Chapter 584: Harvest

The Magus Era

Chapter 584: Harvest

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The tree was thousands of meters tall while the tree trunk was nearly a hundred meters in diameter. The branch, which suddenly swished up to lash at Ji Hao, was as thick as a water tank.

A fierce gust of wind blew over, Ji Hao looked at that thick branch and instantly startled, even feeling his scalp go numb. Subconsciously, he pulled out the Flame Dragon Sword and wielded.

The sword was suppressed by this world as well. Earlier, it could release a fiery sword like power with the length of hundreds of meters. But now, it only had a thin layer of essence sun fire wrapped on its edge, and one could even clearly see its real shape.

Apart from the shortened sword light, the flying speed of the sword was slowed down by far. It now could only move three to five miles within a second, over ten times slower than Ji Hao’s current speed.

Nevertheless, the sword remained as sharp as before. The thick branch slapped fiercely on the sword, and followed by a slight popping noise, the branch broke, set ablaze by the essence sun fire on the sword, and burning intensively.

The natural law of fire destroying wood seemed to be applicable in this world too. Following a loud wooshing noise, this giant tree under Ji Hao’s feet was entirely burned up. On the huge tree trunk, a hazy face that seemed to be that of an elderly man suddenly emerged. The face showed its teeth and gave a few growls before the thousands of meter tall tree was burned into a puff of smoke by the essence sun fire.

The essence sun fire released from the flame dragon sword was under the control of Ji Hao’s mind, retaken immediately after it burned the tree up.

Streams of strong, dark-green light burst out. From the core of the tree trunk, a water-tank sized, dark-green, angled piece of crystal had been releasing a dense green power while silently floating under Ji Hao’s feet and emitting an attractive glow.

Ji Hao was shocked. He rushed towards this large piece of crystal, carefully putting his hands on it.

Unlike the pre-world green power and after-world green power in the big world, the green power in this world seemed to be both pre-world and after-world. This meant that this world was still young, still in slow transformation from pre-world to after-world.

Apart from the magical nature of the green power contained in this piece of crystal, the green power contained in this water-tank-sized crystal was pure and great. Ji Hao roughly estimated that the green power contained in this crystal equaled to the total amount of life-force and green power, possessed by a hundred treemen like Dragon Pool.

Dragon Pool was a purple grain dragon sandalwood. He had been through countless natural disasters and lightning trials before he finally cultivated himself into a conscious treeman. However, the green power contained in this water-tank-sized piece of crystal was as great as the total life-force and green power possessed by a hundred treemen like Dragon Pool. One could easily imagine how valuable this crystal could be. Ji Hao looked at this piece of crystal and couldn’t help but have his eyes shine. If he turned this piece of crystal into a magic treasure, how great could that magic treasure be?

As the owner of such a powerful piece of green crystal, this old tree was actually as weak as that giant centipede that Ji Hao killed earlier.

Ji Hao put the green crystal into his bangle, then spread his spirit power out, covering the area with a radius of tens of miles. Soon, Ji Hao detected another giant tree that also had a magical power vibration releasing from its body.

Ji Hao flashed across the air and reached to that tree. He moved around and gave a glance, and found that this second tree was only twenty miles away from the first one that he killed just now. To thousands of meters tall giant trees like these, the distance between them was indeed too short.

"Will you give it to me yourself, or do I dig the spirit Dan out of your body?"

That giant tree Ji Hao killed just now had obviously already cultivated itself into a spirit creature. Therefore, the green crystal contained in its body could be considered as a ‘spirit Dan’. Ji Hao stood in front of this second tree that too had been releasing a strong power vibration, held the flame dragon sword with both of his hands and shouted harshly.

A hazy, wrinkled face emerged from the tree trunk, confusingly looking at Ji Hao.

"Alright, how could you understand my language?" Ji Hao gave a bitter smile, then raised his sword, seeming to chop down.

A deep roar came from inside the tree as countless different sized branches started shaking intensively and simultaneously. The giant tree vibrated its body while countless branches suddenly extended and reached out, smashing towards Ji Hao’s head.

Ji Hao stood still, letting these branches lash on his body.

Loud popping noises could be heard ceaselessly. Countless branches were shattered into pieces. These branches were probably as strong as the bodies of ordinary Junior Magi, but how could they ever compare with Ji Hao’s Divine-Magi-level body?

"So you’re actually so weak?" Ji Hao shook his head, swung his arm backward and chopped the tree trunk into two. Golden flame swooshed up, turning the tree into thousands of meter tall torch within a blink of an eye, then into a puff of smoke within a second. Again, it only left a water-tank-sized, dark-green ‘spirit Dan’ silently floating in front of Ji Hao.

"Your spirit Dan is incredibly powerful, while you yourself, whether it be strength or special abilities, they were all so poor." Ji Hao packed this large green spirit Dan, grinned then murmured, "This small world is interesting… indeed interesting!"

Putting the flame dragon sword back, he carefully let out the Heaven and Earth stamper, letting it floated in the air three feet away from his head, releasing an invisible force field that wrapped his entire body up. After that, he gripped a few defensive magic talismans in his left hand and began walking quickly in the woods.

After moving for over three-thousand miles like this, Ji Hao saw a small plum tree with twisted branches and three fist-sized fruits on those branches. Those dark-green fruits had been releasing a strong, enchanting sense of Dao!

There three fruits didn’t emit any aroma, but they directly released a strong sense of Dao that was extremely attractive!

What was the sense of Dao? The great Dao of nature combined with natural powers, and what was released during the process of that was a sense of Dao!

In the big world, these three fist-sized fruits would definitely become most precious treasures that cultivators like Po might crazily fight for. Once a cultivator swallowed a fruit like this, he or she would directly gain the understanding to a certain Dao of nature of this small world.

Ji Hao instantly stopped moving, looked at these three fruits in surprise. He then turned his eyes away from those fruits, looked at that small tree.

Under the cliff where the tree stood in, seven beasts had been fighting against each other. Those beasts all had odd shapes, nothing like those beasts that Ji Hao knew about. Besides, none of those beasts had furs. Instead, they all had thick and shining scales, and their tusks and claws all had a cold luster.

Seeing Ji Hao walk over, a leopard-like beast with red scales and three long tails with poisonous thorns gave a roar and directly pounced on him.

This fifteen-meter long leopard moved as fast as lightning, and Ji Hao only saw a red beam of light flash across before his eyes before the beast reached less than a hundred meters away from him.

The force field released from the Heaven and Earth stamper stopped the beast, while the air rippled slightly. The beast was frozen in the air, confusingly popping out its blood-red eyes while staring at Ji Hao.

"Die!" The flame dragon sword screamed out and pierced through the beast’s head.

The beast’s body was quickly burned out, leaving a fist-sized, red spirit Dan that fell into Ji Hao’s hand while rotating.