Chapter 591: Defeat the Messenger

The Magus Era

Chapter 591: Defeat the Messenger

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An enormous, cyan-colored bird was standing in front of the door of the wooden house. This bird had beautiful, long green feathers from head to toe. In the misty morning light, this giant bird had been shining with a faint cyan glow.

This bird seemed to be quite proud; it’s emerald-like beaks and claws scratched on the ground from time to time. Occasionally, it would cast a glance at those Wind Bird people while showing the whites of its eyes.

A three-meter tall, especially handsome young man was sitting on the bird’s back. His look was as same as the bird mounted by him - proud, insufferably proud. It was as if every single hair of his could give a loud and clear shout towards the sky.

Thousands of Wind Bird clansmen surrounded the young man and the bird, yelling and shouting, calling Mu Jiuxiao out to welcome this holy spirit messenger. However, they dared not to get too close to the bird and the young man sitting on its back. Instead, they only dared to look at them from a distance away. But this bird had landed just in front of the house; this made a few people, who seemed to have higher social status, want to walk into the house, but they still did not dare.

"Elder, elder, the messenger has arrived. Just come out and welcome him!"

"Elder? Have you heard us? Just come out and welcome the messenger!"

"Ahyaya, the Elder must have been cultivating concentratedly and sealed his senses. He can’t hear us, what should we do?"

Inside the house, Mu Jiuxiao’s look turned weird, while he tremblingly looked at Ji Hao and cold sweat ceaselessly oozed out from his forehead. But soon, Mu Juxiao relaxed his tightened face, then a trace of a smile spread out on his face. At last, he even stood up slowly, looking down at Ji Hao who was sitting on the ground.

"Whatever you are, holy spirit messengers are immeasurably powerful, You cannot possibly rival them."

"I, am now going out to welcome the messenger. Are you running or what?"

Because of the arrival of the holy spirit messenger, Mu Jiuxiao, who was nearly frightened to death just now and had been talking tremblingly to Ji Hao the whole night, had calmed back down and showed the right attitude and manner of an elder of a clan.

Ji Hao pondered for a while, looked at the holy spirit statue on the altar, then laughed out.

Standing up, Ji Hao threw a heavy slap on Mu Jiuxiao’s face. Mu Jiuxiao gave a loud howl and was sent flying away. He flew out from the door of the house along with his shrill howl. Then, while vomiting blood that even had a few teeth mixed in it, he fell straight down before the large cyan bird’s feet.

The cyan bird was dumbfounded, staring at Mu Jiuxiao with a pair of emotional eyes.

The young man sitting on the bird’s back was shocked badly as well, but he lowered his head carelessly, looked at Mu Jiuxiao and said coldly and harshly, "Are you the elder of this clan? How did you end up like this?"

Ji Hao smilingly walked out of the house, cupped his hands to the young man sitting on the bird’s back and said, "He ended up like this surely because I beat him. As for why did I beat him…In fact, I didn’t mean to hurt him. But just now, his face just made me really want to beat him."

Ji Hao could let Mu Juxiao go easily, at most, he might erase Mu Jiuxiao’s memory about himself. However, since the holy spirit messenger had come, Ji Hao really wanted to measure his or her power. Also, Mu Jiuxiao recklessly provoked Ji Hao, because of which, he couldn’t blame Ji Hao for letting him suffer a little bit.

Seeing Ji Hao, the young man immediately swooshed up like a cat which had its tail set ablaze. Hoarsely, he pointed at Ji Hao and screamed, "Monster from the outer space! Kill him! Kill him! Under the order of holy spirits, all green-kind people shall kill creatures like this at first sight! With all your powers!"

While pointing at Ji Hao and screaming, the young man threw out a fist-sized, cyan-colored piece of wood.

The piece of wood blasted out and released a sphere of green light, within which was a figure of a human warrior who was wearing heavy armor.

Ji Hao glanced at that warrior figure and found out that was a warrior from Henggong Fish Clan, Northern Wasteland. Judging from the fish-shaped patterns embossed on his chest armor, this was a Magus King, but as his figure showed up like this, he might have died already.

Holy spirits’ orders were supreme in these green-kind people’s hearts, including Mu Jiuxiao. Thousands of Green-kind people in the surroundings growled out simultaneously while silhouettes of fierce birds swished out from their backs. These silhouettes rose into the air and stirred up fierce gusts of wind, roaring towards Ji Hao.

When fierce wind condensed to a certain level and fast to a certain degree, the wind could be as sharp and powerful as a steel blade. Thousands of three to five inch long, cyan-colored wind blades swept over along with shrill screams of fierce birds. Dust puffed up into the air, leaving countless slashes on the ground.

Ji Hao spread his arms, letting these wind blades hack on his body. Those gusts of winds were shattered one after another. The fierce blades of wind madly coiled around Ji Hao and tried to cut his skin, but not even a single hair of Ji Hao was raised.

The Gold Crow cloak released a faint layer of fiery light. This thin layer of fiery light remained perfectly still, no matter how fiercely those countless blades of wind slashed across it. Not even a single ripple was stirred up.

Weak, just way too weak... Mu Jiuxiao, the most powerful one among this clan only equaled a peak-level Senior Magus. Even if thousands of their clansmen joined hands, they still couldn’t manage to do any harm to Ji Hao.

The young man mounting on the bird glanced at Ji Hao in shock, then yelled, "Outer space monster, you are indeed capable. But your people were already killed by our holy spirits, what can you possibly do?"

The cyan bird gave a long and resonant scream, then opened its emerald-like beaks and released a fierce gale.

This cyan-bird was surprisingly powerful, definitely at the level of Magus Kings. The gale released by it hacked violently on Ji Hao’s body, raising a fist-sized ripple on the protective fiery light of Ji Hao!

Nothing much, this Magus-King-level cyan bird launched a fierce attack with all its power but only managed to shake the protective light released from Ji Hao’s cloak slightly!

The cyan bird paused in shock. Its pair of eyeballs nearly popped out of its eye sockets when staring at Ji Hao, as if Ji Hao was a ghost, while its long feathers stood straight up.

The young man let out a long shout in a great shock, then patted on the sword sheath tied around his waist. Next, a cyan-colored long sword rose into the air, instantly transforming into a cyan-colored, gigantic centipede, bringing up waves of gale while roaring towards Ji Hao.

The long sword was less than six-foot long, but once it flew into the air, it transformed into hundreds of meter long centipede, pouncing on Ji Hao.

With a great eyesight, Ji Hao clearly saw that three black centipede pearls were inlaid in the sword hilt. These three pearls must are the reason why this sword could transform into a giant centipede.

The tool-making techniques in this world were quite unique. Ji Hao gave a faint smile, then reached his hand out and let the long sword hacked on his palm.

Clang! Ji Hao clenched his fist, and the giant centipede gave a shrill howl, then dissipated in the air. The long sword was gripped in Ji Hao’s hand, and with a slight vibration, the trace of soul power contained in the sword was shattered into bits.

The young man gave a muffled moan and let out a mouthful of blood. Blood then gushed out of his ears, eyes, nostrils, just like Mu Jiuxiao last night.