Chapter 608: The Danger is Coming

The Magus Era

Chapter 608: The Danger is Coming

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How did it feel when a top-level part of great Dao of nature was forcibly thrust into one’s soul?

Ji Hao didn’t know how the other people would feel if the same thing happened to them. He felt like he was the most tender, tiniest and softest grass seed, but someone suddenly sent all the life-force of a giant tree that was born when the world was first created, and contained an immense prehistorical power, violently into his body.

Both Ji Hao’s body and soul exploded immediately. He couldn’t feel his body and soul anymore. Surrounding him was a void and endless light, with inexhaustible, crazily surging heat, just like a tsunami in an ocean of light and heat.

Only a slight little bit of his spirit, that was the most original bit of spirit of his remained, floating in the ocean of light and heat, silently looking at this great ocean roaring and shaking, sensing the constantly changing, endless, indescribable power surrounding it.

"It’s indeed too much." In that deathly silent, boundless void, the last bit of Ji Hao’s spirit heard the mysterious man murmur to himself, "It’s indeed too much…But I saw that little old man absorbing the great Dao of nature from the Chaos jade plate quite easily and delightfully!"

Little old man? Who was that?

Absorb great Dao of nature from the Chaos jade plate? Chaos jade plate?

Eh? A faint, slight little bit of memory emerged from Ji Hao’s mind, then being shattered by the inexhaustible light and heat.

He seemed to feel familiar about this thing mentioned by the mysterious man, he should have heard a similar story in his current life or previous life, or some other one of the countless lives he had lived through. A little old man absorbing the great Dao of nature from the Chaos jade plate?

This scene indeed sounded familiar.

But could Ji Hao be compared with that little old man? How powerful was that little old man, and how weak was Ji Hao?

Ji Hao didn’t notice when or from where did those heavy streams of power come, slowly injecting into the last little bit of his spirit. After that, Ji Hao’s spirit gradually grew up in this ocean of light and heat. Slowly, some tiny and incomplete waves in this ocean formed into golden patterns of Dao, silently merging with Ji Hao’s spirit.

On the Tortoise chariot, Ji Hao’s body had already become a dazzling sphere of golden light, releasing a great heat and even about to melt the shell of the chariot. Multiple protective screens spurted out from the tortoise shell, then fell apart one after another under the golden light.

The Tortoise chariot had its own spirit , which slowly moved away from Ji Hao.

If someone were standing beside Ji Hao and was powerful enough to look directly at him, he or she would see that Ji Hao’s body tissue were all destroyed by now, only leaving multiple strong golden patterns of Dao crossing each other. It was those golden patterns of Dao that barely formed Ji Hao’s body and maintained his human shape.

Within his destroyed body tissue, a human-head-sized Chaos bloodline was shining with a bright light. No matter how hard those golden patterns of Dao struck it, they could never destroy this sphere of Chaos bloodline.

This sphere of bloodline was condensed from Pan Gu spirit blood that was generated from Ji Hap’s original spirit blood after it merged with the spirit blood that came from the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind. The great Dao of sun in this world was indeed greatly powerful, but it was not powerful enough to destroy Pan Gu spirit blood.

Additionally, that sphere of Pan Gu spirit blood was devouring the great power released from these golden patterns of Dao and had constantly been growing. Within this gray sphere of bloodline, a tiny man who looked exactly like Ji Hao was quickly growing up.

"I’ve gone too far with this." The mysterious man’s voice came from Ji Hao’s body.

"Hm, Pan Xi world was not so weak. The fortune and resources of this world were looted for once. Therefore, this world now seemed to be weak and small. But its origin is actually quite powerful. As a consequence, I underestimated the power of the great Dao of nature of this world."

"This Yu Clan seal is a suppressing seal and also a tracking seal, allowing its owner to track Pan Xi world in Chaos. No wonder those Yu Clan people knew when Pan Xi world would approach Pan Gu world. They must have detected the existence of this seal long ago."

"Hm, whatever plan they have, they are going to suffer this time. I’ve been with this kid, Ji Hao for so many years. Indeed, I learned something from him. Is this good or bad? Hehe, it’s funny anyway."

"Alright, alright, I’ll suppress the great Dao of sun at first. Although Pan Xi world is quite powerful, in front of me, it shall still obey."

A stream of Chaos power windingly flowed out from Ji Hao’s nearly destroyed body, transforming into numerous nearly tangible Chaos seals and landing on that tiny body of Ji Hao. As a result, Ji Hao’s original body, which had nearly melted down, was instantly stabilized. Meanwhile, his primordial spirit, that was about to break down, became more stable and sturdier as well. Moreover, it started to absorb the golden light released from those golden patterns of Dao.

Replenished by the golden light, the power of Ji Hao’s primordial spirit was raised soaringly. Forty-nine golden Yu Yu’s Qi of Dao hovered around his primordial spirit. Every single stream was thousands of meter long and clear as water, containing countless sparkling golden spell symbols while shining with a dazzling golden light, as splendid as the sun.

If anyone saw Ji Hao’s Yu Yu’s Qi of Dao, right now, he or she would certainly be stunned.

By now, every single stream of Yu Yu’s Qi of Dao that Ji Hao had, had been releasing a stunningly great heat. Even Magus-king-level magic treasures would melt straight into metal liquid under Ji Hao’s Yu Yu’s Qi of Dao immediately, and Divine-Magus-level magic treasures would be melted as well after a short while.

Even Ji Hao’s primordial spirit had now been shining brightly with a golden light, with melted-gold-like liquid boiling inside it, and had an incredibly high temperature.

"I shouldn’t go this far." The mysterious man continued murmuring, "I should have simply suppressed the great Dao of sun of this world, and that would have been more than enough. But I wanted to take a shortcut and merge his soul with the great Dao of nature. Look at this, I have to spend a hundred times more efforts."

"Fortunately, I have the Chaos soul spirit generated from Pan Xi’s collapsed soul to replenish my consumed soul power. Otherwise, I would really cry."

Ji Hao took a deep breath, inhaling the purple mist that was generated from Pan Xi’s integrated soul into his body. His body had already recovered to its original shape but seemed to be about half-foot taller than before. The golden light of his body had now completely dimmed down, but both his eyes and skin now had a faint golden luster that made him looked like a golden statue.

"Good, take a good rest and wake up!" murmured the mysterious man with a tired voice.

Ji Hao let out a long breath. The breath he let out transformed into a faint golden flame, swooshing up for hundreds of meter high and seeming to be capable of melting all kinds of metals in the world.

From a great distance away, a shrill shout came, "I heard something from there! Damn it, those bloody outer space monsters have broken into the core of our Holy Land!"

"Do not let them go… We cannot let them go! Kill them, kill them all!" Followed by a raging growl, hundreds of local holy spirits rushed in a formidable array.