Chapter 587: Following

The Magus Era

Chapter 587: Following

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In the dense woods, over two hundred ‘people’, divided into two groups, had been crazily fighting against each other.

People in one group had the average height of over three meters and were as muscular as fierce beasts. They had light-green skin that was thickly covered with tattoos of all kinds of strange patterns. As they moved their bodies, their tattoos emitted dark-green lights.

On the back of each one of this group of people, a figure of a beast had been shining with a strong light. Following the movements of these people, those beast tattoos would roar, pounce, bite or scratch just like real living beings. Meanwhile, faint beast roars had been coming out from those people’s bodies.

Ji Hao hid in the crown of a towering tree, narrowed his eyes and looked at those ‘people’. The beast figure shining behind their bodies were dense and dazzling, ceaselessly releasing a sense of power that was similar to soul powers. This ‘soul power’ combined with spirit blood power released from those people’s bodies allowed them to leap higher and run faster, making them stronger when wielding their weapons.

Ji Hao clearly saw that occasionally, attacks launched by these beast-like people would strike the surrounding trees, and those tree trunks would immediately blast as if they were struck by thunderbolts. Meters wide holes would appear on tree trunks while thunderous booms were generated.

The other group of people was taller than these beast-like people. However, although they were taller, they were scrawny in shapes, unlike those beast-like muscular people. They all had their upper bodies bared as well, and their light-green skins were thickly covered in complicated tattoos as well. This group of people had clear tattoos of figures of fierce birds.

Just like those beast tattoos, these birds tattoos had been moving and roaring as well. From time to time, these birds tattoos would release gusts of wind and wrap the bodies of these tall and scrawny ‘people’ up, allowing them to move faster and more nimbly.

Both these two groups of ‘people’ looked similar to human beings, only that they had different facial features.

Those strong, muscular ‘people’ who had beast tattoos on their backs had boorish faces that made them look like combinations of fierce tigers and bears at first glance. On the other hand, those tall and thin ‘people’, who had birds tattoos on their backs, had exquisite faces. Except for their scrawniness and extra sharp noses, they could even be counted as handsome among human beings.

Those muscular people were using large axes or hammers as their weapons, and while they wielded those heavy weapons, deep thunder-like noises would be let out by their weapons endlessly. Occasionally, bolts of lightning would dazzle out from their weapons, striking on the ground or trees and causing huge holes to form.

Those tall and scrawny people were using curved machetes or long swords that were curved like bird beaks. Their weapons were exquisitely crafted and sharp, and roaring gusts of wind would be brought up as they swung their weapons, that allowed them to move even more swiftly. Every single attack launched by them was aimed at the most vital body part of their enemies.

Both wind power and thunder power were derivatives of the green power. These two groups of people were fighting in the woods which had abundant green power. Therefore, their fight was long lasting. Over two hundred ‘people’ crazily fought against each other for around four hours, but the winner was still not determined.

Those scrawny people moved extremely fast, which was a great advantage. However, they were in dense woods and trees, vines could be seen in every corner of this space. No matter how fast they could move, because of the geographical limitation, their advantage of speed couldn’t deliver too many obvious effects. Although those beast-like ‘people’ were relatively slower, they were literally powerful. They occasionally bumped into those scrawny ones, forcing them to stagger back. Overall, they made the fight even.

The tangled fight lasted for a long while till everyone started gasping heavily and quickly while streams of blood flowed down from their bodies and the lightning bolts and gusts of wind coiling around their weapons gradually dispelled. Obviously, they were exhausted and couldn’t continue fighting. By now, an elderly man with dark-green hair walked out from each group with big steps, then stood facing each other hundreds of meters apart.

After a series of spell incantations, both the two elderly men suddenly released a dazzling light from their bodies.

A tiger-like beast but with two heads roared out from the muscular elderly man, pouncing on the other elderly man with its body wrapped in arm-thick bolts of lightning. From the scrawny elderly man’s back, a roc-like six-winged fierce bird rose high into the air, diving town towards that two-headed tiger while leaving a clear arc in the air.

Within a twinkling of an eye, a thunderous bang was generated as a green, eye-piercing light dazzled out. Waves of thunderbolts and fierce gusts of gale spread out for miles. Over two-hundred ‘people’ were all sent flying away for miles while howling and vomiting light-green, sticky blood.

Tens of giant trees were shattered into pieces. The two elderly men who had launched a full-strength attack against each other now had their chests hollowed. They fell to the ground with blood gushing out from their mouth, nose, ears, and eyes, seeming to die at any time.

Watching all this, Ji Hao nearly laughed out. Were these people’s brains damaged? They didn’t even evacuate their clansmen before they launched such a powerful attack, did they actually want their own people to die sooner?

Back in Southern Wasteland jungles, once Senior Magi from two opposite clans started fighting with all of their powers, they would go as far from their own clans as possible. Who had ever seen Southern Wasteland Senior Magi actually fighting in their own villages?

The woods fell into a deadly silence, and after a quite long while, those warriors, who were blasted away struggled back up with some difficulties. They held their clansmen up while continuously vomiting blood and embarrassedly left towards different directions.

Ji Hao pondered for a while then carefully followed behind those tall and scrawny ‘people’.

He somehow felt that those strong and muscular ones were sillier than those tall and scrawny ones, as they acted more like wild animals and were probably hard to get along. Unlike them, these tall and scrawny people seemed to be a bit smarter; their weapons were more exquisite as well. Apparently, they were relatively more civilized, and Ji Hao thought he might gain some valuable information by following them.

These people were all injured severely. Therefore, they didn’t move too fast in the woods. Within two hours, they had only made thirty to fifty miles. Ji Hao patiently followed behind them, watching them search for all kinds of herbs on the way to heal their wounds, collecting killed animals in traps that were set in the woods, and picking all kinds of fruits while passing through fruit-bearing forests.

Five days later, the injuries of this group of people had recovered by six to seven percent. After that, their moving speed was raised largely. After another two days, a large lake appeared in a dense forest, and in the middle of the woods was a small island with a diameter of approximately hundred miles.

Ji Hao stood on a tree beside the lake, looking at the small island. He saw many towering trees on the island, and between branches of those trees were exquisite wooden tree houses. Those tree houses were scattered among thick branches and leaves, looking like bird nests, and at first glance, Ji Hao couldn’t even tell exactly how many were there.

Just as Ji Hao had guessed, some gigantic bird nests were located in between those tree houses, and from time to time, he could see all kinds of fierce, large birds rising or landing.

People in this clan lived together with fierce, large birds, which reminded Ji Hao of the old Fire Crow Clan.