Chapter 580: Portal

The Magus Era

Chapter 580: Portal

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The big world where Ji Hao was located launched its move from billions of miles away. Inexhaustible star power condensed into countless giant tentacles, fiercely reaching out from the fissures that appeared on the dissepiment of the big world towards the small world along with terrifyingly loud roars.

An unimaginably great power was generated, as countless star power chains bumped against that small world that had been swiftly flying in the void. The dissepiment of the small world released an eye-piercing light while the great vibration made stars in the outer space shake. The void was shaking and swaying as waves of star power that were fierce, gentle, hot or cold, spread out towards every direction. All living beings, including the non-humankind and humankind elite warriors who had been waiting in above the sky, began vomiting blood.

Star power roared over from every direction, causing a mountain-great pressure that made Ji Hao temporarily lost his eyesight. A loud creaking noise was squeezed out of his bones, while he sensed a piercing pain from all his internal organs, as if his internal organs were melting. Star powers with varied natures continuously reached over, and no matter how powerful a man was, he could never withstand the damages caused to his body by the powers bursting out from all the stars simultaneously.

"Calm!" Ji Hao couldn’t hide his most powerful weapon anymore. Instead, the Heaven and Earth stamper zipped out from his forehead and released waves of prehistorical and mysterious power streams. Gradually, the violently fluctuating star power calmed down, and the area around Ji Hao within a radius of a hundred miles, becoming tranquil and peaceful.

Si Wen Ming and the others, who all suffered a great pressure given by those star powers and had been finding it hard to even breathe, let out a sigh of relief together. They glanced at that Heaven and Earth stamper floating upon Ji Hao’s head in shock, then all looked around with lingering fear.

Surrounding them, all human warriors, non-humankind warriors had been vomiting blood and twitching under the effect of those star powers. Even peak-level Divine Magi couldn’t withstand the terrifyingly great pressure brought by those bursting star powers.

Divine towers stood around that tremendous cloud lit up simultaneously, releasing a thick layer of the defensive screen that enveloped the entire cloud. But countless stars released their powers together, letting out waves of dazzling star power madly bumping against the defensive screen like a rampant flood. The air was twisted and the protective screen was torn apart layer by layer. Meanwhile, non-humankind beings stayed on that cloud also started vomiting blood and screaming.

The swiftly flying small world let out a loud buzzing noise as countless star power chains crazily lashed against its dissepiment. Countless, different colored light spots burst out, looking like fireworks in the outer space void.

A loud series of clangs could be heard endlessly. That terrifying noise even disabled Ji Hao and the others from seeing things and made them feel as if they were about to throw all their internal organs up. Countless giant star power chains tied the small world firmly up, after which, countless stars inside the big world began rotating speedily while shortening those star power chains, forcibly pulling the small world over. Followed by a terrifying buzzing noise, the small world vibrated intensively while flying towards the big world bit by bit.

The small world seemed to be flying slowly, but in fact, its flying speed had surpassed even a billion miles per second. Ji Hao could never reach that terrifyingly high speed even when he transformed into a beam of sunlight. He couldn’t even imagine that, and that speed was even multiple times faster than the speed of light.

At last, hundreds of millions of miles away from the void where the crowd of human beings and those non-humankind beings stayed facing each other, the big world and the small world bumped heavily against each other.

Just like a quail egg bumping into an ostrich egg, the dissepiment of the big world rippled slightly without any other change, while a great cracking noise was let out by the small world’s dissepiment. Everyone saw that the small world’s dissepiment split up, showing a giant fissure with a diameter of three to five hundred millions of miles, shaped like a spider net.

Along with that buzzing noise, the big world’s dissepiment rolled up like a living being, releasing an immeasurably great power that transformed into a multicolored light and wrapped the small world up, attaching the small world to itself.

Ji Hao popped his eyes widely out in shock on watching this. Instantly, some profound and mysterious terms regarding the great Dao of nature mentioned in Yu Yu’s scriptures had become easy and clear.

This big world had its own original consciousness. The consciousness was indeed vague and prehistorical, but that allowed this big world to avoid disasters instinctively, and choose the right thing to do.

Swallowing a small world that came from the outer space and devouring all energies and resources in the small world, gobbling up the small world’s fortune and great Dao… this was the most straightforward way for the big world to strengthen itself.

Ji Hao suddenly understood that for creatures living in the big world like himself, once they did something that was harmful to the big world, the big world would somehow launch its countercharge. Therefore, Ji Hao earned the reward from nature for killing non-humankind monsters, which was an instinctive countercharge launched by the big world itself against those non-humankind beings, only that it was done through Ji Hao’s hands.

The small world, the size of which Ji Hao couldn’t know for sure, had been struggling intensively, trying to escape from the big world, from its fate of being devoured. However, the power of the big world had constantly been gathering over. Countless star power chains locked the small world up, along with the big world’s dissepiment that had wrapped the small world up. No matter how hard this small world tried to struggle, it couldn’t move, not even a little bit.

Ji Hao clearly saw that from the broken dissepiment of the small world, from that giant fissure on it, a, thousands of miles long mountain range slowly flew out while releasing dense black smoke. This mountain range that could be counted as a large one even in Midland flew out through the broken dissepiment of the small world with difficulty. Then, the frontal few peaks suddenly shattered into pieces once they entered into the big world.

Those tens of thousands of meters tall peaks were transformed into streams of Chaos power, then swallowed up by the big world’s dissepiment. Hundreds of stars which were closest from where the two worlds met lit up intensely. Ji Hao somehow felt that the powers of all these stars had been improved by a little bit. Although the amplification of the power of each star was as small as adding a grain of sand to each star, as a matter of fact, the original power of each of these stars had been improved indeed.

"How wonderful, consume what’s superabundant to replenish what’s lacking, this is the Dao of nature." Ji Hao widely opened his eyes, silently looking at the magical change that was happening to the two worlds.

In the distance, on the tremendous cloud, twelve enormous divine towers released dazzling lights. Twelve streams of divine light swooshed over, fiercely banging against the spot where the two worlds met.

Countless giant spell symbols burst from the dissepiments of the two worlds. Those splendid, twelve-colored divine right then quickly formed an immense magic formation. The dodecagon shaped magic formation had a diameter of over a thousand miles. As it rotated slowly, an extremely tiny black spot gradually emerged from the dissepiments of both worlds.

"Stupid, ignorant, barbaric creatures, humankind, have you ever seen a portal emerge?" A teasing voice came again, from the side of the non-humankind.

"Portals, a magical thing that you can’t even dream of."

"You can never have such a strong power. That means you will be plundered, looted, and slaughtered by us… forever and ever…And we can do whatever we want to you! Plunder you, loot you, slaughter you!"

"Alright, saying too much to you is a waste of time. Just get ready, you have a year to prepare yourselves!"