kind women in the hall.

A beautiful phoenix-women who was wearing a long crimson dress and all kinds of resplendent jade and pearl jewelry, slowly took two steps forwards and said in a harsh tone, "Young Master, what Earl Yao said is untrue. We have people in the Magi Palace, according to whom, Earl Yao is the only trusted friend of Dragon Pool. If we want to take Dragon Pool back to our place, Earl Yao has to help us!"

Feng Qinxin nodded, turned around and said to Ji Hao, "Earl Yao, you should understand what a purple grain dragon sandalwood means to our phoenix-kind. During the past few years, although we were allowed to purchase Dragon Pool’s sap and fruit from the Magi Palace, we had to travel a long distance for that, which was truly inconvenient."

Dragon Pool’s sap and fruits had especially strong effects and could nourish and strengthen souls, which made Dragon Pool significantly useful for the phoenix-kind.

The phoenix-kind possessed a magical ability that allowed them to rise from ashes. As long as a phoenix’s soul power wasn’t consumed up, the phoenix would be able to rise again in the phoenix divine flame for unlimited times, even if its physical body was crushed into pieces. Therefore, the more powerful a phoenix’s soul was, the more powerful this phoenix could be, and the stronger its life-force would be.

To the phoenix-kind, Dragon Pool could be considered as an important strategic resource. Dragon Pool’s sap and fruits had beneficial effects for the other kinds of creatures as well, but that would be way weaker than the effects that they could deliver to the phoenix-kind.

Besides, after all, both Dragon Pool’s sap and fruits were extremely precious and could largely improve the powers of souls. The sap and fruits produced by Dragon Pool in these few years were all sold at auctions in the auction houses in Pu Ban city.

The phoenix-kind only managed to get about forty percent of Dragon Pool’s products in these couple of years. As for the rest sixty percent, those were purchased by the alliance of human clans and other powerful forces. This was completely unacceptable to the phoenix-kind. Because of the few auctions, the phoenix-kind had even gotten into difficulties with some few powerful forces, including the dragon kind. To the phoenix-kind, soul powers related to their lives and death, to the development of their entire race. Therefore, they could never let the alliance of human clans and other forces bid for Dragon Pool’s products against themselves. They just couldn’t tolerate it.

For all of the above reasons, Feng Qinxin, this young master of the phoenix-kind, came to Pu Ban City anxiously to see Ji Hao personally.

Figuring out Feng Qinxin’s true purpose, Ji Hao laughed out abruptly and said, "In this case, why don’t you… the phoenix-kind is incredibly wealthy. Only the dragon-kind can compete with you in terms of financial resources. If you can compensate men with a top-grade natural-crafted magic treasure, I can let your phoenix-kind monopolize Dragon Pool’s products for the next ten-thousand years!

Ji Hao looked at Feng Qinxin with a pair of glowing eyes.

By now, among all his friends, only Feng Xing hadn’t broken into the level of Magus King. Feng Xing didn’t have a shortcut that allowed him to make the breakthrough within a short span of time.

The creative natural power contained in a natural-crafted magic treasure would be more than enough to thoroughly remold Feng Xing’s body!