Chapter 595: Robbery

The Magus Era

Chapter 595: Robbery

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Among a group of mountains, numerous volcanos had been letting out raging flames. Lava took the place of river water, surging in valleys in between mountains. Many valley areas were located between those volcanos, and numerous buildings made from black rocks were standing on these valley areas, connected by rugged paths.

Yu Mu carried his huge pot on his head, leaping down from a volcano while howling. His chubby body looked just like a giant meatball while running and leaping, with layers of fat waving on his body and slapping against each other. Every time he took a step, his skin would slap for a few times, a sight one surely could not see everywhere.

Tens of tall and sturdy local residents were shouting loudly in anger, with all kinds of weapons held in their hands while chasing closely after Yu Mu. However, although Yu Mu seemed to be fat, he wasn’t slow at all. No matter how loudly those local residents yelled and shouted, they couldn’t catch up with him.

Suddenly, a local man raised an iron pipe. The six-foot long, fist-thick iron pipe had hundreds of red spell symbols flashing across it. A stream of flame swooshed out of it, and next, three-foot-long, sharp short spears zipped out of the pipe, fiercely piercing towards Yu Mu’s heart from his back.

"Damn you, you do want me dead, don’t you!" Yu Mu gave a loud shout as the pot carried on his head suddenly flew up. Countless spell symbols sparkled on that black pot while the pot swooshed behind Yu Mu and shielded him. The three short spears violently banged against the pot, generated a thunderous bang, and then suddenly blasted out.

A raging fire covered the whole area with a radius of around a mile. Yu Mu’s chubby body was sent flying into the air along with a strong burned stink, leaving an arc in the air. Flying across the immeasurably deep gorge between two volcanos, Yu Mu heavily thudded against a mountain.

"Come chase me if you’re so brave!" Yu Mu nimbly leaped up from the ground, turned around and yelled loudly towards those local people on the other side of the gorge. From time to time, he turned around and spanked his own butt or shook his crotch towards those local people, along with many other provocative movements.

Although Yu Mu hadn’t learned the language of this world, the meanings of those insulting and provocative moves were quite obvious.

The group of local people growled out in rage. Abruptly, one of them raised an iron pipe and released another stream of flame. A fist-sized red bullet swished out of the pipe and exploded in the air thousands of meters high above the ground.

A great spear of fiery light that had a radius of about three kilometers bloomed in the sky like a beautiful, magnificent flower.

From around hundreds of differently sized volcanos in surrounding area, countless local people rushed out from valley areas towards where Yu Mu was standing through those narrow paths from all directions. If one stood in Yu Mu’s place now and glance around, one would find growling local people approaching from every corner of one’s sight.

"Oh my, this is scary!" A cold beam of light flashed across Yu Mu’s eyes. A black smoke stream coiled around his hand as he was preparing to release some poison and teach these local people a lesson. But suddenly, a few high-pitched and resonant howls came from afar along with three terrifyingly great streams of power, reaching over swiftly from a distance away.

Yu Mu turned around and fled without saying a word. He saw that from the vent of a volcano, a thirty-meter-tall, gigantic silhouette, that was wrapped in raging fire and had lava dripping down from its body, rose up into the air and flew towards Yu Mu speedily, along with waves of scorching hot airstreams.

Holy spirit. Three powerful holy spirits locked their eyes on Yu Mu simultaneously. While howling loudly, they pounced on Yu Mu.

All sturdy local men in surrounding raised their weapons and cheered out. Extra excitedly, they chased closely after Yu Mu. Yu Mu was just like a piece of meat emitting an attractive aroma, hunted by countless sleuth-hounds.

While gasping quickly and loudly, Yu Mu fled as fast as possible. Because he was suppressed by this world, he couldn’t fly with his power. But his body condition was great, which allowed him to nimbly leap around in this mountain area, fleeing speedily.

Local people circled around Yu Mu but couldn’t do anything to him because Yu Mu could leap between mountains, and the distances between these mountains were extraordinarily huge to these local people. Except for a few especially powerful ones, no one could catch up with Yu Mu.

The three holy spirits flew up into the air while constantly letting out streams of flames, attacking Yu Mu. However, that large black iron pot carried on Yu Mu’s head had an amazing defensive power. Even though the fierce flame streams had been violently striking Yu Mu, his pot only turned a bit warmer. Not even a hair of his was harmed by the flame of those holy spirits.

Fleeing desperately while howling for a small half an hour, Yu Mu drew the three holy spirits over a thousand miles away. As for those local warriors, they were left far behind.

The three holy spirits pointed their fingers at Yu Mu and cursed him in rage, but didn’t notice that they were already drawn out of the mountain area and reached a hilly land. What was more, they didn’t see that on that hilly land, a simple magic formation for a blood-offering ceremony had been emitting a dense bloody scent.

Candle Dragon Yan stood beside the blood-offering ceremony, looking at the three holy spirits with a malicious smile and said, "Do not underestimate our Candle Dragon Clan warriors. We know some magic spells more or less and can cast some magics. Although we’re not as powerful as the two disciples of our Master Elder, we’re not weak either!"

While laughing, Candle Dragon Yan pulled out a black jade machete and fiercely chopped one of his legs off entirely and threw it into the magic formation.

A series of thunder rumbled in the air while a dark cloud carrying thunder trails came from all directions. Lightning bolts dazzled in the dark cloud, and next, a water-tank-sized bolt of lightning struck down straight towards Candle Dragon Yan.

"Break!" Candle Dragon Yan stood beside one of his brothers, chuckled then raised the machete high. He violently hacked down and forcibly hacked the lightning bolt into pieces. Afterward, he rose into the air and madly wielded the machete, starting an intensive fight against that dark clouds which were growing dense and denser.

"A soul-splitting magic…Let our Candle Dragon Clan warriors teach you something. Never play tricks like this in front of us!" Candle Dragon Yan laughed viciously while locking his fingers together and began incanting a spell quickly.

Puff! Puff! Puff! Following three clear noises, three blood-red beams of light dazzled out of the magic formation and landed on the bodies of the three holy spirits.

The three holy spirits screamed out simultaneously. Instantly, the fiery light released from their bodies dimmed down. Without saying more, they turned around and left. But once they turned around, Feng Xing leaped out from around ten miles away, and the longbow held in his hands released an eye-piercing light before three sharp, arrow-shaped streams of light zipped over and shattered the bodies of those holy spirits.

"Ha, took a few days, but I finally drew these three troublesome things out of the volcano vent. Without those large volcanos, it’s much easier to deal with their amaranthine bodies!" Yu Mu yelled delightfully, "They indeed made us suffer for a few days. Let’s head back and see if we can find some good stuff!"

Candle Dragon Yan took a big step while his broken leg quickly grew back.

After easily destroying the blood-offering magic formation thoroughly, Yu Mu, Feng Xing, Candle Dragon Yan and Candle Dragon Huo laughed out towards the sky, heading to that volcano area where those local people lived in with a strong killing intent.